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    Im an animator/artist, animation entusiast, and general nerd so my interest include everything from tv to comics as well as video games.
  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Thank you. I'm going for more of a storyboard kind of thing with this. Proper animation takes a lot of time, like a lot. Ive got a bachelors in media arts and animation so I found that out the hard way. Not to mention adlibing means Ill never know exactly how much Ill have to do. I'm definitely going to do more images as this goes on. For fight and action scenes Ill have no choice. I want to see if I can add sound effects as well.
  3. Ok so this is the first part of a completely ad libed fan fic crossover called Harry Potter and the Perplexing Pony Plane. Sound stuff is going to be a doozy of a learning process.Below is the cover image and below that is the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TDyzlkYYrE
  4. Had a Dream that Pip and Diamond Tiara had a subtle romance going on in the series for like the past seven seasons(dream took place in the future mlp season 18). Then everyone lost their minds in an episode where Pip kissed Diamond Tiara, then they kinda became the new leaders of Ponyville.
  5. I thank you for your concern and advice, but I don't think Ill have a problem. The term Power armor has been used in other media, Fallout being the most popular I can think of off the top of my head. I don't think they have been sued for it. I also think my design and the narrative function of the power armor is different enough for most to end up forgetting the connection the term has with either of those sources.
  6. Do you like the idea of a princess dawning a powerful suit of armor to defeat demons? Do you like the idea of a romance between a mermaid and a centaur? How about a world where magic and science have merge into one? Princess Power Armor has all of this and more. check it here http://princesspowerarmor.tumblr.com/ or on my deviant art here http://anadukune.deviantart.com/gallery/53847110/Princess-Power-Armor I have just launched this and hope to keep to a page a week schedule. I am both amazingly excited and very nervous about this, but I hope you will join me on this journey.
  7. The fandom will be well and fine. Sure it may shrink a bit during the gap between generations but it will be fine. This has happened with other fandoms in the past and they are still around. Heck the star trek fanbase has had to weather a bunch of gaps between products, but its still thriving. The Star wars fanbase had to weather some of the worst movies a respected franchise has ever had. MLP is still bringing in the bucks so I don't think it will end with season 5, especially with a movie being made. Im thinking it will go on for some time. Seeing as how the mlp brand is stronger than its
  8. I doubt the fandom would die,decrease yes but not die. Darkwing duck, Gargoyles, and power puff girls still have a fan base and that was before the internet became as integrated as it is now. That said I don't think the show is going anywhere for a while. Its pretty much the only thing keeping hub alive and its the only franchise showing continued growth for hasbro.Even when it does end we will almost certainly get a new gen in equestria. Hasbro isn't going to leave this newly successful franchise to rot. MLP is a very interesting thing going from long dorment and usually derided to crazy
  9. For me I was kind of surprised by the vociferous reaction to Twilicorn. It seemed fairly obvious to me that this would eventually happen since the first episode, which is where I started back in late 2010. You have the fact that Twilights element of harmony is a crown whilst the others are necklaces, the fact she was a direct apprentice to Princess Celestia, the fact that her very name is the bridge between night and day. Heck the obvious progression she made from season to season. Because of these reasons and some Im leaving out I saw this coming from a mile away as something that would event
  10. I for one think this season was great. It offered things I had been wanting for a while. I wanted more lore especially considering Celestia and Lunas' past, it delivered that in the first two episodes. We all wanted more Rarity episodes, it delivered that. I wanted to see Cadence get more screen time so we could get to see more characterization of her. Again this season delivered that. Sure its had its misses, but then again so has every season. My faves of the season Testing Testing 123 Rarity Takes Manehatten Flight to the Finish Filli Vinilli Pinkie Pride Maude Pie Pinkie Apple Pie Equest
  11. Nightmare Moon was pretty evil. She Plunged Equestria into eternal night which would if not for the mane six have inexorably destroyed order and life in Equestria. She also had no qualms about using deception and manipulation to further her goals. She also banished her own sister to god knows where without a second thought. Is she a tragic villain? Absolutely. Its been made clear that Luna was a good pony that was driven to evil. She felt shunned by the world around her as the ponies never took a moment to appreciate what she did for them. Whilst they basked in Celestia's sunlight they hid aw
  12. Im not sure why people make a big deal over something that has been an established character trait for a while now. Pinkie has shown in the past that whilst she isn't stupid she can be pretty oblivious to how others are feeling and sometimes the world around her. This has been shown multiple times in the series. Luna Eclipsed comes to mind first for me. Despite Luna's obvious emotional distress Pinkie fails to notice and continues screaming and inciting panic. Even when Luna has cancelled Nightmare Night and all the ponies of Ponyville were depressed and the children sobbing Pinkie continued m
  13. In my opinion no its not a bad season. In fact it had what was possibly my favorite episode to date in Magical Mystery Cure. I could go into further detail on why but I don't think many want to read a full blown essay on that here.
  14. From what I have seen of G1 which includes the movie, and the first four episodes of the show I would say one of the main problems with the show was the lack of any character depth. It was insanely hard for me to remember any of the ponies even after only a few hours had past. It would seem to me that any move trying to make MLPFIM closer to G1 could only be a step down. FIM was a fresh start that nobody saw coming. That was the point it was fresh and introduced new characters in a new world.
  15. Ive heard many say the presence of destiny immediately negates the possibility of free will. I don't think this to be the case. I think one of the big reasons people do this is because it has become common to use the words fate and destiny interchangeably. However there is a difference between the two. Destiny: Predetermined events in ones life that they take an active coarse in shaping Fate: Predetermined events that happen because of or in spite of ones actions. It is through the choice and self discovery of the ponies as individuals that they fulfill their destinies. If nothing else I th
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