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  1. This is such a good topic. In order: Faves: Fluttershy Applejack Princess Luna Zecora Mrs. Cake And the two background ponies Octavia and Nurse RedHeart. No Thanks: Rarity RainbowDash Any of the Canterlot Snobbish' ponies lol and Diamond Tiara :I If I had to say something nice about the ponies I do not like, at least rainbow dash and rarity care about their friends, and would do what they could to help them. Also rarity can be a good sister to sweetie belle . Diamond tiara (as well as silverspoon) were kind of doomed to be little bratty ponies, so, I can't really judge their character - personalities that harshly, it's just the realistic 'Mean Girls' vibe they give off that makes them so annoying. The canterlot ponies just need to lighten up, and I think they could be ok. Kind of like Fancy Pants, he wasn't totally lost to riches.
  2. Ah ok! Thank you! I am new to the cards still a bit.
  3. I have found these really nice foil twilight cards and I am currently deciding if I should get them or not, for some reason I only have a few and keep getting jipped' ! Can't seem to find fFuttershy either. Maybe it's just my target ? Harumph :okiedokielokie: Has anyone gotten any Luna ? She is, ironically, so elusive.
  4. Ok so this is my first time posting a new topic, so please be gentle. I saw this on facebook and my jaw dropped. Please tell me this is a joke? Has hasbro really gone down this bad? Thoughts? Personally, I'm petrified. Please tell me this is a joke? I have no idea what to believe anymore @________@ It looks fake but, considering the weird things in the fandom going on now Im not even sure
  5. I don't care how many fans of the show dislike the idea, I am so happy for this possibly/ or actually happening omg :3 <3 Sure it will change things, but that's OK. We all new twilight was special guys, right?
  6. I'm super excited for alicorn twilight, despite the many dislikes of this. SHES GOING TO BE ADORABLE. Also wondering if her and luna will be trying to get closer? Hmmm not sure what else to say other than I am ok with where mlp is going c:
  7. Nope, not once. BUT, I think I might a bit with joy if Luna gets more of a serious part in the future somehow. Im glad she was in another episode this season, but it would be pretty perfect to see her maybe explain her time on the moon? Maybe do something with twilight? No idea
  8. Most touching moment would have to be when Luna is broken from her NightmareMoon phase and gets back in touch with celestia (aka first episode). It just seemed like such a big deal, I mean, luna was gone for so long, and her sister probably had not communicated with her often, so it just seemed very touching and sweet.
  9. YES. PLEASE. For the love of luna I would pretty much give at least a decent amount of respect to the show as a whole if this would happen. OK maybe they won't be the cute, singing little fishies that they once were, but if they can get a good take on them I would be so happy to see this.
  10. Omg I am SO HAPPY she finally sang ;3; <3 To be honest, AJ is not my favorite pony by any means, but her singing voice is the best. TL;DR, C'MON THEY SHOWED BABY APPLEJACK. I mean really TwT
  11. Generation one 110%. I might have been born into G2-3 ponies, but one will always be the best, I mean really, if we never had that, there would be no poines today <3 Not too mention, it's still bucking awesome to this day, characters, collecting and all.
  12. I personally think after some point in time it will become a thing of the past, like many other popular shows/cartoons out there. I mean there are still people who are as obsessed as they were with their favorite fandom as many other people, and there will always be that, but it's not like MLPFIM will always be the thing of the moment. In a way it's kind of humbling, knowing what fun it was and how we will always have it around to think about and enjoy even in newer times c: As for the show ending, it will surly be a sad thing, but maybe if we are lucky it will be such a GOOD end to the series, we won't feel so bad? I sure hope so!
  13. I enjoy the fact that they made them more sleek in some cases, but I still hold the round and cutsie retro ponies to heart, I mean, they ARE supposed to be ponies. I think the biggest plus of the new generation would be the hair, it's nice to see a differentiation between almost all the ponies. Should also mention, I REALLY wish they kept the sparkle/crystal eyed ponies they way they were back in the day, that idea was pretty awesome. (but than again they did make the crystal ponies eyes a bit shaped...)
  14. Big Brother Best Friend will always be my most favorite. And not in the show, but the fan made song done for Princess Luna is just...djkasdjflkjsdn <3
  15. Trixie seems like she needs a good therapy session LOL, but Diamond Tiara HAS to be the worst imo. She's like one of those rich daddy's girls who you would have seen on mtv cribs :v