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  1. n1029

    What makes a good MLP episode?

    Something that keeps me coming back to MLP is that, predictable as they're often accused of being, the episodes never go quite the way you expect them to go. The writers display an awareness of how unoriginal their basic premises are and there's palpable suspense in finding out what new angle they spin on it. Sometimes it's for worse rather than for better but nevertheless the curiosity remains intact from episode to episode.
  2. n1029

    S08:E05 - Grannies Gone Wild

    RD's been shown to go to great lengths to humor people. Loud as she is she actually doesn't like serious emotional conflict. I don't think she'd have it in her to flat out tell Twilight she doesn't want to teach even if that were the case, and I'm also not so sure Twilight would take it so well. Dash certainly does have teaching chops as evidenced by Top Bolt and Flight to the Finish. I could definitely see her being able to fully relish the job once Twilight relented on the EEA.
  3. n1029

    RD. I really hate her mane.

    Rainbow Dash would probably look at the OP and just say, "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome"
  4. n1029

    What live action shows do you like?

    Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Used to really be into The Walking Dead but it's pretty much become schlock now. Stranger Things' 80s atmosphere and synth music has massive Pony parody potential, imo.
  5. n1029

    Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    We honestly deserve the hammer being thrown down on us. Apart from the illegality of the whole thing it's just so blatantly disrespectful of the crew. They don't need more idiotic fans whining at them right now based on a bunch of incomplete info nuggets.
  6. n1029

    Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    If these are true we still got roughly 19 hours of Pony to answer all our questions, or about 8 Star Wars movies.
  7. The mandated didactic streak of the first season is unfortunately forever going to be a repellant for potential new bronies. It really is most rewarding if you start watching from the beginning but a lot of people just aren't going to have the patience and tolerance for that.
  8. We can wax nostalgic about them now but the show's periphery appeal was seriously hampered by the letters to Celestia. I imagine they were part of the e/i demands back when that was a thing and they made the show feel like a PBS cartoon. You really had to be willing to bear with the series to not be immediately turned off by how cloying they were. I was relieved when they tweaked the formula in season 2 and have since worked to incorporate their morals with much more subtlety. I don't "miss" them per se but I wouldn't say I necessarily dislike the mane 6 and CMCs' more simplistic characterizations early on, because that's what makes their development all the more enjoyable to witness.
  9. n1029

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. I think the premise called for a more serious-minded and subtle filmmaking approach but McDormand gives a great performance as always.
  10. If you're shipping Spike with anypony you're obviously disregarding long-term biological issues. Just taking things at face value based on the personality of the characters, Spike does seem to be a much better match to Sweetie Belle than Rarity.
  11. n1029

    Rainbow Dash in Season 7

    I've seen some people float the idea of the dragons and griffons getting into a kerfuffle forcing RD and Spike to be intermediaries. Think that could work for an ep down the line. And as has been said, Garble now has reason to come after RD as well as Spike. What also really sticks with me after season 7 is how RD and Scootaloo's relationship is developing into something more complex and unique; what with their conflict in Parental Glideance borne out of the singular contrast in their upbringings despite considering themselves "sisters". I think there's a lot of potential in possibly interweaving Spike and Scootaloo's individual character growth into a bigger storyline involving a bond among all three characters.
  12. n1029

    Would you ever want to be in a relationship?

    They don't have to watch it but they have to be okay with me watching it. It may seem trivial, but I can't be intimate with someone who judges me for one of my deepest insecurities. If that means I'm single for the rest of my life, so be it.
  13. n1029

    Would you ever want to be in a relationship?

    If I meet someone who totally gets me, I'd love to be in a relationship with them. But I don't want a girlfriend just for the sake of having a girlfriend. I may have bouts of loneliness but I also still have my freedom and it's infinitely preferable to being stuck with someone who I only realize I don't click with until it's too late. Big deal breaker would obviously be if they're not with me on my MLP fandom.
  14. There's a CVS Pharmacy within walking distance, but it's about a mile drive to Giant Eagle. There's a Family Dollar that's closer but they've never had anything I've been looking for so I've given up going there. A couple of ethnic grocery stores as well but I'm not sure they take credit cards and I feel like an outsider going in them.
  15. n1029

    Sexuality of the Mane 6?

    I don't imagine this will ever receive any sort of official confirmation but with such a significant apparent gender imbalance I see Equestrian society operating with a more practical and open approach to sexuality than modern Western civilization. Everypony just makes love with whoever they want whenever they want (consensually, of course) and doesn't take it personally that they're not the only person their mate wants to do it with. It's only once you have kids that you're expected to settle down and make that your focus. Everyone is bi, basically