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  1. There's also hasn't really been a Discord episode yet this season. Though I get the feeling they're saving him for the finale As for the rest of the characters, I could be wrong but I'm not really expecting another Spike episode, given the last episode addresses the state of Sparity which was kind of of a huge deal for both Rarity and Spike. They could still have one more ep for Rarity dealing with either her business or Sweetie Belle but I think this is a good stopping point for Spike
  2. RD's way of handling it makes her side lose any merit it had. There are better ways to approach this situation and she chose the worse one. They didn't make Scootaloo guilt trip her, she liked her parents and in a sense became really good friends with them, and once again she didn't think they were really doing anything wrong. especially when she got to see how they raised her and how she turned out(by this point she had just become a WB). And to see RD acting like must have been a real heart breaker for her
  3. I'm usually up to defend RD from bullshit in episodes like MMDW, 28 Pranks Later, Newbie Dash, etc., and even I think RD's entirely at fault in Parental Glideance. the worst RD's parents do was be overbearing, but they didn't think they were doing anything wrong, heck no one thought they were doing anything wrong, neither Scootaloo, not even the Wonderbolts, and no one ever told them to cool it down. RD's the only one with a problem with it but instead of telling them to take it down she decides to bottle it up an then explode at them at the worst possible moment and berates them. In no universe is that kind of outburst acceptable. And your forgetting the part where her parents still learn to tone it down at the end. Her parents are many things, but abusive isn't one of them, In the end of the day they're just a pair of dorks who want to be a part of their daughter's life Likewise for the Parent Map, both instances they're explained and they also admit they were wrong. In that episode, the kid's were more justified at calling out the parents. And even if then, there still could have been a better way for them to have approached the situation
  4. Their food is really tasty, but a tad overhyped imo, I still think there are plenty of better fried chicken options. As for their politics, I'm not even gonna touch that shit
  5. Shouldn't die, nor does she need to die. It's way to sad to happen right now, and it would feel really pointless
  6. This one kinda hits too close to home because I had a niece not to long ago who passed under the same circumstances. No one deserves to go through this, especially for someone so young
  7. When life gets you down, just always remember that you now live in a world where you can say Iron Man, Darth Vader, and Homer Simpson are your favorite Disney characters....

    wait, no that might make things worse

    1. Sparklefan1234


      I still can't get over the fact that Cotton Hill is (Probably) recognized as a Disney character.



  8. Marvel UA3 is pretty good. It's already better than the second game and so far is on par with the first. It's also pretty funny

  9. Yeah, upon reflection my list has changed a bit 1) A Link To The Past 2) Snake Eater 3) Final Fantasy Tactics 4) Megaman X 5) Resident Evil 4 6) Metroid Prime 7) Bioshock 8) Medal of Honor Frontline 9) Persona 4 Golden 10) Spiderman PS4
  10. Hasbro is full of mad lads Also Austin St John making a return in Beast Morphers S2
  11. I always liked more tech-based motifs, like space, cars, police, as I feel they make some of the best zords imo(Which are often my favorite things in Power Rangers) That said, MMPR's Dinos will always be top dog, especially the OG megazord. The Thunderzord and the Dino Thunder Megazord are also really awesome
  12. Well the news finally came out



    1. Woohoo


      What's that blue thing again? :confused:

    2. Kiryu-Chan


      The Last Airbender :p

      The real winner is Zoe Sandala for being in the top 2 highest grossing movies ever

  13. Street Fighter just to torture everyone