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  1. 487494 Rising! You ninja'd me!
  2. Just finished a Chrono Trigger re-play. Man, that game never gets old. Going for all the endings now, for the first time.

  3. She wasn't important from birth, though, the way Flurry Heart was. And, no matter how you slice it, she wasn't born in to royalty and seemingly marked for greatness from day one like Flurry Heart, either.
  4. No. I don't like the idea of Twilight's pupil being anyone who was important beforehand; Twilight wasn't, after all. It's a better story if she's a regular pony, unrelated to anyone else.
  5. your PFP looks good!

    Who doesn't love Sombra!
    even Shining and Cady have trouble

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    2. Sherbie


      Who's the artist?

    3. Callisto


      The artist's DA is linked in my about, actually, but here's the direct link to the post.

    4. Sherbie



  6. Oh, hey, I should add my favorite episodes of seasons 8 and 9 now! 8: Surf and/or Turf, Horse Play, The Parent Map, The Mean 6, The Hearth's Warming Club, On The Road To Friendship, The Washouts, What Lies Beneath, Sounds of Silence 9: The Beginning of the End, Frenemies, Student Counsel, The Last Crusade, Between Dark and Dawn, A Trivial Pursuit, The Summer Sun Setback, She Talks To Angel, A Horse Shoe-In, The Big Mac Question, The Ending of the End, The Last Problem There's more here than the other seasons...maybe it's recency bias, maybe I got less conservative with what episodes I considered favorites, who knows?
  7. 484740 I've got more where that came from!