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  1. um... I never interpreted my parents thinking im gay as a insult in my post, i just said that they think im gay since they keep asking me. My parents are NOT homophobics either, so please dont be so rude
  2. They saldly know, they told me i have to "grow up" and they think im gay or something, ever since they found out, ive been let less and less out of the house and the pc (using my phone to write this) i wish they didnt find out... Also, everytime they think im watching the show, they go to my room to check, Nothing but bad stuff has happend ever since they did Oh well, they are my parents, nothing i can do... Im sure they are doing it to protect me
  3. I cant be the only one that doesnt like EDM, right?

  4. I dont have much friends irl to begin with, but once they found out i was one of them, they left me. Cureently have no ikr friends foreveralone...
  5. Got to be honest, the last episode of avgn... Bored me to dead.
  6. Can someone please explain me whats so special about this dub? It feels kinda dumb for me to watch a american show dubbed in another language i cant understand without reading subtiltes...
  7. good idea, im gonna go out and do this.But i think they still gonna find me weird, i used to be a furry and i showed them the furry fandom inside out and they still regected me as a furry, but best of luck i guess
  8. i dont know man, they just hate the fact that im watching a show that does no harm... Oh well... They are my parents after all. Have to accept there decidtion...
  9. yeah i know, they now question my sexuality, think im socially ackward, or if i have some sort of depression because of watching the show....
  10. Im not much of a "gamer" if thats the word you guys use, im not into the whole shotting games thing, i mostly play angry birds and stuff like that. I dont think they are bad but, ive seen some videos of like "call of black ops warfare" or whatever that is called, and those games look a little to much. I think blood in games are super unnecesary
  11. I have some bad news people, my parents are gonna take me to a psycologeist for being a brony They think something is wrong with me
  12. OEG5789

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    Theres this one called dragon ball z, is kinda obsucre, but hella good. Try it if ya can. Btw, that one your watching, isnt that one called samurai x? I think thats the jap version name....
  13. I want to buy a ouya game system, but i heard that it doenst have composite cables for sdtvs... ;(

  14. yeah man, i know. They also said that if the caugh me watching it, they are gonna hide my laptop too. Also, they now think i have mental issues. *sigh*
  15. I told my parents I watch mlp, and they said that i cant watch it anymore because is not the type of show for me... now i can only watch it when there not at home
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