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  1. True, but you can nitpick at anything. Isn't this whole thread counter-nitpicking? Sure seems like it to me. This is my number 2 favorite episode(s) and no amont of nitpicking from anyone is gonna change that. Also, it is excuseable for me to take that seriously, I was linked there by someone after jokingly claiming their "A Canterlot Wedding episode is horrible" statement was false. I had never used the site previously and didn't plan to even after reading that wall of text. Also, it could seem that you are reaching for solutions just as their reaching for problems.
  2. I'm going to say this, I loved A Canterlot Wedding, but that doesn't make them good episodes. Since I'm too lazy to explain why it isn't good, someone at Animation Fixation wrote an article on it. If you think it was good that will explain why some feel it isn't. I enjoyed the episode and it still is in my top ten. I thought it was the best so when someone linked me to that it comepletely changed my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so on every side there is evidence that proves it's good or isn't. I just feel the argument to this side carry more wait to them.
  3. It's 3 o' clock and I'm still not sleepy, I'm am so screwed when I go to school in the morning.

    1. MrJK


      I know that feel bro.

  4. I loved this episode. Four songs and a brand new vilian pretty much made this the best episode ever in my eyes...then I read a blog on Animation Fixation and realized how flawed the episode was. The really cool bit is that even the episode has huge plot holes, bland characters(Shining Armor and Cadance to be exact), a broken aesop, and that ending, it's still just as awesome, probally thanks to how awesome the queen changeling was. It was fun, but not exactly "good". Still in my top 3 however.
  5. Well, back when I got my first issue of gameinformer in late 2011 the most memorable feedback letter was this guy raging about how gameinformer called MLP frilly. Me and my mom had a good laugh for this one. Other than that, didn't really enconter much of the fandom other than the occaissional random excert from the show on youtube. I didn't really see the whole "bronies invading the interwebz" thing people were talking about so I was more or less neutral. I do remember the Elder Scrolls VI: Equestria video that pretty much made me a brony.
  6. For me, I just relax and respond with a "You're entitled to your opinion" post. Then, they either back off and go on about there business or resort name calling. If they opt for the later, I usually make a sarcastic response that turns into an argument. I love debates, and seeing their CAPSLOCK rage or senseless argument is always comedic. If they try to get reactions out of me, they fail. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on their failed trolling attempts:
  7. Never show these to them first. Green isn't your color Look before you sleep Friendship is magic Bridle gossip Call of the cutie Siuted for success Feeling pinkie keen The cutie pox Sweet and eliete Baby cakes Hearth's warming eve Hearts and Hooves day Dragon quest Sisterhoove Social I would say: A Canterlot Wedding Return of Harmony The Crystal Empire The two parters have been known for bad writing(to me at least) but if their a brony hater they definity won't be able to figure that out. Some of these work too Sonic Rainboom Wonderbolt Academy Sleepless in ponyville Magic Duel It's about Time(haven't seen it though I here it's good) Hurricane Fluttershy(maybe, maybe not) Read it and weap May the best pet win(maybe) Luna Eclipsed Lesson Zero Party of one Winter Wrap-up(maybe) Griffon the brush-off Applebusk season(maybe, haven't seen it in a while though) For me I watched all the episodes in order. I was hooked before I finished the pilot, but that's probally because I researched why people like it, and went in with a extremely open mind. The fact that millions like the show should be enough to get them to watch 2 or 3 episodes. Chose wisely and there bound to at least respect you.
  8. A Canterlot Wedding was great but horribly written. Return of Harmony wasn't that great, especially if you take away Discord. Humanity is screwed. Aliens don't give a crap about us. I am a idiot. Derpy Hooves should have gone a long time ago. Cupcakes was awesome. Obama isn't a cool guy. I hate Facebook. Rainbow Dash isn't really cool. I love arguments. I think the government is using Area 51 to hide area 51. I wish I still liked Pokémon. Everything needs inprovement. Thats all for now.
  9. Been a bit inactive lately, trying to get back to posting on the forums.

  10. First off thank you for pointing that I was "launching a personal attack" or whatever, I wasn't trying to be rude but I was tired of responding to post that were, in my opinion, being rude. Sorry for being rude. Second off, the reason why I thought you hadn't read any of the earlier post was because it almost seems as though you were pointing out the same thing as other people. ( you weren't but I'd bet your propose was the same) Yes your point still stands, but so does mine "It's nothing new to this thread". Third off, looking back it could be easy to miss the point of me saying lurk more, so my point of that was me assuming you didn't read my earlier post. It's an easy mistake to make. Posting your time online and date joined mean you certainly didn't know I mean't on this thread and NOT on on the forums. Fourth off, I became a brony 2 weeks ago not two years ago. In my book it's not a good idea to assume everyone actually has had experience with haters, or been on the community months before becoming a brony, or actually think this is newsworthy ( I certainlly don't) There's at least some mis understanding in these post The main point that I trying to make here is that I don't care. It wasn't your intention but your post almost seems like a personal attack on me, I understand that your just doing your job but really my signature isn't supposed to be a joke: I apologize if I was rude in this post but I haven't had any experience talking with people in real life or on the internet anyway.
  11. Happy end of the world everypony.

  12. The whole world ending thing doesn't add up. 1. Mayans didn't have leap years, so the long count calender is invalid. 2. NASA said there were treats from space, so there are no there treats from space 3. I say the world won't end and therefor all opposing point are invalid. 5. The world is awesome; awesome doesn't end If the world did end though, I would say it would end because somepony(presumably anonymous) hacks the whole interweb, the UN decides to shut it down, people start rioting all over the world, the rapture happens, everypony that didn't get raptured go into underground bunkers, aliens come and nuke the world, then a Rage/Fallout/Metro/Last of Us/Resident Evil style post apocalyptic scenario takes place, then you wake up. /end sarcam In 2 hours the people saying the world end will look like idiots.
  13. Just finished watching the "Hearts and Hooves Day" episode, while my step-dad and my mom were arguing again, how so ironic :)

  14. Time to relax, watch some pony on YouTube, and anticipate the (not) end of the world. :)

  15. I just turned on ads for the MLP Forums and one popped up saying 3 people just unfriended you, that gave me a small scare :)