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    Halo, Air-soft, Guns, Auto mechanics, Metal Building, Wood building, PVC stuffs, Fixing things, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (of course), The Internets, Horror Movies, Zombies, Cheesy Movies, Dr. Who, Automobiles, Tanks, Armored Vehicular Autos, Muffins, Team Fortress 2, The Half-life Series, Counter Strike, Portal, The Doom Series, and God Knows What Else!!

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  1. sorry about being gone so long! I was out doing family things and just wasn't able to get on

  2. I got 100 warning points for not reaching the 100 character minimum... :( what do those do?

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    2. Derpy Hoovess

      Derpy Hoovess

      Oh thank you! I couldn't find a page that would tell me what they did

    3. Retro*Derpy


      T is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. But get too much warning points you will start getting banned.

    4. Derpy Hoovess

      Derpy Hoovess

      Ok, i thought the houndered character minimum went away when i got to muffin status! I guess I need to read those more carefully...

  3. Derpy Hoovess

    The "Apocalypse"

  4. Always check e-bay for these sorts of things, that is most likely the best place to look for rare anythings, especially derpy stuff
  5. I think it looks great! It has a nice cartoonish look to it (which i personally like) The eyes and the hind legs seem just a bit off, but in all i think it's great!
  6. Are they really removing derpy for good this time?!?! D:

    1. Derpy Hoovess

      Derpy Hoovess

      I mean, all the stuff I'm finding about her removal is from "The Last Round Up", otherwise i don't believe shes leaving us anytime soon

    2. Vaporeon


      Uhgg do people really believe that Reddit thing? It was just someone trolling for the lolz. Derpy is going to be fine.

    3. Derpy Hoovess

      Derpy Hoovess

      See that's exactly what I thought!

  7. Well i need to head off, see yous guys tomorrow!

  8. Hello random user to friend me :) I hope you have a nice time here. This is my first forum too :)

    1. Derpy Hoovess

      Derpy Hoovess

      That's awesome! I figured i might as well just add ponies even though i don't know them... easy way to make friends!

  9. Well I'm kinda excited about this, I've finally joined my first forum!