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  1. Rocco

    His name makes him edgy

    Call him Dark Colombian Medium Roast Mocha Latte Supreme.
  2. welp, I finally finished my first story! I SO HAPPY!
  3. sorry about that, I think I fixed it!
  4. Holy cheese and crackers! I'm nearly done with my first actual story! I'm so freaking stoked to share it to you guys and gals and see it go through the meat grinder! You think that I'm kidding lol. Letting Go story link Here is hoping that you enjoy this read as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had to dig really deep to finish this critter, and with only 1 chapter left to go and 67k worth of words, I'm nearly done! Give her a look and tell me on fimfiction what you think! Cover art will be happening very soon, but for now, I will have to deal with the quick feathers and bird thing i made lol.
  5. Well... Taking a stab at romance writing. Figured it was high time I threw myself to the wolves. Feel free to take a bite. Seriously though. I am posting this due to the sudden nature of this story becoming one of my favorite that I have worked on. I have another story, but it is slated to cap out at 800k, this one is a one chapter a day write based on OC's who are brought together, seemingly by fate, to help comfort one another throughout their lives. It is my first real crack at a love story and has so far been getting pretty good feedback in my dm's. But you know what they say, the more crit you get, the better you get over time! ^^^Link to da sauce!^^^
  6. I might not be the best person to talk on this subject, but I am currently where you will be in a few months. I had never written a shred of fan fiction in my life prior to last year. I had instead occupied my time writing real life experiences with embellishments to make people (mostly my friends) laugh or poke fun at my expense. (To give a little background) I used to have a ongoing post on Modded Mustangs Forum that we shall simply refer to as DAG posts. Dag meaning Dumb (fell free to guess the second word) Guest. at the time I was a brony and was very active in the community, but felt that fan fiction was out of my grasp due to the natures and wants of my FimFiction readers. (back on topic, again, this next bit is in my humble opinion) First I will address your concern about T-ratings. There is no real need to worry about that unless you are wanting to attract a specific demographic(s) in your writing adventures. Many will have an opinion on this, and like those many, here is mine. I personally could care less about attracting this group or that group with my writings. I feel that the moment you set constraints on what you can and can't say, what you can and can't write about, you severely limit yourself and end up setting yourself up for writer's block. I feel that if you are passionate about the thing you are writing about, you need to express yourself fully and clearly in order to provoke the catharsis you desire from the reader. So if your fic has mature moments, label it as such and write it. You may not pull MLD numbers, but few do. Don't forget that one of the best stories in the fandom in terms of following is still Fallout Equestria, a story that has spawned countless off-shoots and side stories, some that are over 1 million words long! But if you are concerned that you are going to get nailed for posting an overly mature T-rated story, don't. I have read my fair share of T-rated stuff on there that had more than enough "perverse" or gory stuff to deserve a M rating. You can push the bounds, but just remember who might be reading it might not like it and you can earn quite a few negs from it. As far as becoming a perfectionist is concerned... Show me a writer who is not one. Most of my chapters are in excess of 20k words, of which I reread every single time I set down to work on them. I make changes all the way up until I post the chapter, sometimes exploiting the smallest detail just to make a long running joke or hide something in plain sight. I will rewrite entire paragraphs and some times multiple paragraphs just to add more vivid detail. Sometimes I will cut out a few paragraphs and make them into one really well written one just to make it more concise to keep from harping or boring the reader. Perfection is the essence of writing some say, striving for it is the best you can do and will help you sleep at night after hitting the dreaded "publish" button. Lastly, the big one. The mentally over developed story. This is something I deal greatly with. I over think everything! The ending of my current story has over 20 possible outcomes and each needs to be written a certain way and will effect the last 5-10 chapters. It has taken me quite a lot of time to find a method to my own madness, but after a full year at this, I think I have nailed it down. For me, I have found that working 5 chapters ahead not only keeps things on track but also helps set a check point. I keep the details simple as far as the timeline is concerned. Lead character has to get here, lead character is injured, group must find this pony, lead character screws up, remorse, recovery. Doing this has helped me considerably! I spend most of my time working on the characters and their traits, loves, relationships and weaknesses. I try to make them as if they were real before I start working with them and have them act accordingly when I pitch them into the story. It not only makes for a deeper feel and more likable character, but also one that will write itself in terms of dialog and forethought. Now plot-lines are something that I am ashamed to say that I struggle with from time to time. Your story has to have a beginning, a middle and a end, so many people think that you have to have all of this layed out prior to writing. That has never been the case for me. I have an idea of what I want, but I keep it flexible so as not to constrain myself to an idea that I may lose passion for later on. One of the reasons why I have so many outcomes to my story is because I like to daydream far too much! My one escape in life is driving and listening to music WAY too loud. I find a song, find a twisty road and get lost in thought. That is where most of my best ideas come to me. The problem is though that most of those are always key moments in the story, things like fights, love scenes, dialog exchanges that are prolific, ect... But, having those means that I can write the filler up to that point and make a good chapter. So in short, there is no such thing as overly mentally developed in terms of writing, just don't let it get the best of you and lock you up. Find you a song that matches the scene, and play them out in your head, which ever one makes you smile, gives you goosebumps or brings a tear to your eye is the one you run with. Best of luck! Rocco
  7. This is actually something very personal to me, my story thrives on this sort of thing, and I am a huge fan of such a thing. Writing a story can be a lot of fun, it can also be a real pain in the flank in the ways of emotional drama.Taking into account everything everyone else has said, you seem to be in good hands in that way, but I can't help but throw in my two cents. 1. Don't be afraid to be merciless! -We all have that feeling of going too far in the ways of hurting a character, especially one that is well received and love by the readers. That is why you can not be afraid of actually hurting them. By that I mean leaving a lasting character scar in that it will effect them throughout the remainder of the story. It can even become an overlying, or underlying, Character arch when you are working on a romance piece. You can go too far in the ways of the character "emoting", IE getting too hung up on the ordeal and becoming overly wordy, and in that is why I like to keep things concise in the feelings department. But never be afraid to really throw a curve ball at the reading in the ways of cruel fate, irony or the ect... 2. Make it personal! - Whatever way you chose to go about writing something like this, remember to keep it personal to the character. If the reading is emotionally invested in a character, they will feel what your write and react accordingly. Now, it goes without saying that writing is art, art invokes emotion and emotion leads to how they feel about the character as a whole. That is why you will often see a roller coaster of feelings when reading a good story. If you make the insult, breakup, fight or whatever about something that would be very personal to the character (especially something beyond their control) IE Looks, way of life, standard of living, hopes and dreams, desires... You will be able to use those tools to actually write something deep! 3. Build to fail! -I personally like to use a few chapters to work on character development around the very thing that will lead to a break up or great loss. Somber (Foe:PH) was well known for building a character up and tearing them down repeatedly over the course of several chapters. I often will build on a key aspect and make it part of the plot line in cases of hopeless tragedy or loss, sometimes taking the entire story to create and grow. Everything you write about a character can come into play about how they will react to a given situation, as such you are the creator of this and can build them to fail at just the right time for it to all fall apart. 4. Over do it, then under word it. -I often will over write a emotional scene off of fimfic in Open Office and let it sit for a wile before using it. I will then go back through and make it far more concise and relevant to the story or situation. Often times I would reread the whole chapter and find ways to twist it into cruel irony or make the situation completely hopeless so that there was nothing that the character could have done to prevent it. Sometimes it will call for me to make it personal to the character by making the situation something that is completely their fault. As such, I tend to get hung up on the details of the moment and over word things. That is why it is important that you reread it a few days later, not as a writer of a novel, but as a poet. That way you can re-vet what you have done and can compile it to what it needs to be. 5. Real life to fiction. -We are all warm, squish sacks of meat that have our own lives and dreams. But one thing apart from the board generalization I just made that makes us less than unique is that we all have deep seated fears that terrify us if it were to happen. For me it would be the death of my son or spouse, for others it could be ruining someone else's life by way of their own hand. Either way, you can take your real life fears, nightmares or even past events and rework them into something relevant to the story you are creating. I do this all the time in fact. My mother gave me up at the age of 15 month old to my grand parents stating "If he doesn't want to be a dad, I don't want to be a mother!". At the risk of spilling personal info all over Mlpf, My mother was hooked on cocaine and my father was no better. My brother and I were forced apart at a early age and did not see one another again for a great number of years. I used this as two different aspects of my FoE story I'm writing as a conflict for a unwanted child from an outsiders perspective and a long lost brother as a first person perspective. You just have to get creative with it, maybe even break it up a bit, but it will not only lead the reader to the same emotions you feel, but it can be very therapeutic when you write in the redemption portion. 6. last but most importantly. -Never do it out of spite for the reader. Emotional scenes are largely inoculations but can be derailed quickly when the reader feels you are trying to hurt them emotionally. If you out right reach out and rip the readers heart strings it had better be freaking worth it or the ending of the story entirely. Nothing will turn a reader off fast than if they get the feeling you are trying too hard to make them feel. That is why you have to space the events out and drag them out to their finality. For me it was in chapters 1 and 1.2 of my story when I spend 30k words building up a relationship on puppy love, only to have it pulled apart at the very end of same said chapter. sure it was one chapter, but that one chapter was 30k long! That is one third the hunger games first book. It is also worth noting that I did this to the MC not once but twice during that chapter. If you push things too hard and too fast in ways of leading on, they will leave mid chapter. So remember, Detailed but concise, painful but relevant, show the reader, not tell the reader. You are the author and you are building the world, set yourself some rules and have fun!
  8. Ok, so I'm happy to say that my story is finally nearing the 1/4 million word milestone. Sadly, I feel as though I have done little in the way of actually advertising it, and more so focused on the writing aspect and fan art. That being said, I am once more throwing myself to the masses in hopes that someone will find in it a story that they enjoy. I am open to any and all criticisms and suggestions as well am I a fairly active community member who loves to chat with folks! Short 'blerb' about the story. Fallout Equestria: The Wildest Dreams is a tale about Joey, a young Wasteland born Pegasi who is in search of nothing more than to be happy and to not be shot at anymore. Born and thrown into the life of being an orphan at a early age, Joey found Found a life with a traveling caravan of traders where he would fill the role of sentry along side his adoptive sister Shale. It would not be until the age of 14 that he would be cast into a world of wondering the Wasteland after a chance encounter with a Zebra mare while on a search and recovery mission. From there he would spend his life in search of that very same mare after circumstances would lead them to be drive apart. Joined by his best friend and running mate Caliber, the two would leave no stone un-turned in the search for Zuri, all the while uncovering more and more of the world they were being lead into. Part comedy, part hopeless romance with a side of bad jokes, FoE:TWD is a slice of life story about the ponies who are less than heroes, but more than ponies. Le' Link vvvvvvv
  9. eh... About 3k without the motorcycle... closer to 8k with it.
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    Rate song, then post another!

    3/10 just not my speed i guess...
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    Come up with a weird law!

    1. it is absolutely illegal to walk a toilet with a leash shorter than 4 feet 6 inches or longer than 5 feet 3 inches. 2. it is illegal to urinate on ground squirrels with coats less than 1.5 millimeters in thickness. it is also illegal to not urinate on ground squirrels with coats more than 2.3 millimeters. 3. one shall not break wind while wearing latex while smoking, offenders will be charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction 4. all hamburgers must contain atleast 1% meat, the state and or composition of said meat may be from any animal, including but not limited to.... Cow, Chicken, Turkey, Pig, Rodent, Persons of lower common value, Trees, Horse, reptilian or ect... all other composition of said hamburger may be made of filler material. 5. The Ministry of Arcane Science complaint department hours are between the hours of 11:59pm and 12am February 29th.
  12. Rocco

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    granted! you can now understand any programming language in current existence or that will ever be developed thanks to cybernetics and computer brain implants! as a happy bonus your implanted works also track current events and "trends" from social media of others near you. this radical change in your life has boosted your ability to persuade people to do what your like with your new found ability to, in the blink of a eye, pull records on them giving you untold amounts of knowledge. you land a job with Microsoft and rise through the ranks with your encyclopedic knowledge and under standing of code. as time goes on you notice a change in your personal being, you begin communicating with emoji's.....but not the way you think. you start stating the emoji names mid sentence like "smiley face" or "duckface" or screaming 100% at the top of your lungs mid conversation. soon election time nears and as the candidates begin to gather a constituency, social media becomes flooded with catchy slogans like "get trump'd", " feel the bern" and "you're fired!". the social firestorm of catch slogans begins to over whelm your system causing heat to build in your head. you need water now! you take off running through the office, desperately searching for a water fountain, bathroom or drink machine. your fast rise through the ranks has ment may changes in offices and you haven't familiarized your self with this one yet. you turn a corner and run smack in the face of bill gates, breaking his nose. you help him up and he screams through the blood, "YOU'RE FIRED!" . this triggers total meltdown and you erupt with a series of "duckface duckface duckface smiley100%clapclapclapclappppppfssssspppthththhthththth" and you burst into flames...... your dying words are....."i....feel the.....bern..." i wish to beable to poot a the speed of light!
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    Reaction to: Changling

    *walks in, squees! starts taking selfies to share with brony friends and then, motorcycle ride with changling*
  14. i feel like i would have started laughing historically and nod my head and say "why am i not more shocked over this!?"