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    photography, crafting, reading, playing video games, playing with my dog, and and hikes out in nature. I like to draw, though they're just doodles. I am obsessed with the online community, Furcadia. Yes, I guess I'm a furry, too. I like a lot of nerdy things. I'm scared of spiders, I think snakes are cute. I have 2 bunnies(Charlotte and Scooter), fish and a hamster named Roo.

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  1. I love how I get inspired to actually write... at 2 am, when I have things to do in the morning.

  2. Haha! Same. I love Zoe! I love to sing. I'm always breaking out into song at work
  3. Hahaha! I just looked to see if there was a fandom, and I found the term in another MLP forum. I really don't like this term. "Petter." Blegh.
  4. Littlest Pet Shop comes on TV before MLP many times. I've caught myself watching it, while waiting to watch MLP. Lately, I was looking for a new show to watch on netflix. I saw LPS, and now I've started watching it. It's insanely cute. It's no Ponies, but I find the characters three dimensional and believable. The music isn't too bad either. Frankly, I think it's easier to say I'm a brony than a "Petter" (I hear that's what they call it.) Random rant Over
  5. I had a mlp wallpaper on my laptop. Girl in my class leans over. "You like MLP, too?" *Discreet brohoof under the table.*
  6. That little bug in your signature just about gave me a heart attack. I thought it was a spider! Also, you guys see the commercials for these. Called "Pony Pops." They come on all the time. They look ridiculous.
  7. Inkscape

    Soft Kitty

    Sing me "Soft Kitty"? Also, love the style. Someday I shall have someone draw Inkscape in such a pretty way.
  8. I saw the first. I think some of the stories were very touching, like the sick child, who got a huge check for treatment. Indeed, it was really stereotypical, though. The people followed were mostly, how should I say, "social standouts"? You would expect them to be the type to like unusual things. I have not seen A Brony Tale, but I plan to.
  9. Tropic Feathers Monsoon (maybe that's too masculine?), Bermuda Bliss
  10. Oh, you misunderstand. I just meant she looked shocked/startled by something in the reference picture. No criticism intended.
  11. Looks like a shocked pony. It makes me think of Stutterflight. Maybe Tropical Storm, if she's fast. Oceanfront, Summer Skies,
  12. Bf: Boulder is a lady rock. Me: NO Boulder is a man! A big strong man!!

    1. Renton


      i like to think its a bug buff guy too :D

    2. Brony Time
  13. Watching Rainbow Rocks. "Boulder was hungry." Best line.