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    ponys, rainbowdash, pegasus, sifi, mlp fim, cmc, music, makeing games (mlp related sometimes) useing flash, comady movies.

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  1. chattydash

    MLP-Induced habits

    do you get withdrawal symptomes? do you do hoofstands? do you eat ALL of the apple inclueding the core! (do you like all apples inclueding crab apples)
  2. if think you have miss understod me i do not what the xscale function is a side scroler so it is only going left to right not up and down i shoul of made this clear plus those codes are use to stop the image jumping back e.g i move right with out these codes it jumps back to left my starting frame this is so it stays right or left and it is in diffrent movements ok i will show you what it is heres the link:
  3. chattydash

    What type of Milk do you drink

    milk from a cow of course (A COW NOT A HORSE i am looking at you tesco) and chocolate but you get my point yeh but milk is nice good for the bones
  4. @Swick no just the shift key to move left to right i have a mc with 16 frames all the even frames have movements on them and all the odd frames have it idle and it is left,left,right,right ect.. so frame1 stand left - frame2 walk left frame3 stand right - frame4 walk right frame5 stand left - frame6 fly left frame7 stand right - frame8 fly right frame9 stand left - frame10 flyfast left frame11 stand right - frame12 flyfast right frame13 stand left - frame14 dash left frame15 stand right - frame16 dash right this is what the standing frames are for if(_root.direction == "right"){ this.gotoAndStop(3) } if(_root.direction == "left"){ this.gotoAndStop(1) if(_root.direction == "right"){ this.gotoAndStop(7) } if(_root.direction == "left"){ this.gotoAndStop(5) }}}}}}} ok is this in as3 or 2 i am useing 2 so change the fames to the numbers i have and thefirst bit of code is the vars ok you have done the code but the left and right are the same code when they should be diffrent i will see if i can work with this plus do i have to put these vars on the MC iswell as the varable frame not in the mc
  5. chattydash

    Searching Slice of Life: Canterlot

    @Nightfall Can i join please. I will play as Chattydash, you can call him Chatty for short. One question. Do we have to reply to this RP frequently because I can not reply on weekends. Ok I will give a sample of an RP now. Chattydash walked into the room, with A bounce in his trot. Chatty: "Hay Sky! What are you up to, whatever it is stop! Look at this". Chatty pulled out A new book he just bought. Sky: "What book is that"? Chatty: Chatty looked surprised. "It is the book of how to through an epic party". He shouted with A smile. Sky: "So when are you, throughing this epic party then, chatty?" Sky said sarcasticly. Knowing what Chatty was going to say. Chatty: "TONIGHT!!!". Chatty yelled animatedly. I made it up, I hope it is good. Is my grammer better now. I do try my best.
  6. chattydash

    Searching Slice of Life: Canterlot

    @Nightfall can i join please, i will play as chattydash, you can call him chatty for short. one question do we have to reply to this RP frequently because i can not reply on weekends. ok i will give a sample of a RP now. chattydash walked into the room, with a bounce in his trot. chatty: "hay sky, what are you up to, whatever it is stop, look at this". chatty pulled out, a new book he just bought. sky: "what book is that"? chatty: chatty looked surprised. "it is the book of how to through an epic party". he shouted with a smile. sky: "so when are you throughing this epic party then chatty?" sky said sarcasticly, knowing what chatty, was going to say. chatty: "TONIGHT!!!" chatty yelled animatedly. i made it up i hope it is good
  7. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    yes yes quite a brillent idea indeed we shall call it the gentalcolts charty the moto giving poor ponies the proper ware to be a gentalcolt anypony can be a gentalcolt poor or rich if i do say so myself
  8. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    you should make a gentalcolts topic so we can all sit in bathrobes and smoke pipes (or bubble pipes) and have intelegent convosations yes yes indeed
  9. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    no i am not a gangster and i know i am not hard but i am smart wich matters lol but you are probbly hard but use it for good not bad ok lol
  10. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    swag must destroy swag stupid kids these days use swag as an ecscuse to make them fell hard but when i was 14 (i am 18) it was just to look cool so i hate swag these days but looking awesome is different so maybe a bubble pipe it does look awesome
  11. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    that was quick very quick plus i do not smoke i am the right age but i dont like to only when drunk maybe sorry i should not say stuff like that but any way wow muffin in a short time welldone
  12. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    i thought to mention it because with in 3 days of being on the forum i got in to troubble by accedent they will give you a chance but try not to risk it so yeh not to be all bossy and a buzzkill but it is a good idea too but have fun
  13. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    a blank flank is a new come who has not got there cutimark yet (its a rank) just post 5 things in diffrent topics to become a muffin some topics dont count like forum games and stuff like that a muffin is aloud to make signitures and to post in the roleplay world too after a muffin you become a cupcake and you can do everything then it is 40 posts though a cupcake can post in life advice and can join in on the minecraft server if it is still running i hope this helps good luck plus dont spam i would read the rules first is well
  14. chattydash

    If you could transform into any animal what would it be?

    a dragon prefably hydra or a pegesus if not aloud i would be a paraguin falcon (cant spell) or a komodo dragon hay its a real dragon
  15. chattydash

    Hey Everypony

    hay spec i hope you like it on this forum it is fun and when you become a muffin it opens up and you can do more on the site and after that you become a cupcake everything is open good luck and have fun need help just ask oh my names chattydash by the way but you can call me chatty wel good bye for now see you soon