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  1. Gotta admit that at least the premises are interesting
  2. CNN had two reporters a couple of blocks away from each other reporting at the Minneapolis Protests. One was arrested immediately for absolutely no reason, the police casually approached the other to ask him what he was doing, then left him alone. 

    Take a wild guess why

    1. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      hmmm I was gonna say racism but I'm not sure

    2. TheAnimationFanatic


      Hell, even when they RELEASED him, the MN Police Twitter account lied about it even though it was caught on camera.

  3. “Protests and riots are destroying small businesses!”

    >Proceeds to show pictures of McDonalds and Target 

    1. TheAnimationFanatic


      It's telling that people are more concerned with the loss of a few brick and mortar buildings rather than the murder of a black man.

    2. Alastor


      What is wrong with people being concerned over affordable housing, libraries, pharmacies, youth organizations and other stuff being burned down? 

  4. 1BFB1CC3-E3A9-4F87-805E-95A1B0A1E931.png.a3f4be933d0ddc1b149fc75c3a55db42.png

    Day 26 - Favorite Fan Fic

    I don’t really read fan fics anymore. And looking back I kinda wince at the ones I remember reading 



    Day 4 - Music from a console exclusive series. I assume this means the big 3

    Since the remake came out today why not


  5. I’m like 90% sure they took down the video when they realized it used a swear word :p
  6. Honestly have more interest in this than I do at ever finishing S9, and the art style has grown on me. I keep seeing people comparing it to Teen Titans Go, and besides the fact that people really need to let that fucking show go already(and, I know, that’s rich coming from me), Pony Life isn’t gonna carry the baggage that show does. Teen Titans ended on a cliffhanger with Go unceremoniously replacing it. MLP Got 9 seasons, a spin-off, a couple specials and a movie and still got a proper conclusion. It’s not like Pony Life is gonna change any of that
  7. 2F7192DE-5205-4BC2-829C-3FD3F3398E51.png.01e4c9b95a809a7b2d9eefe9c6193a8d.png

    Day 25 - Favorite Fan Theory

     I dunno. Whichever one retcons the last few seasons I guess. The next day is probably going to be really uneventful 



    Day 3 - 8-bit

    Super Mario Bros. 2 theme

    I’m trying so desperately not to fill this with purely Megaman music and it’s really freaking hard 

  8. Saddest death in a video game ever. I cry every tiem

    RIP Green Biker Dude


  9. I've tried to play Assassin's Creed several times, first game, III, even franchise darlings II and Black Flag, couldn't do it. On a personal note, I recently replayed the first 6 Megaman X games, and X3 is one I always find myself struggling to go back. It's actually a really good game, but I find it the most blandest X game. While X6 is a much worse game, it's a game I find more interesting to return in comparison
  10. F76BA28E-B411-46B2-A013-5337D943DF94.png.099cdbbb5d98f3b98f1ec7dae1c1d1cd.png

    Day 24 - Favorite Outfits 

    The Gala Outfits, they’re absolutely beautiful 



    Day 2 - Opening Stage Song 

    Megaman X


    Try thinking of a more hype intro stage 

  11. I really need to re-evaluate my stance on this thanks to certain recent events(you know which one I'm talking about) Let's just say that I owe Dave Rapp, F.M. DeMarco, etc., a huge apology
  12. I’d rather not have another 26 episodes of the show having its head lodged deep up its own ass
  13. Finally found a new one to do, this time on VG Music!


    Day 1 - Title Screen Music

    Metroid Prime Title theme


    1. Handsome Changeling

      Handsome Changeling

      Honestly a great pick, personally would have went for Timesplitters 2 myself, both Metroid Prime and Timesplitters have that weird techno vibe and I love it!

  14. Looks like Ashleigh Ball might have actually got her wish



    RD's channeling her inner Bobby



    1. Sparklefan1234


      She looks just like him but lazier. ^_^

    2. ElectricEnergy⚡


      The true definition of a couch potato! :P

  15. 0BA0CD19-5B57-4D1D-A8D1-1C105F9E8D55.png.87b301c86e6d55283095d11182885059.png

    Day 23 - Favorite EQG Song

    either Under Our Spell, Unleash the Magic, or Stand For Everfree. Once again, I’m a sucker for villain songs



    1. CypherHoof 🐎

      CypherHoof 🐎

      It is truely a great villain song - not least because of the inherent conflict between what Gloriosa sees as "noble" goals and the concerns everyone else has about her "protection".