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  1. going in 15minutes, so bye for then

    1. Digiral


      See you later xD

  2. i am so depresed

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    2. Digiral


      I guess no, but it's his own update , so he have right to do whatever he want with update 9.6

    3. chattydash


      i can not, i have not got any ep's

    4. Digiral


      Seriously ? Just download it with YouTube downloader dude!!!

  3. do you get withdrawal symptomes? do you do hoofstands? do you eat ALL of the apple inclueding the core! (do you like all apples inclueding crab apples)
  4. no lessons all day now, yay!

  5. if think you have miss understod me i do not what the xscale function is a side scroler so it is only going left to right not up and down i shoul of made this clear plus those codes are use to stop the image jumping back e.g i move right with out these codes it jumps back to left my starting frame this is so it stays right or left and it is in diffrent movements ok i will show you what it is heres the link:
  6. going to lesson

    1. MuLeKsI
    2. chattydash


      i did, no lessons all day now, yay!

  7. hay want to talk?

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    2. chattydash


      no, make me!

    3. Up From The Ashes

      Up From The Ashes

      The shed is where you can craft fantastic weaponry.


    4. chattydash
  8. milk from a cow of course (A COW NOT A HORSE i am looking at you tesco) and chocolate but you get my point yeh but milk is nice good for the bones
  9. so bored i need help with flash as2 damn it i had it working new code and broke it damn help

  10. hay going to class in a bit

  11. @Swick no just the shift key to move left to right i have a mc with 16 frames all the even frames have movements on them and all the odd frames have it idle and it is left,left,right,right ect.. so frame1 stand left - frame2 walk left frame3 stand right - frame4 walk right frame5 stand left - frame6 fly left frame7 stand right - frame8 fly right frame9 stand left - frame10 flyfast left frame11 stand right - frame12 flyfast right frame13 stand left - frame14 dash left frame15 stand right - frame16 dash right this is what the standing frames are for if(_root.direction == "right"){ this.gotoAndStop(3) } if(_root.direction == "left"){ this.gotoAndStop(1) if(_root.direction == "right"){ this.gotoAndStop(7) } if(_root.direction == "left"){ this.gotoAndStop(5) }}}}}}} ok is this in as3 or 2 i am useing 2 so change the fames to the numbers i have and thefirst bit of code is the vars ok you have done the code but the left and right are the same code when they should be diffrent i will see if i can work with this plus do i have to put these vars on the MC iswell as the varable frame not in the mc
  12. bye see you tomorow

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    2. Leatherbehlt


      Bi bi beautiful.

    3. Sky Warden

      Sky Warden

      See tomorrow you bye. I-I think I need to sleep as well.

    4. Digiral


      what time in your country sky ?