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  1. n1029

    Being More Critical of Later Seasons

    I think the show falters now about as often as it did in early seasons, but I feel like it's a rarity for a kids cartoon to become more ambitious as it goes along, so I appreciate that it usually stumbles now because of that as opposed to just fading out as another dull cartoon that no one cares enough about to get angry at. I haven't followed any cartoon this long until this series, which I think is a testament in itself to the efforts to keep it fresh even if they don't always stick the landing.
  2. The closest I came to leaving the series/fandom was halfway through season 4 after a period of promising synopses blandly executed, and I feared the show was drifting off as another generic girly cartoon. Since then, I feel like there's been a more concerted effort to maintain the show's subversive streak that's earned it its fans. There've definitely been lousy episodes since then, but none bad enough or string of them long enough to make me seriously consider leaving, and I feel like Jim Miller and the writers are always looking for ways to keep the fandom's attention from one episode to the next. The Best Gift Ever was a reminder of just how great the show can be when everyone is on the same page.
  3. n1029

    Upcoming "Oswalt x Salenger" episode

    I'd expect Rainbow Dash to be in it if nothing else. And I hope she is just to spite the OP. For real though, they must be planning something pretty feelsy if they're bringing Patton's real life family into the mix. Looking forward to it.
  4. n1029

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I don't know the background of Family Matters, all I know is Spike's crush on Rarity is a joke that got old in the first season, and there's no real foundation for a relationship there. It's not like Fluttercord where there's a legit mutual spark and they both make considerable efforts to please each other. Rarity's personal and professional ambitions are far beyond what Spike is capable of supporting, and I'd hope a show that otherwise has a fairly decent handle on interpersonal relationships would be able to put its foot down on this eventually once they think they've wrung all the laughs and cute feels out of it. There are plenty of other characters in the show that would fill that role for Spike a lot better, and I really hope the writers will push him toward one of those eventually.
  5. n1029

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I really hope they don't go any further with Sparity. There's no chance of a two-sided relationship there. There are plenty of other more appropriate characters in the series for Spike to hook up with. My only explanation for the series' baffling promotion of that ship is so they can make romance jokes that no one at Hasbro will take too seriously while they save more legit ships for the end.
  6. I'm not real familiar with the world of cartoons outside of MLPFIM, but from a character dynamic standpoint I'd go with Stranger Things. It has similar themes of friendship and love being what matter most, and is witty and wholesome despite being darker and more violent than FIM Rugrats and Hey Arnold I guess would also be similar with their youthful ensemble dynamic.
  7. Yakety Sax needed to take that time it used up showing Pinkie aimlessly moping around and used it to elaborate on the idiotic moral.
  8. n1029

    80s Rock Style Song for Rainbow Dash

    There's actually a pretty big synthwave revival movement going on right now in indie circles. A couple artists named Kristine and Dana Jean Phoenix closely resemble Pat Benatar's sound.
  9. n1029

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    I hope they're a little looser with the morals next season. The big thing that still holds this show back is how stories with very solid dramatic potential get watered down to fit in a moral in the last two minutes. It's always been at its best when it's more concerned with the unique complexities of its character relationships than with trying too hard to make them fit broad truisms. Best Gift Ever was a reminder of just how fun and heartwarming the show can be when it just drops the didactics and lets the characters work out their problems naturally.
  10. n1029

    Early Seasons vs. Newer Seasons?

    There's definitely a notable difference between the show's ambitions in the BigJim era and the Thiessen era. He's downplayed the slapstick elements of the first few seasons in favor of a more dialogue-driven approach, which is an unusual direction for a children's show to take in its later seasons. I won't say if it's necessarily better or worse, but it will make the series as a whole interesting to analyze whenever it ends.
  11. n1029

    What makes a good MLP episode?

    Something that keeps me coming back to MLP is that, predictable as they're often accused of being, the episodes never go quite the way you expect them to go. The writers display an awareness of how unoriginal their basic premises are and there's palpable suspense in finding out what new angle they spin on it. Sometimes it's for worse rather than for better but nevertheless the curiosity remains intact from episode to episode.
  12. n1029

    S08:E05 - Grannies Gone Wild

    RD's been shown to go to great lengths to humor people. Loud as she is she actually doesn't like serious emotional conflict. I don't think she'd have it in her to flat out tell Twilight she doesn't want to teach even if that were the case, and I'm also not so sure Twilight would take it so well. Dash certainly does have teaching chops as evidenced by Top Bolt and Flight to the Finish. I could definitely see her being able to fully relish the job once Twilight relented on the EEA.
  13. n1029

    RD. I really hate her mane.

    Rainbow Dash would probably look at the OP and just say, "Yeah, I'm pretty awesome"
  14. n1029

    What live action shows do you like?

    Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. Used to really be into The Walking Dead but it's pretty much become schlock now. Stranger Things' 80s atmosphere and synth music has massive Pony parody potential, imo.
  15. n1029

    Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    We honestly deserve the hammer being thrown down on us. Apart from the illegality of the whole thing it's just so blatantly disrespectful of the crew. They don't need more idiotic fans whining at them right now based on a bunch of incomplete info nuggets.