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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. As the drop ship's hatch slammed open Fixit put on his own helmet. It clicked into place, magnetic latches around its rim connecting with their partners in his hardsuit's collar. There was a short hissing sound as air flooded into the helmet and the turquoise outlines of the helmet's HUD sprang into life, tagging each squad member with their name, rank and role in the squad. He took the rifle from his shoulder, holding it at the ready. Before he could even step out onto the twisted surface of the homeworld he heard the sound of hard light generators conjuring projectiles from nothing. There was an explosion, and he stepped out into the open to the sight of flames rising from a mass of plants spewing some form of gas. Well, looked like the Rules of Engagement were out the window. "Hold your fire, damn it!" he said over the comms, hoping someone would heed his order despite his rank.
  3. Well, pretty much everyone who I expected to win has done so. Except AJ. Damn it, Luna! Why you got to be so socially awkward and thus appeal to the mostly introverted fanbase?
  4. Has anyone considered this RP's name? Doesn't it seem odd to anyone else that an RP with such a dark, almost Lovecraftian (outside of the Citadel) tone would be named "Resurgence"? Unless it's referring to the Chaos below... Speaking of Lovecraft, I would like to request a cave- or ruins-based mission at some point. Some of my favourite stories from Necronomicon take place in similar settings.
  5. @, @@FractalMoon, @, Fixit was somewhat surprised. The way those two had been talking he expected they'd have seen the surface a few times, but in actuality they had precisely as much experience as he did; precisely none. Still, they'd been in training long enough. Fixit had been in training for about six months. He knew how to handle the rifle slung over his shoulder and the Hard-light Bubble Shield Deployment Devices hooked onto his belt, and he was fully aware of the capabilities of his armour (he had even attempted to make some changes to the shielding output system, though he suspected there was more to it than electronics so he left it alone.) "No need to worry," he said, spurred on by an odd feeling of comradeship "Every one of us made it through the screening process and through the training; we can do this. Take it safe and slow, cover your squadmates, and show what ever's down there what you can do."
  6. My girlfriend broke up with me. Yes, you read that right. She broke up with me in January after seven months of hugs and kisses. About eight months of grief ensued. I reflected on relationships; my actions in the relationship, what relationships meant to me, what relationships should be. Ultimately, after a low point at which it seemed that friendship was out of the picture, I layed myself bare. All the feelings I had repressed for eight months came out. I asked to put it all behind us and start again as friends. She said yes. Ultimately, I got out of a relationship that I was uncertain about in the latter stages, learned things about myself, and am a better and happier man for it. Adversity, if you persevere and get through it, will always result in you becoming stronger.
  7. Because Celestia projects the radiance, splendour, majesty and power of the sun. Praise it, you irreverent bastards.
  8. @, @@FractalMoon, @, Fixit couldn't help but chuckle at the weapon specialist's use of the word "zombie." Even Fixit knew more about the abominations on the surface than that. As far as he knew, reanimated corpses were among the least horrific things one could run into down there. "Zombies. Right," he said "Anyhow, mah family hailed from the southern regions before... Before all this happened. Or so my parents say." "As for rookies... Well, I hate to breatk it to you but I've never seen combat." Now he felt out of place. What if he was the only one who hadn't seen the surface up close and personal? "How long have y'all been part of the programme for?" There. That might clear some things up.
  9. Trixie has a good lead in her category, so let's shake things up elsewhere. Behold, Celestia, in all her glory. Coat of purest white, wings held aloft as the sun's radiant rays caress her flanks. Regal and sophisticated yet warm and tender.
  10. INTJ. I've taken this before and I can't remember what I got. I think it was INTP? Anyways... 33% Introverted (Moderate bias) 25% Intuitive (Moderate bias) 1% Thinking (Marginal bias) 22% Judging (Slight bias) So apparently I'm Princess Celestia. And - oddly enough - if I were to be more extroverted I would resemble Trixie in personality; my favourite pony.
  11. I like 2015; it's a multiple of five. My brain is content with this year thus far.

  12. @, @@FractalMoon, @, Fixit saw Cosmic coming in his peripheral vision and nodded to him also as he entered the rapidly forming semi-circle of conversation. "Weapon Specialists. Librarian," he said in greeting with what long ago would have been called a slight Appleloosan drawl "How are y'all?"
  13. The Silmarillion. I think it would be fantastic. So much more epic than the Hobbit. They would have to pick one part of the book to base it on - preferably Feanor and his war against Morgoth - but I think it would be as good as Lord of the Rings if not better, bringing one of Tolkien's less popular works onto the limelight and giving us some good old fashioned high fantasy media.