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  1. This Whomps

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    No Just let them end the series. It's not like it's being taken out back Old Yeller style
  2. This Whomps

    FiM Short: Starlight the Hypnotist

    That was a really cute short and one of the best one's so far, but man, Twilight sure has some strange phobias
  3. This Whomps

    Might the Staff of Sacanas return in season 9?

    It'll probably show up in EQG, but I'm not sure about S9
  4. This Whomps

    General Media 2019: The Year of Good byes for many franchises

    Can't say I'm aching to see Episode IX, The Last Jedi pretty much torpedo'd any interest and good will I had in the future of the franchise. Definitely interested in the conclusion to MLP and Avengers. As much grievances I've had with MLP in recent seasons and while I still have doubts and worries on how S9 will turn out, it's still been a wild ride and I hope the staff can give the show and all the characters the send off they deserve. As for Avengers, I've been on since the very beginning with Iron Man and the MCU has given me a lot of fun memories and characters, and 10+ years leading up to Endgame a lot is on the line and I can't wait to see how it'll all pan out. Yes I know the MCU will continue on, but I've been on the train for so long I'll probably take a break from the MCU after the original Avengers stories are over, and will probably only stick around for Spider-Man movies and the inevitable X-Men
  5. Sorry, can't hear you over all of this FREEDOM


  6. This Whomps

    Movies/TV Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    I just haven't been feeling it with this one. It doesn't look bad, and it'll do fine as long as they just focus on making her an interesting and likable character, but I'm not itching to go see it like other MCU films, which is a shame considering they got me to love Ant-Man and Dr Strange. But who knows, maybe they can surprise me like those two
  7. remember that time Marvel Vs Capcom decided to use slow and calm jazz music for their fast and frantic fighting game?

  8. Iron Man is still a classic that holds up very well, not just one of my favorite MCU films, but one of my favorite superhero movies ever

    1. TheAnimationFanatic


      Hard to believe that it's 10 years old!

    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      It certainly helped boost Robert Downey Jr’s career.

  9. White Ranger Tiger Power

    White Ranger Tiger Power



  10. Truth is............................I am Iron Man

  11. This Whomps

    Will you miss the show but never the fandom?

    I have....mixed feelings on the fandom to say the least, so I can't say I'll be looking back on the fandom much. That said, I have made a lot of friends through the show and that I'll be something I'll always cherish
  12. With FiM ending, maybe in 20+ years we can get a one-time return to the FiM world with getting an actual console game developed by Platinum

    like a certain other Hasbro franchise

    1. Monado Dashie

      Monado Dashie

      Who even needs Devastation when you have Earth Wars on the iOS?

  13. This Whomps

    What you hope to see before the end of this season

    Scootaloo's parents and RD becomes WB captainjust so they can finally make up for the Newbie Dash trashfire
  14. This Whomps

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    All good things must come to an end. All I ask for is satisfying conclusions for all the characters