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  1. You were deluding yourself if you thought the FIM finale was ever going to be the end of the mane 6. They're the most iconic characters the franchise has ever had and I expect they'll be playing a major role in G5 as well. From a brand preservation perspective, you don't just drop them all out of some vague "originality" aspiration. Sometimes sticking with the characters you've got is the right way to go in maintaining the entertainment value and popularity of a franchise.
  2. Actually, TTG isn't even in the so-called "CalArts" style. Pony Life more resembles UniKitty or Gumball
  3. I've seen a lot of comparisons to TTG, but I'm hopeful it can nail a more inspired note of insanity a la Amazing World of Gumball. Designs were a shock at the beginning but I think I could get used to them. Dash probably came out the best in that promo teaser.
  4. Probably nowhere near ready for even a trailer at this point. I wouldn't expect one for at least a year, attached to the next Disney Animation film after Frozen 2. And there isn't even a trailer for that yet.
  5. Technically this isn't even really official "news", at least in the sense of Hasbro publicly announcing something. This is just something fans picked up on and ED ran with. If you know you're going to be making a movie related to that domain name, it makes sense to snatch it up as early as possible and is pretty normal business strategy. Since it is going to be introducing a new generation, I'm hoping there's more incentive on Paramount's part to produce quality that will draw a decent box office take. MLP17 was pretty much released with the franchise already on its way out.
  6. Well, for starters I wouldn't open it with a cringe-inducing pop music parody. I also wouldn't make it a good vs. evil narrative. I'm a lot more interested in the insecurities of the mane 6 than the fate of Equestria. You can still have all the adventure and magic and stuff, but the narrative would be centered more on their interactions. I mean, I'm not a scriptwriter so I'm a lot better at figuring out what doesn't work than what does, but I know that that was a big thing that I felt the movie needed more of and was what kept me addicted to the show.
  7. Apparently this was directed by Gillian Comerford who ran the LPS: World of Our Own series. Judging from clips of the show it seems like it has better pacing and humor than this special did, so hopefully it was just a weak script here.
  8. Still can't say, but I don't imagine the adult following will last very long if the G5 movie and series are as dull as this.
  9. I mean, it's certainly possible it was a cancelled movie sequel. They evidently had more of a reason for cancelling it than money alone. Guess I should've expected this. I'm not sure what the point was of even making this if it was just going to be a low-energy retread of the "everyone just needs to get along" narrative that the show has done better many times before in less than half the runtime. A few laughs here and there, but definitely far from a good representation of why FIM ever got as popular as it did. I'm still not really sold on Toon Boom, almost seems like it's more constricting than flash.
  10. One bad episode and one good one. So could go either way. I do really like some of the character designs previewed in that book tie in
  11. What I don't like about that episode is they didn't even try to find a middle ground. The resolution was an ill-conceived attempt at a "mature" moral for a situation that didn't call for it. Surely it couldn't have been that hard to figure out a way to include Fluttershy in the festivities without forcing her to be subjected to the more traumatizing aspects. I know in the real world Halloween has become a lot more about communal relations and free candy than real scares.
  12. Why would they announce another special when they still need to promote this one?
  13. No use getting bogged down in nomenclature. Bottom line is we got 66-ish minutes of new Pony next week. Looks like a midway style between the series and movie. Backgrounds have the flat TV look but the characters have the more fluid motion of the movie. I suspect the story will be the full focus of this special so hopefully that means no gratuitous visual comedy.
  14. Got a bit of an answer on this from Big Jim tonight. Seems they knew the show was ending before the movie was even released.