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    I do love Derpy ever so
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    They all kinda suck
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    goin' with mah girl, Rarity
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    Sweetie Bell
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    Somewhere between black bears and dolly parton's massive boobies.
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    Anything with an engine, drawing, vectoring, vinyl graphics, helping people, studying the human condition and body language, paint correction... too much to list, I'm old as hell and have accrued many hobbies.

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    message me for that, its to vulgar.

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  1. Rocco


    I don't normally vector in the eyes from a style perspective, but this face requires it. This picture was requested by @Lucky Bolt and honestly, i love them for requesting it! I never get requests that are actually do able.
  2. Someone loved the Punk Rarity sticker I made so much that I was requested to make a Plainity sticker as well! One more for the cutter file!
  3. Here is a thing I made, it is part of my abstract collection that will be cut into vinyl graphics soon!
  4. I would love that! I cut my teeth in the fandom on this server back in early 13. Would love to vend here
  5. yup! That's the idea. I have a vinyl cutter and will be selling them at Trotcon... hopefully.
  6. I love line art... I love abstract things... and I love cutting stickers from vinyl... So here... a thing.
  7. I have always been fascinated with the stars myself! Are these images you have captured yourself?


    1. Phosphor


      Yep! I also do some long exposures too. I've loved space since I was a little kid  :fluttershy: Do you get to do any stargazing?

      I also have a thread on here where I post my images, if interested



  8. *lurks around

    Lovely sketches  :grin:

    1. Rocco


      Thanks Lurk pone! I haven't drawn in quite some time I'm afraid, but the complement is still very much so welcomed!^_^

  9. "Man... you like a functioning crackhead on meth..." ~Rocco 'some point this evening'
  10. Rocco

    Gender Race

    A gentleman always sides with a lady. 51
  11. Hi, I'm Rocco! I'm and older Zony from the far reaches of Equestria, 32 to be exact! I have learned many things from my time on this planet and would love to answer any and all questions you may have! I'm married, have kids, own my own business and enjoy working on cars! Ask away, can't wait to give you an answer!
  12. Mmmmm tasty thunderbird!