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  1. The Stranger

    What's your teeth shape?

    Wow, this thread must of stemmed from boredom or something. It's so random. My teeth are shaped like teeth. I use them to munch on rocks sometimes. I prefer gray rocks over any other rock to be honest.
  2. The Stranger

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    My hair is not made of taffy, i swear!
  3. The Stranger

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    okay, who spilled white paint on my face?
  4. The Stranger

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I really need to stop playing so much Fallout.
  5. The Stranger

    Mega Thread Post All of Your Funny Pony Pictures Here!

    They say Sunset Shimmer was the last one standing on the red team. This image was captured by a security camera seconds before the match timer hit zero.
  6. The Stranger

    Post your unpopular opinions

    You're entitled to your opinion so opinion respected.
  7. The Stranger

    Post your unpopular opinions

    Most folks on the internet are fakers. People tend to put on a false identity so folks can like them and honestly, i find it pathetic. When I'm playing TF2 and a brony puts a pornographic spray on a wall I feel myself become a brony hater for a few seconds. Pornograpigc sprays in a game are dumb and make the one spraying them become unlikable. Most Bronies are just as bad as the haters they want dead. Eminem is the only good rapper alive right now. Youtube has one of the worst communities on the internet. I'm referring to the losers that don't upload videos and comment under other videos in hopes of starting a fight.
  8. The Stranger

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I have a soft spot for old-timey music.
  9. The Stranger

    Earth pony magic?

    You know, I've always wondered something. Is the reason why ponies can pick things up with their hooves even though they have no fingers related to magic or is it just the magic of cartoons?
  10. The Stranger

    How did you find this site?

    One night I was traveling the road in my banana car while listening to Midnight City by M83 when suddenly I had the urge for chicken flavored Ramen. I stopped at a traffic light on my way to a stereotypical Ramen shop when suddenly a pink pony with purple swirly eyes and a spiny hat appeared on the hood of my car and said to me in Princess Celestia's voice "To ThE MoOn YuO Go!" She then had a nose bleed since she wasn't suppose to talk and then suddenly I was rocketed to the moon where I switched places with Princess Luna. Now I'm stuck here with nothing but Luna's laptop that can only access this site. It's a nightmare i tell you!
  11. The Stranger

    Earth pony magic?

    It's called friendship is magic for a reason. They could of gone with friendship is swagalicious or cool beans but that would be way to hipster. :okiedokielokie:
  12. The Stranger

    What would your afterlife be like?

    My afterlife would be simple. It would be a sunny place where the weather is never bad and in that place I'd have that one genuine best friend that I've always wanted. I don't care what species they are or how intelligent they are as long as they could communicate with me. That's all I want in life and if I can't get one here I hope I can have a dear friend in the afterlife.
  13. The Stranger

    What would you do if you saw Fluttershy?

    It's simple, I'd leave her alone because I'm not a creep. If she speaks to me I'll speak back, That is all.
  14. The Stranger

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Wish granted but now you live within the pages of a book written specifically for you. You're life will never progress past the last chapter. I Wish I could dance in front of a crowd without getting nervous.
  15. The title explains it all. it could have been a moment you had while playing an online game or maybe you were on a community forum. It happened to me while I was playing an online game called Team Fortress 2 about ten minutes ago. I was in a game of attack and defend and there was this guy (who's name I don't remember because I was upset) Who was verbally attacking our team for playing poorly . After a minute or two I spoke up in hopes of making him stop but he then turned on me. He noticed that I'm a Brony and started harassing me pretty intensely. I tried to defend myself but I stopped after a few sentences because I wanted to set a good example for our fandom. He called me things like faggot, Brony degenerate, he even started making fun of how my parents made me move out. I can't even tell you how many times he told me I'm going to hell. Well here's the good part. After a few horrible statements he made toward me this random guy who was playing on our team spoke up out of nowhere and started defending me. I'll never forget that moment. A total stranger standing up for me....honestly, I didn't think that would ever happen. Afterwards, I switched teams and made the bully rage quit. Today's world may be rotting but after that one stranger stood up for me, I now know that goodness is still out there, it's just hard to find. So, has anyone had a moment where a total stranger stood up for you while you were being bullied online? I'd love to hear your stories.