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  1. Zacharias

    Fangame MusiC

    Sure it does, thank you! For the caslte one I felt like the place this song is going to play in called for triplets in the percussion, so that's why I went with that, to give it a feeling of evil watching you the whole way through a giant fortress. As for the second one...yeah maybe but when that part first kicks in there are no free voices left (the setup gives me 6 monophonic voices + percusson to work with) and I guess those marimba-ish instruments could be a little louder. But thank you, much appreaciated!
  2. Zacharias

    G'day everypony!

    Hey, welcome and hope you'll enjoy your stay! Do you work as a waitor? Or a talk show host?
  3. Zacharias

    Dear Luna

    Tell me one word about you not being smart and I'll slap you in the face... You know you've achieved your goal with it when you have me imagine it as I'm reading, which did happen in this case. If you really want me to nitpick, I'd say give the last few lines more rhymes You have amazing ideas, just don't give up before polishing a diamond *hugs*
  4. Zacharias

    Gaming It's official, Capcom is screwed

    It's pretty obvious that the company is not under the lead of the right people. Bigheadedness won't get you anywhere other than closer to bankruptcy. People have no reason to go back and listen to the last cries of Capcom, because all the developers have fled to other companies, or made their own. I don't think too many would care if they gave another Megaman game a try, because for one, everyone would suspect it getting canned, and two, Keiji Inafune, the original creator of the franchise is busy developing the new "anti-Megaman" with fan support. Everyone gets what they deserve for their actions.
  5. It only took me a month back in 2011 before I started working on a 8-bit game mod, which is still not completely done... And I'm also making music for Pony fangames. My stuff takes time unfortunately, and people are going to forget about it in 5 minutes.
  6. Zacharias

    Taking one step at a time

    I approve of this message
  7. Zacharias

    Fangame MusiC

    I've recently been "hired" to make a soundtrack for a Metroid-esque fangame, and I'd like to use this thread to get feedback on some of the songs for it. Now please before you start saying how horrible they are, keep in mind that I'd had no musical ackground before I started rwading up on theory myself, and also that I'm using old videogame console hardware to make music, so the synthesizer is fairly outdated (but that's the whole beauty of it.) Enjoy! Castle.mp3 Old area.mp3
  8. Zacharias

    Post your Desktop

    Here's mine, the background is still there from when I tried chilling down with this when it was hot.
  9. Zacharias

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Heroes of Might and Magic 4. So many great memories with that one, as well as the 3rd and 5th installments in the series. Turn based strategy at its finest.
  10. Zacharias

    Does anyone still have nightmares?

    I rarely even dream to begin with, but when I do it's always an end of the world-scenario, or something bad anyway. I can't even remember the last time I had an ok dream, so really I'm just happy when nothing happens in my head (or nothing I can remember afterwards)
  11. Zacharias

    What do you think of "Closet Bronies"?

    I find this thread highly offensive, or at least suggesting that it's inferior being a closet brony. I myself only told mom about it, and even that happened because...well one time I got pretty freaked out by something and I needed support.
  12. Zacharias

    What is your greatest asset?

    Hmm, very interesting, probably my ability to learn from watching, analyzing in head, and then trying to copy things. This would explain why I'm best at languages and somewhat in music. I mean, all you do is copy the way people talk and how notes are one after the other and that's it!
  13. Zacharias

    Select three ponies to define your personality

    I'd say 75% Twilight because I'm very nerdy, socially awkward for the most part, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist but not nearly as much as Rarity. 15% Pinkie but this side of me only really comes out when I'm around people I know and trust, so this doesn't happen too often IRL. 10% Fluttershy because well...I'm shy. I like foresty areas as well with peace and nothing but the "music" of nature.
  14. Zacharias

    General What made you smile today? :D

    Talking about Xiaolin Showdown with...uhm someone As well as translating stuff in Google translator and laughing my head off.
  15. Hey! Back with something more positive sooo... what do you think, are there videogames in equestria? (And I don't mean arcade machines) And if so, what are they called? The Neightendo entertainment system, and the Ponystation?