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  1. Animae chuckled happily "You're hot when you're angry." he smiled "Did you replace the vinyls with some better ones?" he smiled, knowing she wouldn't fail. "Yeah, you did, I trust you. Now, let's figure out how best to use this pile of manure they call music. What do you think?"
  2. Anyone receive the introduction letter from mail mare again? I did and I've been here nearly a year now.

  3. Animae laughed happily. This was giving him one hell of a rush. He shouted back at the DJ, insulting every good band under the sun. He wondered whether Gilda was doing her part or if she was just sat back, watching him get in trouble. Well whatever, this was fun. The thought of Gilda watching him only exhilarated him.
  4. Animae waits until David Pownies' 30 seconds to equestria stopped playing then barraged the DJ with tomatoes gotten from nowhere "YOUR MUSIC SUCKS!". He ran away laughing as the DJ chased after him, wondering whether Gilda would do her part and how he'd meet up with her.
  5. //That's okay mah friend\\ Animae laughs, "After you then, you're the master at this" he smiles widely which had to be hard with a beak. His wings twitched, begging to be spread out in her presence and his long snake-like tail wagged gently, tickling random ponies
  6. Animae smiles widely "Now that's the spirit. Hmmmm.. we could sneak into the staff areas.... Get the captain drunk.... Hrmmm We're going to have to improvise, unless you've got anything on you we can use. I came a little unprepared" he laughs, thoroughly loosening up towards her, though still with a slight awkward air around him.
  7. I get the feeling that they're going to pull this one off epicly and exceed all of our expectations by miles. I want to see it but I'm British so I'll have to wait for the dvds. Also relevant, the human seen getting a hug from twilight rather looks a lot like my oc humanised. Yay
  8. Animae blushes and laughs heartily. "I should have known better than that." he says, guiding her over the dance floor with a mischievous look in his eyes. "Why don't we cause some chaos for this little get together? I reckon that's more your speed" he smiles widely
  9. Animae smiles softly and hugs her tighter as they moved across the dance floor. He was glad that no one had noticed that they weren't meant to be here. He talks to her, telling her about his life in detail, trying to gloss over it a little, make it a little bit more exciting. "your turn" he chuckles.
  10. "Okay, sorry that I fail so hard" he says, trying a bit of self deprivating humour. "We've been flying, we've been dancing for ages now. I'm kinda out of ideas" he confesses "I don't think your the type to sit down and tell me all about yourself but we could try that if you like" He says, holding her claw gently as to stop her from hitting him again. He puts a claw on her shoulder and begins the dance again, waiting for her judgement.
  11. Animae chirps in surprise. It washard to tell whether she was happy or angry or just messing him about. Her beak felt good though and he wondered what a full blown kiss would feel like. The thought makes him blush thoroughly and he stutters "I uh... sorry.... would you like me to get you some punch?" as long as it wasn't spiked, he reckoned he could smooth things over and maybe get a kiss for his troubles.
  12. Soooooo are we just leaving this thing to die? Just seems a shame, you're a very good writer. You've impressed me and I have high standards.
  13. I'm bad at coming up with poses but the sun setting sounds nice. Thanks for being awesome and drawing this for me. Your art is absolutely amazing
  14. Holy mother Amaterasu your art is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see a request from you. What I'd like to see is my oc with fluttershy. Cute / romantic style. Please? Reference;
  15. Would it be possible to get a picture of my oc Umbra giving fluttershy a kiss? If not, I don't mind but if you could that would be wonderbar Reference;
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