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  1. Pony Gangnam Style!

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    2. DeepImpact


      Then why do you reply?

    3. TheBronyHeart


      I was a bit frustrated... even before I saw your post, soory, nevermind... =(

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      Fleet Admiral Dash


      Its okay to have links on your profile or in chats and PMs. Enjoy! hehehehehe

  2. Thanks for subbing! It really means a lot to me! P.S. Your videos are awesome and hilarious! @General Chaserman, I just removed the channel link. Thanks for the advice. LOL, Thanks for the welcome, and have a merry christmas! Ho Ho Ho!
  3. Hey, guys! I'm new here, and so I just feel happy to join this great community! I do have a youtube page, my username is DeepImpactGroups. I regularly make Minecraft Videos, but I don't know if I'm good at them!