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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics back in 2013. I am currently employed as a Clinical Research Coordinator and will apply to Medical School this Summer. Hopefully, I can get an acceptance to begin in Fall 2019. It has always been my dream to become a Doctor!
  3. Chuckles4lyfe

    General Countries You'd Like To Visit?

    Last Summer was the 1st time that I ever traveled outside of the United States! I got to visit England, France, and Italy and it was absolutely wonderful! I would love to visit the following countries in the near future: Mexico - I love Mexican food and culture. Being from the United States, we don't get to try authentic Mexican food too often, so I would love to get the chance to try all types of moles, sopas, pan dulces, etc... Vietnam - The country my family had to escape following the end of the Vietnam War back in 1975. Even though we've been residing here in the US for more than 40 years, I would like to go back to learn more about my culture and heritage. Japan - 1 of my top travel destinations. Food, anime, manga, and video games are just some of the reasons why I want to visit this beautiful country. Plus it would be really cool to try one of those capsule hotels that I see on Youtube every now and then.
  4. Chuckles4lyfe

    General Who's the most attractive pony

    Probably Starlight, Sunset, and Twilight for me. I just find them all so endearing!
  5. Chuckles4lyfe

    Will The Brony Community Die Out After The Show Ends?

    I don't think the Brony fandom will ever become extinct. But it has certainly dropped off in popularity over time. That's just something that was bound to happen, given how long MLP is still on the air. It's been on tv for more then seven years already! Kids who were born when MLP first aired back in 2010, are now in the 2nd grade ! We are guaranteed 2 more seasons of Pony goodness to bring the season total to 9. I don't know many children's cartoon shows that have made it up to 9 seasons without dropping massively in quality (i'm looking at you Spongebob ).
  6. Chuckles4lyfe

    General How Tall Are You?

    I am 6'0" or 183 cm and am pretty tall for my race. I can probably kiss my dreams of being 6'3" goodbye since I just turned 24 years old a week ago .
  7. Chuckles4lyfe

    General How do I tell my parents that I'm a brony?

    It shouldn't be a big deal telling your parents that you like to watch MLP. It's not life changing like telling them that you did something illegal or are getting married! I've been a brony for 5+ years, and my mom has no issues with me enjoying a show meant for young children.
  8. Chuckles4lyfe

    Sports Who does/has done Karate or any Martial Art.

    I did Karate from age 7-11 and got up to Blue belt in rank. I then switched to Tae-Kwon-Do and did that for 6 years. Me and my 2 brothers all received our 2nd degree black belts before quitting back in 2012. So in total, I did martial arts for about 10 years. I learned great life lessons that I still implement to this day.
  9. Chuckles4lyfe

    General How was Your Christmas

    Christmas was fantastic this year! I bought a Nintendo Switch for my family and we have been enjoying it more than we could have imagined! The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Sonic Mania are just a few of the games that we have been enjoying!
  10. Chuckles4lyfe

    General Jobs

    I've been working as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a University Hospital for nearly 3 years now. Basically, my job consists of following around physicians and enrolling their patients in a multitude of clinical studies that we are conducting. I really enjoy what I do and love interacting with all types of patients. Since I work in a hospital, I need to abide to the "business casual" attire, so sadly no MLP shirts for me. I do have a couple of shirts that I wear around the house every now and then.
  11. Chuckles4lyfe

    How much exercise do you do?

    One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2018 is to be more active. It also helps that I got an Apple Watch for my birthday (thanks Mom!). It holds me accountable, and I make sure to close all of my activity rings everyday if I can. In a given week, I like to run a 5k at least twice a week, lift weights twice a week, and do Yoga for 1.5 hours. Any type of physical activity is a great way to de-stress and be healthy!
  12. Chuckles4lyfe

    Who was your first ever crush on?

    I had a crush on a girl in the 9th grade. We were in the same P.E. class, and were both the same race and ethnicity (which was a bit uncommon since there were not many people of my ethnicity at my school). She was dating someone else at the time, so I did not approach her.
  13. Chuckles4lyfe


    Between Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, I gotta give it to the Dew. I don't normally drink sodas, but Pepsi has always been my favorite .
  14. Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well and are looking forward to the movie in a couple of weeks! It's definitely been a while since I posted on the forums here. There is something that I have been meaning to get off my chest these past couple of months. After the midseason break, I have been unable to get myself to watch new episodes of My Little Pony. This has never happened to me before. I began watching MLP back in 2012, and would always catch new episodes the Saturday it came out. I never missed an episode of Season 3, 4, 5, 6, and the 1st half of season 7. The last episode that I watched was episode 10 (A Royal Problem) and I enjoyed it immensely! I loved Starlight, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna in that episode. Glimmy has even overtaken Rainbow Dash as my all time favorite character in the entire show! Yet for some reason, I seemed to have lost that excitement I used to get when viewing a new episode. Don't get me wrong, I still love FIM. I have posters, plushies, t-shirts, music, you name it. I used to look forward to viewing new episodes of Pony as soon as the weekend hit. I don't want to get to the point where I look at it as another task I need to do to check off my "to-do list" for the day. I haven't reached that point yet, but I feel it approaching quickly. I have been in the fandom for nearly 5 1/2 years. Maybe a part of it is due to fatigue and just "growing out" of the series. This is where you guys come in. Has anyone experienced something similar to this before? How have you guys stayed engaged and excited over all of these years? Any tips and advice you guys are willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it.
  15. Chuckles4lyfe

    S07:E10 - A Royal Problem

    Wow... simply stunning. I haven't been left this blown away since Season 6's "The Saddle Row Review". I am happy to see that an overwhelming majority of us enjoyed it (86% Love rating must be a new record or something ). I really have to commend MLP for still finding ways to surprise me after nearly 7 years on the air. Lewis and Songco have really hit a home run with this episode. To me, this is the best episode of season 7 and definitely in the top 10 of all time! I definitely need to rewatch this episode a couple more times before I even begin to formulate my thoughts and opinions.