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    It's better to Help and regret than not and regret.
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    I guess this is the part where I put my likes and dislikes, huh?

    Likes: Octavia, Twilight Sparkle, Gaming of any kind, Ponies, Fan music, J-Pop, Anime, Boursin Cheese (Love it actually), How I met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Physics, Christopher Moore, Cats, long walks on the beach, piano, and cello.

    Dislikes: Modern day music (Except for fun and mumford and sons), Doushers, Judging a book by its cover, that little kid on COD, Caramel, White boys trying to be gangster, pointless debates, and boy bands.

    So you know if you think we can be chill add me! or hit me up on xbl, (DerpLordSnuffy)


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