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  1. Happy birthday Ruby Gloom

  2. Lol slipknot? Better would be Opeth, DIO, Gojira, or Mastodon. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of progressive metal, as I'm big into prog rock and stoner rock.
  3. Gravity Eyelids by Procupine Tree. Think I also had more In Absentia stuck in my head last night, might have been Trains.
  4. Eh... I feel like I'm being dragged back into MLP. I just don't want to get bitten by the pandering which turned me away in S3...

  5. Sorry, almost nothing can hold a candle to classic Spongebob. If you go back and watch, you'll only see more jokes you missed or didn't understand as a kid and the humor still holds up.
  6. This magnificent bastard, he's just too silly not to like.
  7. In the context of the show, yes, he'll be reformed for good. In the context of his nature as a being of discord, maybe someday he'll slip or get bored (probably after a few centuries/aeons).
  8. I just got into it not too long ago. I find the history really interesting, how Ruby started off as a clothing and stationary franchise character who was marketed towards the gothic and cute/dark market. Her original design is also pretty interesting as it wasn't completely targeted towards children at the time But the show has enough of a charm to keep me interested for now. Of course skull boy is worst character.
  9. The distinction will just need to be clear, as ex-bronies and people who don't care to see ponies won't neceisarily be anti-bronies. The problem is that you have to look for that stuff, the pokemon stuff is pretty well hidden. When the brony fandom exploded, it was extremely easy to find porn right out in the open. One of my friends was one of those pony porn artists and was banned on another forum because his art. This has more to do with the first impression the brony fandom made and how vocal the extreme bronies were, as many non-bronies saw this content. Even my friends who knew little to nothing about ponies heard about the lyra plushie. Of course it's not like that as of now, but people still remember. I did jump ship and stopped calling myself a brony after S2 because of the fandom. But I stopped keeping up with MLP and etc during S3 because of other reasons. Although I do have friends who dropped out for that reason, the fandom ruining the show. Some of them were sickened by the porn but others were in MLP just for the community aspect and not the show, which is easy to understand.
  10. It's because you guys have calmed down by now. Originally it exploded and you would not be able to visit any sort of forum or community site without seeing a mass of pony avatars and discussions. A little before then most forum users and 4chan users were actually joking about MLP and were fans just to screw around. At the point between S1 and mid S2 the fandom grew even greater, that's when I jumped ship, I'm an ex-brony. The more extreme and not quite socially acceptable bronies became very vocal at this point. All the porn and grimdark shit flew everywhere, creating a comparison similar to the Sonic fandom (which was not as widespread or popular). I can assure most users that most ex-bronies or people who don't care for ponies actually don't care that much about bronies, as long as discussions and whatnot fall in place (like brony sites or threads) and as long the cloppers/grimdark writers/porn drawers/etc (lyra plushie) aren't out in the open. Anti bronies are more often people who don't believe that anyone can watch a show which had the target demographic as girls. They have the same mentality as people who are anti anime. Then there are also the people who just want to fit in and hate something. But at the same time, some "anti-brony" viewpoints can be understood, like how people are weary of furries. Then there are users who wouldn't really be classified as anti-bronies, sort of like if they get pissed or upset if you try to create a pony thread on any board that isn't /mlp/.
  11. I don't see any roundabout, what's wrong with you people?
  12. I would fail all my classes because I need to register and contact my teachers. I would get fired from my summer job because it involves computers. I will likely never be hired for any job in the next several years because of no computers.