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    en minded . I like anime , manga , reading , writing , and poetry. I'm mostly into furry , neopets, and my little pony fandom . I love Harry Potter and would like to get into wizard 101 amd Homestuck. I will probably write original stories and a lot of my fandom choices . K-m for me. I also have been

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  1. Hey there :3 hope yoyre having fun

    1. DemetriaFlame25


      I am thank you :) I hope your day/evening is good :) 

    2. twilight24



      It is! Thank you ^^


  2. Hey there :3 hope you all have a good day ^^


    im looking for a friend close to my age ^^ (23) I'm into anime, manga, reading, and writing

  3. Does anyone love neopets too? 

    1. Sweetriff


      I like neopets, I'd play that more if the games would load on my computer but for some reason, they won't.

    2. twilight24


      OH my gosh yaaaaay

  4. Have a happy, happy Birthday! :D Ah ha! The happy's been doubled!

    1. twilight24


      Thank you :) 

  5. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. twilight24


      Thabk you ^^

  6. I hope to someday find a friend who can talk often with me 

    1. Cyralicious


      Cyra's at your service!

    2. twilight24



      Check your pm

    3. Cyralicious
  7. Hi!

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    2. twilight24


      Good I'm glad :3 what time is it in Australia 

    3. Nightfall Gloam

      Nightfall Gloam

      Its currently 1:31 PM here.

    4. twilight24


      Huh :). Cool 

  8. Looking for friends and hope to hear from people who like to write, neopets, anime, manga, reading, and stuffed animals 

  9. WELCOme! 

    1. Larrydog


      thank you for the welcome :)

    2. twilight24


      You're welcome! 

  10. Happy new year everyone ^^ 

  11. [Insert Overused Welcome Title Here]

    Hello there and welcome! Hope you'll have a good time
  12. mega thread Finding Your New Best Friend Thread

    So I've been friend searching and have lost a few people who I felt close too. I dont know if I did something wrong or just they needed space... I feel bad though bit I'm trying not to get down about it. If I do or say the wrong thing just let me know before you block me okay? Well anyways I like anime, manga, stuffed animals, reading, writing, webkinz, and Harry Potter. I'm a brony and furry. I have a lovely fiancée and she's the love of my life. I have autism, depression, and anxiety.
  13. Things People would have never expected of you ?

    That I'm fun and goofy if you get me in the right mood and I do my best to be kind and a good listener
  14. So I know this seems like a strange idea..but I'm serious. I would put my heart and soul for what you asked for. I don't think I'm a horrid writer but I definitely need to improve. It's just to earn some Christmas money. My goal is to get 50 dollars. I think this is how I'd price them 30 cents for a short poem 50 cents for long poems 1.50 dollar for 1,000-3,000 words 3.20 dollars for 5,000-6,000. I know it seems like a pipe dream but I'm really not that good at anything else... it's so I can get my love her gift. This is kind of a rough sketch idea. What do you all think? Oh! I will only do NSFW if I feel comfortable with the subject and you're 18 or older. Here is an examples poem : This night rages for me Devil, how you whisper to me from shadows I elude Shallow breaths and tear stained skin Our my warrior markings Sighs and trembling lips I try to greet my reflection For all I see is an ugly beast with no worth God help me, I hate what I've become No more talking now My mind is here to remind me of better times Just need some feedback on this idea