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  1. Best Pony

    What questions would you ask Twilight?

    yes, snuggle away! In Equestria dealing with Equestrian magic. Don't know where human starlight is though. I didn't eat anything in Equestria Girls 3 and returned quickly after my trip. Two faces of GWB. I'm more familiar with the topic. Twilight didn't travel across time in Equestria Girls 3. Maaaaaybe She's a good friend
  2. Twilight Sparkle returns to Equestria after her brief appearance in the Friendship Games to deliver her lecture: Twilight: And this was the strangest thing that's ever happened to me! What questions would you ask Twilight for this lecture?
  3. Hasbro said they're committed to Equestria Girls until 2017 like My Little Pony. Of course, this will depend on toy sales. For closure, I'd want to see the Equestria Girls cross into the portal to Meet with the Mane 6 in Equestria.and vice versa. Seeing Rainbow, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack cope with hooves/hands on either side would be hilarious like Twilight.
  4. Best Pony

    Spoiler Equestria Girls Friendship games ENDING

    Ending was better than previous Equestria Girls movies. Hasbro said they're committed to Equestria Girls until 2017+, It depends on toy sales according to an insider source.
  5. Best Pony

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Hasbro's attempt to market Celestia with a pretty mane using dark magic after this:
  6. Best Pony

    Epic Pony Pictures

    Best Pony Twilight Sparkle has the best fire :3
  7. Best Pony

    Andrea Libman's Drawing

    Does anyone have a photo of Andrea Libman's drawing at BronyCAN? It was at her desk when she was signing autographs with the caption "Andrea can't draw" but it looked kinda sweet. I haven't been able to find it on a photo. Voice actresses drawing their characters are neat.
  8. Best Pony

    Thanks everypony

    It was fun to see you all and register you all. Only wish was that I could stay longer. BronyCAN will be the friendship that ties us and it's magic will come back next year
  9. Best Pony

    BronyCAN Meetup Thread

    I am 99% sure I'll be going.
  10. I just rewatched it. Although there are hallway scenes, Twilight never extends her wings in those scenes. So after rewatched EQG and MMC, I have yet to find this scene myself. I'll let others try and find this and identify the time stamp it occurs before I'll confirm this as season 4 material.
  11. I found it on the Hub's website. I've watched Magical Mystery Cure and Equestria Girls but it doesn't look familiar to me. Does this look familiar to anyone else?
  12. Twilight Sparkle gave Rarity wings in the 1st Season. She flies with them and uses them to strut her stuff without any effort or visible learning. Yet, nobody remembers Season 1?
  13. Best Pony

    The international release is "ruthless"

    You do realize how Hasbro operates in other countries? Hasbro licenses their shows and basically sells them to other TV channels around the world according to contracts. Since these are other companies that are giving Hasbro money, not Hasbro giving them money, Hasbro will try to sell the show on the best terms for the other TV Channels themselves. It's really your local international tv channels that are not airing the seasons early enough.
  14. Best Pony

    Box Office Estimates?

    As an update on this topic: It seems that Equestria Girls was so successful that theaters are demanding more showings: I think this is good news for MLP movies. If the first one did great then we can surely expect more movies!
  15. Best Pony

    Best Song in EG?

    I thought all the songs (Strange World, Helping Twilight Win The Crown, This is Our Big Night Parts 1 & 2, A Friend for Life) were top notch compared to the ones in the show. Either that or I can remember them all. The intro theme was awesome too. I think it could have been because all VAs were singing in them and also Twi's singing VA was great in Strange World.