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  1. I actually kinda like G1. Don't judge it till you watch episode 1.

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    2. Goodra


      XD, I actually just watched that ep.

    3. Goodra


      It's called "Flower Fugitive."

    4. Oblivion


      Happy Birthday bro!!!..XD

  2. Am I the only brony that dislikes Discoshy (Fluttercord)?

    1. Kagamine Rin

      Kagamine Rin

      I Hate that ship.

      Fluttershy gets BEEPEEPED in the maze made me vomit all over my computer -_-

  3. College is great so far.

  4. My mom just watched the first episode of MLP, she still doesn't quite get the fandom but she said she will watch one ep a day.

  5. Goodra

    Gaming Pikmin 3

    Just beat it, it took 41 in-game days but I did it with all the suit upgrades and plenty of Pikmin and fruit juices to spare. Anyone else beat it? If so, post how many days it took.
  6. My mom is about to watch my "Equestria Girls" DVD because she was curious about the fandom.

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    2. ProjectRKA
    3. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)

      She's learning about the fandom through a spin-off? *facehoof*

    4. Goodra


      I redirected her to youtube where she's currently watching the first ep.

  7. Who else picked up "Equestria Girls" today?

  8. Just bought "Equestria Girls" at Walmart.

  9. Looks like the Equestria Girls DVD is out, TO WALMART/TARGET/BESTBUY!!! :D

  10. Just picked up "Pikmin 3" at Gamestop, amazing game so far!!

  11. Bought the Isabelle hat for my Streetpass Mii Plaza person :3

  12. The 4 new "Streetpass MiiPlaza" games, specifically, Warrior's way. Thanks for the tips tho. I think I'll try to bring it on my jogs.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I'm a really healthy guy (I go for jogs and work out almost everyday), but I find t inconvenient to take my 3DS with me on walks. This is because it takes up too much space in my pocket, I don't want to loose it, and I don't want it to get stolen. Thankfully, Ive thought of a method of getting "play coins" without having to go on walks: What I need is a device with a small table (big enough to put my 3DS on) that ascends and descends over and over again at any speed. Does anyone know where I could find such a device? Or if anyone else has any other ideas? Thanks in
  14. Bought all 4 of the new 3DS Streetpass games in the bundle! My favorite so far is a tie between "Warrior's Way" and "Mii Force."

    1. SPLinux


      I need to pick those up sometime, so excited about pikmin 3 lately that i forgot about those lol.

    2. Goodra


      Same, It's about time they made another Pikmin!! Also, the new streetpass games are software so they're only available as DLC.

  15. Ugh, why do people say micro instead of microwave...

    1. Akemi Homura

      Akemi Homura

      For the same reason they call an AK-47 a "K".

  16. Wish I could dance like this:

    1. Stellafera


      So much swag I can't even


    1. Sir.Flutter Hooves

      Sir.Flutter Hooves

      This is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen...

    2. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      what the fuck that's fucking scary haha xD

  18. Bean is best titan.

  19. Anypony know how to not crave sweets anymore?

    1. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92


    2. Sugar Cube

      Sugar Cube

      Yeah, you just eat 'em!

    3. Radiance64


      No idea, I need the candy.

  20. Just watched episode 14 of "Attack on Titan," LOVING THE NEW OPENING TUNE! Eeyup!

  21. At my funeral I want there to be a piñata so that people will be happy............ but filled with bees so they're not too happy...

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