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  1. Sure it does, thank you! For the caslte one I felt like the place this song is going to play in called for triplets in the percussion, so that's why I went with that, to give it a feeling of evil watching you the whole way through a giant fortress. As for the second one...yeah maybe but when that part first kicks in there are no free voices left (the setup gives me 6 monophonic voices + percusson to work with) and I guess those marimba-ish instruments could be a little louder. But thank you, much appreaciated!
  2. Hey, welcome and hope you'll enjoy your stay! Do you work as a waitor? Or a talk show host?
  3. When I make a fangame turns out it's the thing bronies are the least interested in checking out...when I make music (even though it's for other's games...) turns out it's what bronies are the least interested in checking out...*sigh*

  4. Tell me one word about you not being smart and I'll slap you in the face... You know you've achieved your goal with it when you have me imagine it as I'm reading, which did happen in this case. If you really want me to nitpick, I'd say give the last few lines more rhymes You have amazing ideas, just don't give up before polishing a diamond *hugs*
  5. It's pretty obvious that the company is not under the lead of the right people. Bigheadedness won't get you anywhere other than closer to bankruptcy. People have no reason to go back and listen to the last cries of Capcom, because all the developers have fled to other companies, or made their own. I don't think too many would care if they gave another Megaman game a try, because for one, everyone would suspect it getting canned, and two, Keiji Inafune, the original creator of the franchise is busy developing the new "anti-Megaman" with fan support. Everyone gets what they deserve for their actions.
  6. It's been 12 years since Monsters Inc. came out and I still love it <3

    1. Mephala


      Have you seen Monsters University? Cuz like, dat, like, Nathan Fillion. XD

  7. Funerals cost money...and you know when people can make a business out of people dying, you can make a business out of anything. That's what money does to people.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BronyPony


      They aren't making money off of people dying. It takes resources to bury a person, you know?

    3. Zacharias


      That really wasn't the point...people making money off of other people's suffering, but then again you can say that about weapon trade as well.

    4. BronyPony


      But they aren't making off of people's suffering...

  8. Anybody else I can hate mushrooms with?

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    2. Fluffy Pinkie
    3. Technicolour Dream (Sunny)

      Technicolour Dream (Sunny)

      but, mushrooms are delicious

    4. Zacharias


      not when they take you out for days with food poisoning...damn

  9. Dunno why, but your avatar cracks me up every time I see it.

    1. Zacharias


      Is that a good thing?

    2. Rockymoo


      Yes, my good man. Yes it is.

    3. Zacharias


      Well good for you...I guess

  10. It only took me a month back in 2011 before I started working on a 8-bit game mod, which is still not completely done... And I'm also making music for Pony fangames. My stuff takes time unfortunately, and people are going to forget about it in 5 minutes.
  11. It's great when there's a candle lit in the darkness...hmm it's not so dark anymore :P

  12. Damn I love making music <3

  13. I approve of this message
  14. Discord laugh voice samples :3