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    en minded . I like anime , manga , reading , writing , and poetry. I'm mostly into furry , neopets, and my little pony fandom . I love Harry Potter and would like to get into wizard 101 amd Homestuck. I will probably write original stories and a lot of my fandom choices . K-m for me. I also have been

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  1. If anyone 18 or older wants to talk on discord , mesage me. I like anime, manga, reading, writing, and neopets. Twilight is awesome pony. Go eevee and bulbasaur 

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    2. Hiddles Girl

      Hiddles Girl

      I don't know what your number thing is for Discord, but mine is AdorbzFangirl#7988 (I'm over 18, and I don't mind having another writer to talk to). You'll have to tell me yours. I might take it as a random add. ><

    3. twilight24


      Hi! I think I have you there 

    4. Hiddles Girl

      Hiddles Girl

      Really? huh... I have so many people that I probably lost track. XD

  2. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Still open to friends. Bloop
  3. twilight24

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian

    Steaifht Erm straight
  4. Hey there ^ I'm Heather,23, engaged, LGBT, and autistic. I like anime, manga, reading, and writing. I'm into neopets and my little pony. Proud furry as is my future spouse. :) I am kind and nice. I hope to find someone who is up for 9 am to 10 pm *^ I usually am awake by those times. Hope to hear from you all and send an introduction

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    2. twilight24


      I've been here awhile :3 thanks though 

    3. Sparklefan1234


      You're Welcome. :)


    4. twilight24


      I'll just bump this up cuz I'm bored 😐 does anyone have line or Kik 

  5. I'm a writer, reader, smart, loving furry otaku
  6. twilight24

    Have You Ever Burned Out on a Hobby of Yours?

    Video games here too. I was obsessed with my gba sp. Pokemon and sims. Now I barely touch my 2ds
  7. twilight24

    [Insert Overused Welcome Title Here]

    Hello there and welcome! Hope you'll have a good time
  8. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    So I've been friend searching and have lost a few people who I felt close too. I dont know if I did something wrong or just they needed space... I feel bad though bit I'm trying not to get down about it. If I do or say the wrong thing just let me know before you block me okay? Well anyways I like anime, manga, stuffed animals, reading, writing, webkinz, and Harry Potter. I'm a brony and furry. I have a lovely fiancée and she's the love of my life. I have autism, depression, and anxiety.
  9. twilight24

    Things People would have never expected of you ?

    That I'm fun and goofy if you get me in the right mood and I do my best to be kind and a good listener
  10. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Hi there c: I'm Heathr.22. I like anime, manga, webkinz, stuffed animals, writing, reading, neopets, goatlings, subeta, and Harry Potter. I'm a brony and furry. I have autism and am engaged. Looking for a friend to text.
  11. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Hi there c: I'm Heather,22, Ohio. Engaged. I like neopets, writing, anime, manga, Harry Potter Pokemon,harvest moon, and more. I hope to find a female best friend who's into this and will commit to talking a lot :3 I'm looking for north America, South America, and Caribbean people I'm autistic and a furry
  12. twilight24

    Anybody in a same gender relationship?

    I am she's great, loving, caring, sweet, and nice. I love her to pieces. I'm very happy beef with my genderfluid partner and she is happy wth me ^^
  13. twilight24

    Finding your next best friend

    Hi how are you? I'm Heather. 22. I like anime,mlp, Harry Potter, manga, reading, neopets, harvest moon, web comics, Pokemon, and writing. I like someone who lines the same thing, is LGBT or supportive, and is able to talk often. I prefer text, Facebook, or discord
  14. I am grateful that lgbtplus are making advancements, people are still kind, that im alive and getting help when I need it, the fact we're getting cart amounrslf info at once, the Internet, and for postive influences in life.
  15. I've been a brony since 2012ish. I think like anything it has its ups and downs, drama and fun, life lessons, and whole lots more. For me I still feel connected to the show and community, even if I havent finished season 6 or always reply or visit the forum. I'm still here and proud to be a brony/pegasister! <3