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  1. Amen, let's just hope that everypony realises this and that the creators take the passion of the fandom with a pinch of salt and just keep doing what they have been doing..... which is making an incredible show that anypony can enjoy.
  2. oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh thank you
  3. Firstly, not really a 'problem', but slightly more correct then the feedback option. I see many people on the forum have amazing signitures, my query is this.... Is there a generator of some sorts for such signitures, or are they created individually using a specific program?
  4. This is me after spending 6 weeks out field on exercise with the army, we were at a staging area, getting ready to head home and had some spare time..... I like scarves
  5. Dog.... Honest, loyal, funloving One reason I have dog and paw-print tattoo's
  6. Halo 2 would be my personal favourite.... However with bands such as Powerglove, they seem to be able to make any video game soundtrack awesome http://youtu.be/trGkPerU3-k
  7. This comes from the days of cell phones having a limited number of characters to send in a text message, so to cram as much information in 161 characters, people would shorten the words as much as possible and blatently remove punctuation. But yes, this is one thing that seriously gets on my nerves.... Also, when people say 'But' at the end of a sentence. This is pretty much only verbal, but still *shudders* Another thing that gets to me is when somepony in a chat room types phonetically....
  8. Natural...... It's simply the awesomeness being unable to be completely contained
  9. In all honesty, I have not grown out of any of my childhood interests..... Or those in my teenage years as well, I may from time to time keep them hidden from people, but I still love my Redwall novels (I have all 23 of them, plus the extras), tv shows from when I was a child, like Transformers, Voltron, The Sooty and Sweep Show. Always loved sports and I still do.... Music has changed, kind of, I still like the same music as I did 20 years ago, but just my horizons have broadened and have accepted different styles of music into my life. I guess I will always be a big kid at heart..... I may get older, but I will never grow up My older brother used to like ketchup on cereal.......
  10. Big thanks for the warm welcome, one thing I'm very glad about is being accepted into the community.... I have to admit is that it was a little difficult coming to terms with being a brony, unfortunately it stems from a masculine profession and culture I have to deal with. Well, will stop my little rant or I'm sure I'll start to bore people
  11. Wow, in depth much...... After having read such a well thought-out reply, I would still say AJ would be my choice for a roommate, however Fluttershy, who I honestly wouldn't normally have considered, would be running a very close second. Thank you
  12. A definite shrewd businesspony who knows that to run a good business one needs to keep those at Sweet Apple Acres happpy, otherwise, no zap apples. It seems to me he knows the true value of money having being brought up in a family where money comes from hard work building a business from nothing, one thing his daughter may not know...... yet, but hopefully she'll one day become as grounded as FR.