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  1. Pipp is easily the most worrying character because she's one of the characters Hasbro's been pushing the most but everything about her feels like Rarity, but if Hasbro actually got their way with her. Like Faust managed to make Rarity an interesting and unique character for her archetype, and while Pipp has plenty of huge influences from Rarity like the rest of the main 5 have, they feel superficial and everything feels like she was made as a corporate mandate rather than a homage to the character, something Faust went out of her way to avoid

    1. JMTV99


      Yeah, I'm worry about that, too.

      Her design was fine, but her personality need some work.

      I don't know why, but I feel like Hasbro was being unfair to Lauren from the get-go.

  2. Only reasons I’d consider living in those states is because they’re considerably cheaper compared to California, where it’s damn near impossible to even get a studio apartment without having to move into the boonies, and even then I’d prefer places cooler and up north like Oregon and Washington
  3. Hopefully it’s at least good enough to keep it around for a while as someone who’s favorite mainline game is VIII, I hope it’s as good
  4. Best: The Washouts, Sounds of Silence, Road to Friendship. I usually gravitate to these 3 Worst: Matter of Principals. Embodies everything wrong with Discord, not just the character himself but the direction with him, from this point of the show
  5. Capcom, so I can revive Megaman Legends 3. And revive a ton of their dormant franchises, and Free Marvel Vs Capcom 2. But mainly bring back Legends 3.
  6. Remember that EQG short where RD imagined herself adventuring a jungle in a ridiculously short skirt, even by EQG standards?


  7. I remember seeing this pic back in 2012-2013 and finding it really amusing. Now that the show's ended this just feels extremely cathartic


  8. 2701238.png

    Izzy with glasses is an adorable sight

    1. Woohoo


      You're a wizard, Izzy!

  9. "This is how us humans enjoy the miracle of Christmas" >Plays the first two Die Hard films to their shock
  10. Why do you care so much about what Spoiled Rich thinks of these hypothetical scenarios?
  11. 2700081.jpg

    >No grip on mug

    This really bugs me actually

    1. JMTV99


      How could they hold things with their hooves?!:Cozy:

    2. Sparklefan1234


      This reminds me of those "Hello Pinkie Pie" Youtube shorts that were released after FiM ended. :wau:

    3. EpicEnergy


      Plot twist: the ponies are wearing metal hooves and the mug handles are magnetic!

  12. I just remember how out of place it was since Twilight Sparkle as a character wouldn’t even be a thing at that time(I think the scene was supposed to take place in the 90s)
  13. Soundwave

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Pulls off the look really well
  14. Newbie Dash but it was written by people who gave a shit about the show and its characters
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