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  1. Another great episode! Season 4 is well on it's way to being my favorite thus far. Did the episode have superior writing? Probably not, and I'm sure there were plotholes a plenty, but it was a well-made episode that capture my attention wholeheartedly. Alot of nostalgia too considering how Faust had worked on The Powerpuff Girls way back when ( of which this episode reminded me of quite a bit). The moral of the story was a bit meh, and while I'm very quickly growing tired of the whole "Spike feels unimportant" niche the writers are falling into, the episode was enjoyable enough in content
  2. Another thing to point out about the Season 4 opener: It takes place exactly one year (canonically) after the first episode! After all, this is the first Summer Sun Celebration after Luna's return (or at least that's the vibe I got from some of Celestia's lines).
  3. I wouldn't care, but I don't see it happening either. Twilight made sense (kind of). Being the protege of the highest authority in the kingdom sort of implies that the protege will eventually take over the master's responsibilities (or in this case, share them). However, none of the other ponies have any direct connection to either of the royal sisters, and the only one remotely close to that dream is Rarity, who has once or twice expressed the desire to become royalty (but not an alicorn specifically). While it may make sense if the Mane 6 eventually go on to replace Celestia and Luna
  4. Contrary to what I said before I'm calling it now: The box contains nothing, but the trails and hardships the Mane 6 will face to obtain the six keys will inevitably bring them closer together as friends, and they will realize they do not need to rely on the Elements of Harmony to overcome obstacles or threats presented to them. Upon this revelation, the Mane 6 will find a way to defeat the bad guy of the season finale, and Twilight will overcome her season-long anxiety about becoming distant from her friends simply because she is a princess now.
  5. My money is on it being something makes the Mane 6 "even" again. Considering how much the show staff has been arguing against the claims that it is going to become the "Princess Twilight Show", I can only imagine it's wings and horns for everyone, or (very unlikely) a way for Twilight to become a Unicorn again. Perhaps they'll all get Alicorn "power-up forms"? It could also be a new set of elements, though. Whatever it is, I imagine the threat for the finale will need to be pretty big in order to justify a whole-season-long story arc focusing on the box and it's contents.
  6. I believe either Applejack or Rarity called it a "Cragodile". A fitting name if you ask me.
  7. I gotta say, I was skeptical towards Season 4, but after seeing what I think are two of the better written episodes so far, I think I'll stick around a bit longer. I can't wait to see what they do now that they've gotten rid of the show's "get out of jail free card".
  8. Rarity, without a shadow of a doubt. The other members of the Mane 6 are likable in their own ways, but Rarity has a special charm and uniqueness to her that I don't feel any other character on the show has been able to match. Not mention she's had all the best songs and she steals the spotlight almost everytime. Rarity is best pony.
  9. According to a tweet from Meghan McCarthy, there will probably be an episode in which two of Tabitha St. Germain's characters interact quite a bit. My money is on a Rarity/Luna episode.
  10. I topped out my stock Jetta TDI at roughly 110MPH last summer and held that speed for a solid 10 seconds or so. I would've pushed it further, but the car just couldn't possibly go faster. I'm luck the state trooper I flew by didn't decide to chase me. I should say that what I did was very dangerous and stupid, and I would advise everyone else to stay off of open roads if you plan on driving that quickly. Do it on the track, or not at all. EDIT : Fastest in a non-gasoline Car! Yay!
  11. That'll probably happen before all three get their cutie marks, but I still don't see it happening in Season 4. I'm almost willing to bet money on it.
  12. There are still plenty of stories that can be told without any of the Crusaders getting their marks. My Little Pony is Hasbro's flagship brand, so Meghan and her team at DHX are in it for the long run. It's not that I don't want the CMC to get their Cutie Marks, I just don't see it happening anytime soon. :/
  13. CMC will probably only get their marks temporarily like in The Cutie Pox. I really doubt they'd close off that many story opportunities for the CMC until the very last season of Friendship is Magic.
  14. Meh, I'm indifferent about Princess Twilight. I don't see why she was ever made a princess at all (outside of toy promotion). Celestia clearly does not need a successor, given that she is pressumably immortal, and even if she croaked, she has Luna would is very nearly just as immortal and just as old and wise. The method of becoming a princess wasn't presented well enough in the show for me to care about her "achievement" either. If princesses are just the masters of a specific thing (Friendship, Love, the Sun, the Moon) can we infer there are princesses of things like cooking, gardening,
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