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  1. This Whomps

    Surrogate Scootaloo Day Trivia.

    The best time of year(yes including christmas) Only one question I was unsure about
  2. I'm glad Nintendo hasn't included a Resident Evil character in Smash yet because we all know Capcom is gonna want fucking Chris Redfield

    1. Baby Dashie

      Baby Dashie

      I still wish Sakurai would pull a Hail Mary with Microsoft so we can have Banjo and Kazooie.

  3. This Whomps

    Do the new writers watch older episodes?

    I hope they have the most episodes just to annoy you
  4. This Whomps

    Spoiler Avengers IV: Endgame

    It's been a wild ride
  5. This Whomps

    Movies/TV What shows do you want cancelled?

    Any show that's had negative effects on channels or the industry as a whole, shows like Spongebob and Teen Titans Go pretty much taking over the entire channel run, reality shows becoming the next big thing, etc
  6. good tbf, I don't think everyone is using the polls, for example, a few people have picked S3 according to the replies, but only one person voted for it
  7. This Whomps

    Spoiler Which is the best Season Finale? (SPOILERS)

    Best Night Ever is the only one that still holds up on rewatch, and shows you don’t need to put the game world through the apocalypse to make a great and fun season finale. Unfortunately i’m not expecting another one like it any time soon
  8. Spoiler

    Now with Joker appearing in Smash Ultimate

    Persona 5 on Switch when

    1. Swit Swat

      Swit Swat

      No way that would ever happen.



  10. "It's proof that Jesus died in vain and legally changed his middle name to 'Fucking'."

    1. Woohoo


      "I might carve a giraffe out of wood and decorate it with Christmas lights so I can put it up in an albatross' nest."

  11. A3B53C52-B202-41B2-8D49-1F0788552CF9.thumb.jpeg.e01cc2d228854eb002f15e2f03d7eadf.jpeg

    the seekers have some of my favorite toy designs period(Skywarp is the best btw)

  12. Season 3, it has the best stretch of episodes(Sleepless, WBA and AFR are all top ten episodes, with the former being top 2 period), and even the weaker episodes(One Bad Apple) doesn't piss me off as the other bad episodes of the other seasons. Season 1 is the only other one consistent enough for me to stick around
  13. This Whomps

    What version of yourself do you cringe at the most?

    My high school years on the internet, back when I was a noob
  14. This Whomps

    Gaming Best The Legend of Zelda game?

    For the longest time my favorite has always been A Link to the Past, but Breath of the Wild is the first game to give it any competition