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    I love to ride, draw, read, play video games, and I love Disney.. Obviously I love MLP..haha :) Ummm I dunno what else to say.. I have a friend in real life here, anypony know Dez? :) anyway, talk to you later?

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  1. Hi! :D Sorry the roleplay has become dead XD! Do you want to continue?

  2. ((yes I suppose it is)) She smiled at him. " Okay, my place it is then!" She turned and as she started walking up the path beside him, wondering how this day could get any better, " So, since we have a good walk ahead of us, would you like to talk about anything?" she asked
  3. ((Sorry darling.. and my computer is so messed up still)) "Well, I wish we could, but you're right.. Well, everything else is closed now, we could go to my place or yours, whichever you prefer" Reluctantly, she removed herself from his embrace, and stood waiting for his answer.
  4. ((Thank you darling as do you)) Silver stopped where she was and looked up, she saw a dark figure fly above them. She looked at Brave and whispered "It's him, its Thornheart, we have to act like we aren't on a secret mission" that made them both giggle a little. "Just keep walking, we aren't that far away from a town I think." She leaned against Brave, but not in the way before, he wasn't supporting her anymore. The look from above was as if the two were a happy couple going out for a walk. Celestia was drifting in and out of consciousness, she kept seeing flashes of healers, and her guards rushing her everywhere. Suddenly she saw a flash of blue that reminded her of moonlight and she saw her beloved sister and her favorite student. Luna turned to face her, "My sister, I miss thee, but you cannot lose sight of what's truly important. You must awaken my dear sister, I give you the power of the moon it is not stronger than the sun, but you must take it. It will keep you alive my sister, but you alone must choose to fight, when you awake there will be a danger. Silver and her companion are close, but you must be careful." With that, Luna kissed Celestia on the head, and then the vision passed. Celestia opened her eyes, and screamed.
  5. ((On my phone, my computer is so stupid. If this has died already let me know.. I think it has but I might be going crazy )) "Well to be honest, I'm glad." at his inquiring look, "My plans for tonight were just going to be reading a book about a romance, not living one" She leaned against him, enjoying his warmth as a chilly breeze blew over the pond.
  6. @Repsol (Hey! I'm back! at least for a little bit) When his lips touched hers she felt happier then she had in a long time. She kissed him back gently. When the kiss ended she felt a little light headed, but she was ecstatic. Smiling at him she was at a loss for words.
  7. "I don't have my full strength back yet, but I have to try. Lets go" She replied. Determined, Silver tried to stand, although a little shaky, she managed to stand on all four hooves. She started to bend to get her pack but Bravehoof beat her to it. She started to protest, but she saw the worry in his eyes so she stopped talking and let him carry her pack. She leaned against him as they started out into the open. Celestia knew she didn't have a lot of time left, the message she sent had arrived but there was no response. She was worried that they too had been captured. In a last attempt to help, she cast a spell that would prevent harm to all her subjects, she knew that the spell would take up most of her energy but she knew that she had to do it. She had barely finished the spell when one of her guards broke open the door. "Princess!" he exclaimed "What have you done?!" She stumbled a little as the lack of energy overwhelmed her and she fell to the ground. The guard rushed to her side and yelled for help. "I saved you" she whispered. "Didn't I?" The guard trembled as he felt the spell settle on him, "Yes my Princess, you did well." She started to close her eyes.. "NO!!" the guard screamed which jolted her awake. "You have to stay awake, do you hear me? Stay awake!"
  8. ((We have to take it to a guy.. So it'll be a few weeks.. Ugh. )) "I was just walking when I heard a bird singing. So I followed the sound and I found the path. I came across the pond a little late and was enchanted by it." She smiled at him, and felt little butterflies in her stomach when she saw him smiling at her. " you're actually the only pony I've shared this with"
  9. ((Okay so computer is being stupid again so I apologize)) She felt his warmth and automatically leaned into him. She laughed "I didn't either, I was just actually going to go home, lay by the fire with a book and go to sleep around ten, but I like this a whole lot better"
  10. @Repsol It's a shame we did.. You were my only friend in school, rather, you were the only one who ever talked to me at first.. Anyway, what would you like to talk about? As she asked this a warm breeze blew over the pond bringing the fireflies out. She watched the lights dance over the water of the pond.
  11. @Repsol Well, I don't know, I don't think you've ever made deliveries to my clinic before, and I don't go out much... I would love if you made deliveries to me though, my usual delivery pony loses a lot of my equipment. She laughed I mean how can you lose an X-Ray machine? She turned to face Repsol Can I ask you something? Why did we lose touch?
  12. ((Finally! I've missed you XD)) When their lips met Silver felt a warmth spread over her body. The fire was dying but it wasn't cold. Suddenly she heard a rustle of wings, she turned ,still leaning on Bravehoof, and saw a messenger eagle with a message on it's leg. She stood and walked over towards the eagle, he lifted his leg ,she took the message and read aloud so Brave could hear. "My dear Silver and Brave, I have fallen drastically ill, you must hurry and find my sister and Twilight Sparkle, or I fear that I will not live to see another sunrise" Brave came to stand beside her. " Oh no.. Brave? We have to leave.. Now.." She started to gather her things when her vision went dark and she collapsed. In her vision she saw Luna and Celestia together, and they were talking about Thornheart. "Sister, we must destroy him, he's caused so much pain and anger." "No Luna we cannot, he's too powerful and too important. He will remain exiled for now" Silver woke up in Bravehoofs arms, at his quizzical look she told him what she saw. "Brave, I think there's more to this than we think.."
  13. @Repsol Well, I used to own a clinic up in Manehattan, but it was destroyed in a fire.. I lost a lot of animals that day, and it broke my heart.. The police thought that it was on purpose, that someone destroyed it intentionally.. She sniffled, trying to block out the horrible memories. So I moved my practice to a safer area, I'm here in Canterlot, the people are so nice, and the animals are even sweeter, even Celestia herself visits from time to time.. I've been here for a year now, and I love it. You know I actually had a full conversation with a pony I didn't know, his dog swallowed some marbles, but yea! Sorry I'm getting excited. They reached the pond and she stood by the waters edge beside Repsol.
  14. @Repsol Wow, that's amazing, I'm so proud of you.. I actually went to college and got my degree in Veterinary Sciences, so I take care of a bunch of animals.. It's a good job, I don't have to see a lot of people everyday so I'm definitely loving it. She turned down the little path that would take them to the pond. It is nice seeing you again, I forgot how fun you were to talk to..
  15. @Repsol (( you're fine, I've been away too )) Smiling at Repsol, she trotted out of the shop and into the snow. So, where have you been all these years? she asked him timidly as they were around a few people and she didn't want a lot of attention to be drawn towards them.