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Posts posted by Jokuc

  1. YES. It is among the best things in existence. Thigh highs and over-knee socks :D I don't care for normal socks though

    15 hours ago, ~Dusky~ said:

    When it comes to men, it very much depends on the man. On most men I'd say I prefer to admire their legs without socks, though more feminine guys look really good in socks, especially longer socks. :bedeyes:

    I mean, I don't want to brag but I look pretty damn good in my thigh highs :mlp_bedeyes:

  2. After the failure that was last jedi I don't really have any hope left for the upcoming star wars films and series or whatever to be any good. They should stick to what makes sense within the universe and with the characters and not go with dumb storylines that exist only to surprise and shock fans. F for GoT.

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  3. yo, I'm also a graphic designer who do some programming and I also haven't seen past season 4 haha

    welcome, I saw you around the site earlier so it looks like you've already made yourself at home

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  4. Of course it isn't I use it all the time. Now, unless you're going to work with something that requires the use of it, you'll probably not need complex algebra, but the basics should be something you use regularly. At least if you've got the intelligence to realize you can use it to solve things in everyday life.

  5. In real life, not really. In online games? Depends on the situation, who the other player is and how they are acting. Most of the time I'm pretty kind but if I'm up against someone who trash talks before the game starts and I know that I'm better, oh boy is he going to hear some sarcastic compliments throughout the game. "Wow that's a really good play you did there suiciding all your units"

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