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  1. I wonder if Rainbow Dash sounds like Applejack when she's tired. :dash:/:mlp_icwudt:



    1. Kyoshi


      This reminds me that I still need to get the Castlevania collection at some point.

  3. Logan Paul said something surprisingly poignant and Pat Robertson called out the President for attacking a church. I think Hell just froze over

    1. Woohoo


      Have you seen any dogs and cats living together?

  4. Y'all thought I'd forget about this? Not when I have one more left!


    Day 30 - Favorite VA

    Gotta Give it to Ashleigh Ball


    Day 8 - A Song from a FPS/Third Person Shooter

    Michael Giacchino always delivers

  5. Gonna start making my YT channel useful for something, probably to lighten someone's mood. Decided to do some recordings of myself playing Super Castlevania IV(blame @China (100% NOT China) for it :P)

    Silent obviously, as I still don't feel comfortable leaving my own voice out there, but if I ever muster up the balls I will someday give it some commentary



    1. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)

      You should see people doing brutal runs - or brutal lv1 cap  runs - of Ponyvania.

      Get hit two times you are going down

  6. We just got a curfew warning here in my town. It's a small town so the fact that it's affecting us too is pretty wild

  7. ಠ_ಠ



    1. Megas


      Between this and that guy going after people with a bow and arrow, I get the feeling some people aren't very bright in these situations. I'm expecting an axe or a medieval flail to pop up soon

    2. Alastor


      That guy is based~

  8. People: No year can be worse than 2016!

    2020: Hold my beer

    1. AppleBolt ⚡️

      AppleBolt ⚡️

      And so far nothing is showing us a reason to be optimistic about 2020 getting better...

  9. image.png.aeae825b8b166ffe64595faef6374ef7.png

    Day 29 - Something I'd like to see in the future


    Yeah, the comic is happening and I'm excited as hell for it, but I still hope for something like an animated special. Hopefully featuring some of my favorite Autobots like Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Prowl


    The pessimistic douchebag in me was trying so hard not to put "retcon" in here :P


    Day 7 - Music from an Indie game


    This song got me hooked into Shovel Knight, right off the bat telling you you're in for a good time

  10. I had experienced this when I went to a Medieval Times for my brother's birthday a couple of days back, with my parents saying I was really into the show
  11. Decided to rearrange my shelves


    my TF shelf is so overfilled some of them invaded the Pony :p

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Which one is doing the protecting? :orly:

    2. Megas


      I don't even know anymore

  12. Zero

    that icon tho 👀

    1. Megas


      Been on a Megaman Kick lately, and Zero was always one of my favorites(though I prefer X a bit more :p)

      When I was first internetting I always used a Zero icon because they always looked cool lol

  13. Mom told me some protests are just down the street, though they aren't that big

    1. Bastian Bolts⚡

      Bastian Bolts⚡

      Stay safe then. :sealed:

    2. ElectricEnergy⚡


      Stay safe! These are dangerous times!

    3. AppleBolt ⚡️

      AppleBolt ⚡️

      The ones in my town have been peaceful 

  14. You know that Anonymous hack that revealed everyone involved with Epstein I brought up a while back? Not only were the Royal Family involved, they had Princess Diana killed for having proof, if this hack is to be believed



  15. Been noticing increased police activity in my town today when I went to get donuts, and apparent there was a protest in a town 15 minutes away my cousins participated in

    1. ElectricEnergy⚡


      Stay safe out there! :fluttershy: