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  1. Sun

    S03:E13 - Magical Mystery Cure

    In my opinion, this episode honestly made me really sad. I mean sure, it was happy that Twilight was made Princess/Alicorn but really? I could only imagine her friends thinking that Twilight would be too busy for them or something. I don't know why.. I just feel sad. It would have been better if they ALL got to be the princesses. Don't you think?
  2. Sun

    Coming back!

    Thanks everyone! It means so much to me that you all care! Nice to know that I'm welcomed back.
  3. Sun

    Coming back!

    I just might be coming back from a long time of quitting the site. I've just been really busy so hopefully I'll be back soon. c:
  4. I would just show my parents a few episodes and ask them what they think. If they still hate the idea, why not try showing a rating on the show, for example how many people your age and gender watch it, compared to little girls. It might help.
  5. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    Impersonator of you? Naw' I'm Vinyl Scratch. I'm the real deal.
  6. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    Doesn't matter to me!
  7. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    Well sure! What do you wanna do? Oh I know! Jump in leaves, cuz' its FALL! c:
  8. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    Nope! Whats up?
  9. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    It has been awhile. I've been SOOO busy.. *sigh*. I like it very much... ;)
  10. No one's posted since summer! What's going on? Are you guys loosing interest, because I'm the last one whose posted, and am waiting for someone to reply....
  11. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    WELL. Only for 24 hours. It's my baby.
  12. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    Well.. I really haven't thought about either of those before, because I only really listen to a certain genre, so I sorta' don't pay attention to the rest.
  13. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    Why thank you!
  14. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    YES. I LOVE WAFFLES. c: Yeah, it was super awesome.
  15. Sun

    Ask Vinyl Scratch!

    The second Daring Doo movie! Sure! *glomps!* Oh. Hm.