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    en minded . I like anime , manga , reading , writing , and poetry. I'm mostly into furry , neopets, and my little pony fandom . I love Harry Potter and would like to get into wizard 101 amd Homestuck. I will probably write original stories and a lot of my fandom choices . K-m for me. I also have been

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  1. Looking for a good friend to talk too. I'm Heather. I like anime, manga, reading, writing, and neopets. 22 and engaged. 18 and up please 

    1. twilight24


      My grandma passed and I'm trying to deal with that too..

  2. HI there :) 


    Hi! I'm Heather.22. Ohio. I like anime, manga, reading, writing, Pokemon, neopets, and harvest moon. I'm engaged and in love <3 I want a friend who is serious about the friendship and will not disappear. Who replies fast and is good with conversation. Who likes to talk tons and shares my hobbies. Who will put effort into the friendship. I'm LGBT, me, brony, ravenclaw furry. Send me an introduction, tell me all about you.
  4. I am she's great, loving, caring, sweet, and nice. I love her to pieces. I'm very happy beef with my genderfluid partner and she is happy wth me ^^
  5. mega thread

    Hi how are you? I'm Heather. 22. I like anime,mlp, Harry Potter, manga, reading, neopets, harvest moon, web comics, Pokemon, and writing. I like someone who lines the same thing, is LGBT or supportive, and is able to talk often. I prefer text, Facebook, or discord
  6. Heyo c: I hope I can get some friends to talk too, I'm 22. I like anime, manga, reading, and writing. 

    1. The Artist Formerly Known As A.V.

      The Artist Formerly Known As A.V.



      I's (yes, "I's" instead of "I'm" -- I's weird like that sometimes) 26, and I like... pretty-much all the stuff you just listed.

    2. twilight24
    3. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      Hello hello!

  7. Hi c: welcome 

    1. Ninetales


      Thanks! My friend showed me this site, and hopefully I can find my way around!

    2. twilight24


      I hope so too ^^ good luck :) feel free too talk to me ^^

  8. Hello :) 

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    2. twilight24


      Hmmm, would you like to text? 

    3. hopkey123


      don't have a phone either :> i'm not normal XD I have this account, my osu! account: bleachdanimegrl, my neopets account (which i'm rarely on): pegasister15, my pokecharms account: Hopkey123, and my 3ds account: Carly o

    4. twilight24
  9. Looking for a 18 or older friend who's into anime, manga, reading, and writing. 

    1. GrimGrimoire


      What? No arithmetic?

    2. twilight24


      Nope, I'm horrible at math 

  10. I am grateful that lgbtplus are making advancements, people are still kind, that im alive and getting help when I need it, the fact we're getting cart amounrslf info at once, the Internet, and for postive influences in life.
  11. Hello :}

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    2. twilight24


      Doing good and you? :) 

    3. Silleh


      I'm very glad to hear it! Up to anything much? And I'm keeping well too thanks, having a little lack of motivation lately but I'm sure it won't last too long :)

    4. twilight24


      Thank you and just working on a neopets story! I hope it doesn't either.

  12. Looking for fellow 18 and up nerds who like anime, manga, reading, and writing. 

    1. Fillypino Fries

      Fillypino Fries

      *is actually 16 going on 17* :c

      But I like anime. :3

      Mostly the moe stuff tho. :'v


    2. Vulcan


      I fill some of those I of exactly today, I'm 23, I'm  more into the long running anime shows like One piece or Naruto but I also love those creature animes like Digimon and Pokémon and Romance Comedies like God save our king and Ranma . Books-wise,  John Green and Roald Dahl are my favorites... As for writing... I've been roleplaying sometimes... Which is technically writing. 

      (Wow those are a lot of words)


  13. Hey. May I add you on discord 

    1. Twist Tinder

      Twist Tinder

      Sure thing! Add me at emergeddragon7#2512 on Discord! ^.^

    2. twilight24


      Will do that :)