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  1. Plus, the Coco Chanel logo being used multiple times but with horseshoes.
  2. In this latest episode, there were many, many, many references to things scattered throughout the multitudes of shots of the city and big crowds of ponies. So many in fact, that I doubt anyone caught every single one. There were obvious ones of course (Grumpy Cat), but myself and many others probably missed a lot. Therefore, I think it's appropriate to have a thread to post all the various references, cameos, and inside jokes you saw in this episode! Please add and discuss! In front of the theater, there's a billboard showing a poster clearly referencing the musical Cats. Instead of yellow eyes with humans in them, the poster has green eyes with ponies. There's also the obvious Sound of Music connection to Hinny of the Hills, but I caught another one that had to have been intentional. When Rarity is looking for fabric for a new collection and her eyes immediately flash to the curtains, I had to think of Maria making clothes from the curtains in SoM. What other references and cameos did you catch in this episode? Also, things that you feel as though they are referencing something, but aren't sure what. For example, this seconds-long office scene in the song. It may just be there to build the big city atmosphere, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were something out of a scene from a movie or musical.
  3. I thought it was pretty obvious that Pinkie was the one playing the organ. The other five were in the castle, so it only made sense to be her. I'm glad that that wasn't just the ending, and there was an actual cliffhanger. I was really expecting some larger significance to the "star spiders." We first saw them menacingly surrounding Spike, then they were referenced by name later by Fluttershy. I was surprised when we got to the end of the episode and they never returned. I also wonder if the star spiders may have been created in part by Nightmare Moon's dark magic, hence the stars. Perhaps foreshadowing for a later episode? This episode raises a lot of questions about the past... Why did Celestia and Luna have a hallway of disembodied pony legs in their castle? Why was their castle filled with booby traps? Why was a giant organ built to control said booby traps? Seems kinda shady to me... But overall, it was a fun episode. I liked the Scooby-Doo feel to it, and it had some great moments!
  4. Well, what you described as your ideal premiere is basically what happened in EqG. Twilight left her friends and tried to take on this new world alone, but realized that she could never succeed without them. One of the main themes of EqG was that you can find friendship anywhere, so I liked that it didn't just have Twilight relying on her OLD friendships, but also building completely NEW ones.
  5. When ponies enter the magic portal from EqG, they turn into humans. When dragons enter, they turn into dogs (or at least that we know of). How do you think it would affect other species (griffins, zebras, donkeys, for example) that entered from Equestria? Alternatively, do you think it works in reverse? If a dog from the human world went through, would it turn into a dragon?
  6. Blueblood is a jerk, not a villain. He also has no conflict with Twilight or really any of the Mane 6, so I don't think we'll ever see him again as a central character. Though Twilight did use "trickery" in Magic Duel, it was way different from what Trixie had done. Twilight only proved that even though Trixie was super powered up, she could still be defeated using nothing but the magic of friendship. I don't think it's fair to equate Twilight with Trixie.
  7. These are my opinions on all the songs from the movie (in order of whrn they appear). 1. Intro song: Really enjoyed this upbeat remix of the original opening song. Coupled with the cool animations, it's one of my favorites of the movie. 2. What a Strange New World: Basically just people-watching, Twilight being bad at being human, and cameos of ponies turned human. It's catchy, but nothing special or mind blowing. It seemed like it didn't have too much of a purpose in the movie, it was just there for the sake of more singing. 3. Helping Twilight Sparkle Win the Crown: I'm torn on this one, I really am... Because I loved the message, I thought the animation was adorable and spot on! Buuut I didn't like the actual SONG. Though also catchy, It was too generic pop song and too High School Musical for my tastes. I liked it, but I didn't... 4. Time to Come Together: Not too much to say here. Wasn't bad, wasn't amazing; just kinda forgettable. 5. This is our Big Night (and reprise): Dumbed down generic party song for 8 year olds, and as I heard one reviewer say, sounds too much like Tik Tok (Ke$ha). Some of the animation is cute, like Pinkies hair styles. 6. Friend for Life: I did really enjoy this song. I thought it was a nice way to end the movie and was very pleasing to listen to. I also liked how it was able to stand on its own without any animation.
  8. "Meghan McCarthy ‏@MMeghanMcCarthy16 Jun Answer to #EquestriaGirls question I have a feeling i’ll be getting a lot today: Flash Sentry is not a character in #MLPFiM season 4." From: https://twitter.com/MMeghanMcCarthy So Flash is confirmed to not be in season 4, it seems he was just a tease.
  9. Something I really liked about EqG was how little it mattered to me what the characters looked like. I found myself focusing not on the fact that they were anthropomorphized, but that they were still the same characters we still know and love in their personalities. My biggest concern with EqG was not that they were human, but that a different writing staff would handle the movie and the characters would be completely different in personality and quirks. I was very satisfied with how it was handled.
  10. I think it would be an awesome idea! I think any song sung by Discord would be unique yet awesome. Also, have John De Lancie singing about bronies. You're welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV-OF9wZWDs
  11. Really random, but when Sunset turned into the succubus/demon/whatever thing, did anyone else feel like they were watching one of the old Scooby-Doo movies...? Aaaanyways, I have a theory on her sudden change of heart at the very end. I think that when Twilight's magic (which was purely produced from friendship) connected with the crown and blew a big hole in the ground, it showed her just how mean and cruel she had been to everyone, and how much she hurt everyone around her. It showed her her true self and how perverted and corrupted she had become after leaving Celestia and Equestria. I think the demon she transformed into was a representation of that true self. In that moment, she saw how far she had strayed from the good path, and decided she wanted to change.
  12. First of all, I watched EqG for the first time today and loved. I am definitely one of the people on the positive side of it. I loved the message of breaking out of your cliques and finding the magic of friendship no matter where you are or who you're with. But the scene that really connected with me on a deeply personal level was where Twilight is telling all of her friends that she's really a pony princess from an alternate world. To me, this drew a strong parallel to the experience that I've had, and that I imagine many others have had, with telling people that they're a brony. Twilight hid the truth from her friends because she feared they wouldn't accept her because of it. When she told them the truth, the complete opposite was true. They completely accepted her and it brought them even closer together. I recently told my girlfriend I was a brony, and made a huge deal out of it because I thought she would be weirded out by it. But when I told her, she actually laughed because she didn't understand at all why I was ashamed of it! I've really opened up about it since then, and nothing bad has happened because I did! The moral that I can pass onto pretty much everyone, especially so called "closet bronies," is that you should never be afraid to be yourself, and your true friends will always love you no matter who you are. I absolutely loved that EqG showed that scenario and exemplified that fact through Twilight's struggles!
  13. This movie really exceeded my expectations. I was worried it would be terrible, but they pulled if off quite nicely! The Mane 6 were in character and there was a lot of good humor and animation. The songs weren't anything special (besides the opening credits, which I loved), but they were catchy! There's so much to say and process, so I'll just leave it at that I enjoyed it and thought it was well done!
  14. Also, here's a version with a download link if anyone wants it. I haven't tried it myself so I don't know the quality, but it's there if anyone wants it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NuWANCUrkw
  15. So I'm sure many of you are in a similar situation as I am where there isn't a theater near you showing Equestria Girls, so you likely won't be able to see it in theaters. Now I'm sure that Hasbro will release it as a DVD, but who knows how long that may take. Does anyone have any info on how quickly the movie may be put up online so people like me can watch it and discuss it right away? I don't want to miss out on all the great analysis and discussion going on these forums right after it comes out!