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  1. I had a dream about Equestria once, it lasted a few seconds and it had Twilight and Pinkie in it. Maybe it is an insight into my mind? I will never know..
  2. I am Twilight with a big chunk of Fluttershy added to the mix. I have a terrible problem with confidence, I ALWAYS doubt myself quite a big problem unfortunately.
  3. I cannot choose between: >Fluttershy >Lyra >Ditzy Doo / Derpy Hooves I can't choose! I love how Lyra and Ditzy are portrayed in Fic's, they are so adorable!
  4. I really don't see the point in all this hating, just seems like a GIANT waste of time on their part. They aren't going to make anypony go "This show really is gay", all they will do is strengthen the bonds of love for the show.
  5. This might not hit what you want, but it is quite close and pretty cool. Now what to do to get too 100 characters? That 'My Little Dashie' feature movie looks good =D
  6. The only people who made Derpy Offensive were the mothers. If they think everyone is out to attack them then they are the ones being intolerant.
  7. Something I just noticed while re-watching some of the episodes is that I saw a few pigs in one episode, I have to wonder why they would breed these pigs if Equestria is a vegetarian society? I would like to know your thoughts on this. Happy Posting!
  8. This cat is so beautiful <3 Personally I love cats and I find this so adorable =) Anyone else have so cute pictures of animals? *Brohoof*
  9. I would rather die young and happy doing what I love with my life than, spend my whole life in a job I hate doing boring and dull things.
  10. Instead of having that HUGE white space they could move the description of each video to beside it so it is easier to read. Also if you are new to youtube you get no exposure and no-one gets to see you because of the huge channels blocking everyone with their content appearing all over youtube. Lastly I am sick to death of the amount of advertising on youtube, every video I want to watch seems I have to watch a 30 second video on some terrible auto tuned band I don't care about. If I were to improve the youtube advert system I would try and tailor the adverts to what the user likes (Like taking data from there watched videos), otherwise the user will just get ad blocker and make all the ads completely useless.
  11. This is a trick question, I didn't like either of them I have such a weird taste in music, I like lots of different songs by lots of artists.
  12. Indiana Jones? I'm just guessing because I saw a picture of a hat and instantly thought of the Indiana Jones films If I'm not right, give us more clues!
  13. Welcome and hope you have a great time in this wonderful community *Brohoof* Enjoy your stay and remember have FUN !
  14. Banned because your signature isn't Christmas themed!
  15. I love having loud music. Makes me kind of "Phase out" and just feel in the mood with the music. If anyone wants to know I use: SONY Stereo Headphones MDR-XB500