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  1. PoniesPlease

    Do you love or hate your parents?

    I read the title of this thread and my eyes opened wide, a look of shock creeping across my face. My father died when I was 6, and though I have very sporadic and fleeting memories of him, I am told every day that I'm so much like him. It's unbearable to hear sometimes. My mother is an absolute legend, end of story. I love her dearly, and as for my father, I treasure any memory i can find in my mind, and any physical memories too. I find the concept of hating one's parents to be simply unfathomable. Then again, I consider hate to be at the end of a very broad spectrum.
  2. PoniesPlease

    Which Generation of Gaming is better?

    I have to agree with you here. I don't want to go all 'Master Race', but the reason I play PC is so I can trawl through Steam and find neat (and more importantly, cheap) games that break the stereotypes perpetuated by the triple A part of the industry today.
  3. PoniesPlease

    Which Generation of Gaming is better?

    I'm firmly of the opinion that, as the industry has boomed, so too has the need for financially lucrative games. As hardware increases, so too are the limitations lessened on what we as designers can create. The only problem is that, as I mentioned earlier regarding money in games, developers are relying more on tried and true designs for their games, in turn, stifling their creativity. My point being that newer generations have the benefit of better hardware, and thus more possibilities, but previous generations were truly creative in terms of the style of games being made.
  4. PoniesPlease

    What's the scariest animal?

    http://justingregg.com/the-dolphin-rape-myth/ I'm just going to leave this here.
  5. I might be late to the party, but this needs to be said. I would go to Drangleic.
  7. PoniesPlease

    Have you ever flamed someone for disliking MLP?

    Who did the "No, because they flamed me first" option? YOU, SIR/MADAM ARE A LEGEND
  8. PoniesPlease

    What do you think about Finland?

    The language. I'm sure Finnish has thirteen words for one thing.
  9. PoniesPlease

    An Openly Gay Character on MLP

    How about, reveal a characters sexuality if it is a plot point. If there's a show about gay people, then it's prudent to have a gay character. If the show isn't about sexuality, then don't reveal the characters' sexualities at all! It isn't necessary. Apologies if this is worded weirdly, it's really late and I'm incredibly tired.
  10. PoniesPlease

    which country will start world war 3

    The USA will turn it into a hot war, but they will have no choice due to Russia and China attacking them with espionage. They'll be made out into villains, when they really act out of necessity. I've still got my writing cap on haven't I?
  11. PoniesPlease

    Gaming Best Stories in Games

    I'm surprised no one's saying Metal Gear. The storytelling of that series is beyond comparison.
  12. PoniesPlease

    Technology Designing the gaming watch!

    Aren't all geniuses slightly crazy? I wouldn't even know where to start with all this stuff.
  13. PoniesPlease

    What do YOU Think of School?

    I don't think you quite understood my point.
  14. PoniesPlease

    What do YOU Think of School?

    Maybe because most kids don't have a solid idea of what they want to do in the future? If your idea was reality, there'd be a remarkable number of applicants to Astronaut school.
  15. PoniesPlease

    Technology Designing the gaming watch!

    You know what I think? I think that you're a freaking genius for even trying this.