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  1. I request Grease (= no one likes my movies though =(
  2. I suppose I could make a submission, though no one would vote for what I have to suggest anyways since you people only like boring animated stuff One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  3. I think this voting thing is just stupid, people give the same movie suggestions all the time because they don't know any other movies. It's not even fun for me to even suggest a movie because 99% of the forums will probably not have seen it, and 80% haven't even heard about it and doesn't know what it is. And therefore nopony will vote for it. People never vote for movies they haven't heard anything about. The Avangers has already been shown. It's lame to show the same movies over and over. inb4 hate from everyone, so if I'd have to chose from one of the movies.. GO SNOW WHITE! C:
  4. Hahah Anyways, YES! Any Star Wars film. Aww.. Too bad I won't be able to download movies anymore.. Starting at the 1st of June there's going to be a new law in Sweden which is pretty much like ACTA. It will allow the police to look through the ICP's info to see which of their customers that are pirates D: This is BULLSHIT. T__T It's true, the world ends at 2012. Not in December, though. But in June. lel didn't go through