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    Dreaming on silver livings
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    en minded . I like anime , manga , reading , writing , and poetry. I'm mostly into furry , neopets, and my little pony fandom . I love Harry Potter and would like to get into wizard 101 amd Homestuck. I will probably write original stories and a lot of my fandom choices . K-m for me. I also have been

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  1. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Still open to friends. Bloop
  2. twilight24

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian

    Steaifht Erm straight
  3. I'm a writer, reader, smart, loving furry otaku
  4. twilight24

    Have You Ever Burned Out on a Hobby of Yours?

    Video games here too. I was obsessed with my gba sp. Pokemon and sims. Now I barely touch my 2ds
  5. twilight24

    [Insert Overused Welcome Title Here]

    Hello there and welcome! Hope you'll have a good time
  6. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    So I've been friend searching and have lost a few people who I felt close too. I dont know if I did something wrong or just they needed space... I feel bad though bit I'm trying not to get down about it. If I do or say the wrong thing just let me know before you block me okay? Well anyways I like anime, manga, stuffed animals, reading, writing, webkinz, and Harry Potter. I'm a brony and furry. I have a lovely fiancée and she's the love of my life. I have autism, depression, and anxiety.
  7. twilight24

    Things People would have never expected of you ?

    That I'm fun and goofy if you get me in the right mood and I do my best to be kind and a good listener
  8. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Hi there c: I'm Heathr.22. I like anime, manga, webkinz, stuffed animals, writing, reading, neopets, goatlings, subeta, and Harry Potter. I'm a brony and furry. I have autism and am engaged. Looking for a friend to text.
  9. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Hi there c: I'm Heather,22, Ohio. Engaged. I like neopets, writing, anime, manga, Harry Potter Pokemon,harvest moon, and more. I hope to find a female best friend who's into this and will commit to talking a lot :3 I'm looking for north America, South America, and Caribbean people I'm autistic and a furry
  10. twilight24

    Anybody in a same gender relationship?

    I am she's great, loving, caring, sweet, and nice. I love her to pieces. I'm very happy beef with my genderfluid partner and she is happy wth me ^^
  11. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Hi how are you? I'm Heather. 22. I like anime,mlp, Harry Potter, manga, reading, neopets, harvest moon, web comics, Pokemon, and writing. I like someone who lines the same thing, is LGBT or supportive, and is able to talk often. I prefer text, Facebook, or discord
  12. I am grateful that lgbtplus are making advancements, people are still kind, that im alive and getting help when I need it, the fact we're getting cart amounrslf info at once, the Internet, and for postive influences in life.
  13. I've been a brony since 2012ish. I think like anything it has its ups and downs, drama and fun, life lessons, and whole lots more. For me I still feel connected to the show and community, even if I havent finished season 6 or always reply or visit the forum. I'm still here and proud to be a brony/pegasister! <3
  14. twilight24

    Health Who is autistic?

    I have had signs and symptoms of aspergers my whole life. When I wad a baby I screamed constantly, hated being held, held toys but didn't play, flapped my hands,etc. I am developed mentally delayed but I have made great strides in my autistic journey. I still flap my hands, get confused over small things, do stupid stuff, have trouble tying my shoes, nervous about ever working again or going to college, and certain things still hurt my ears, but I'm actually doing better at times. Engaged. Got an apartment. Been published in my local newspaper. Went fishing. Etc. I would never give up part of who I am but I wouldn't want someone to be born with it either. What I mean by that is that I have no problem with people on the spectrum just wouldn't pray or wish for someone else to have it. I hope we all discover ourselves and find a peaceful life.
  15. twilight24

    What is the Reason you're here?

    I'm here because of the people. Because this place inspires me and also mlp: fim is evolutionary and great.