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  1. Loffy09

    OC Reviews by Budding Night

    Can you review mine? My OC is in my siggy. If you reviewed it in a kinda harsh way or something, it's fine xD
  2. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/lightning-fire-r5158 Here's mine! Tell me if it works or not :3
  3. Loffy09

    Lightning Fire

    Lightning Fire
  4. Loffy09

    Hello guys! cd_solidsnake's here!

    Welcome to MLPForums! Hope you have a good time here c: And if you have a question, ask anyone! Everypony here is helpful c:
  5. Loffy09

    Ask Sweetie Belle! [Revived]

    Have you ever looked for gems, or tried making dresses?
  6. Loffy09

    A Little Romantic and Sad MLP Story

    I read uncountable amounts of fanfics, i read over 100s, and i actually want to say this is 20% cooler than the others. There are some typos (not really typos but like if you added a certain word it would make the sentence 20% cooler) and 1 typo i found was in the quickie fic you made, when Pinkie said "Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes!", the last Cupcakes said Capcakes instead of CUPcakes. Anyways, keep making these c:
  7. Loffy09

    Post lies about the person above you!

    Stalks people in midnight, sneaking in the shadows.. And eats blueberry pies at the same time.
  8. Loffy09

    Would you rather ep.8

    I actually voted for the same thing. Speeding up time while being invisible AND while having Gummy bite my hair would be pretty awesome actually XD
  9. Loffy09

    Ask The Princesses!

    Twilight, how was the feeling when you realized you are the hero of Equestria?
  10. (Never expected to post after a few months of not posting but yeah) Best police officer ever. lol I actually am not friends with any police officer, really. .-.
  11. Loffy09

    Gaming Chao

    Goodness.. Those stuff are cute!! I play the sa2b xbox remake, and i have a few normal chao, one chao that is about to evolve to dark, and uh... How many hero chao did i have ._. Lets just say a ton of 'em. And one Neutral chao.
  12. Loffy09

    Ask Applejack!

    Hai applejack! How are you?
  13. Loffy09

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    -gasps- Really? -hides and watches what happens here-
  14. Loffy09

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Hi. I dont know whats going on, so hi everybody and im just a random brony waddling around. Hi Kirby.