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  1. Well Monster Hunter on the PSP is part of why it sold so well in Japan. If they had managed to retain that franchise for the Vita(among other things) it might have been able to last longer. And yeah, PSP was awesome, one of my favorite Handhelds ever
  2. Very close between PS4 and PS2 but I think the PS2 barely edges it out Honorable mention also goes to the PSP
  3. image.thumb.png.69b37149b5db9f10df61f3d85053e9c1.png

    "That Propane tank is empty...."

  4. Rarity and Applejack because I got sick of seeing them together in the show all the damn time
  5. Since it's Christmas I'll post my favorite Christmas song


  6. The MLP leaks. Not just finding out what was originally planned(both good and bad), but what they decided to replace things with(a lot of promising episode ideas to outright pivotal plot points were replaced with some real trash). This was especially prevalent in the latter half of the show's run, and finding out about all of this was really heartbreaking, to the point where it outright ruins the second run of the show for me
  7. Almost forgot it's Surrogate Scootalove day. I'll just post an art dump of Scootaloo with her mom








  8. sunset.thumb.png.4f62f7cae3d94376ec5dda0d0bedca6f.png

    Yes, Sunset Shimmer, my favorite Transformer

    1. Anti-Villain
    2. Woohoo


      Yep, she transforms from pony to human. :awwthanks:

  9. Funny statuses. Must follow! :mlp_nom:

  10. MP-45 Bumblebee I like the Robot mode up front with how it’s more accurate of the cartoon version but yeah, been seeing the feet and backpack on the internet, and lemme tell ya, it’s just as bad in person
  11. Star Wars Legends of the Hidden Temple? I never knew I wanted this so much