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  1. image.thumb.png.a415d7eec3a18562d710f1fb23eaf32e.png


    Obligatory Derpy post

    1. Sparklefan1234


      It's like Ralph Wiggum is Derpy's son from another dimension. :o

  2. This Whomps

    Element Switcharoos

    You could probably swap RD and AJ and no one would really notice
  3. Was never really a big fan of him, his early videos were excessively whiny and often just came off as a huge asshole with how much he straight up personally attacked writers. Admittedly his new videos are nowhere near as whiny or grating and he's managed to compose himself better but they still aren't for me
  4. This Whomps

    Best aspects of each Season?

    The first two season had a certain innocence that gave the show it's charm while S3-5 is where they started getting ambitious. Season 7 is where they were really giving it their all
  5. I really want a Transformers Devastation 2, preferably with Prowl



  7. The theater was absolutely packed when I went to see Broly, and apparently it managed to break the top 3 movies during the week even with it's limited theater run


    The Thirst for Broly is real

  8. Dragon Ball Super Broly was one I was interested in and I literally just got back from watching it, so there's one off my list. As for movies coming out this year, I'm looking forward to How To Train Your Dragon 2, Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4 As for cartoons admittedly I haven't been paying attention for a while now so I don't know
  9. This Whomps

    Mediocre/Bad Episode VS. Awful Episode

    Yes, I'd gladly take Princess Spike over it. I avoided mentioning it because I'm kinda sick of dwelling on it at this point. Like everyone knows I hate, it still pisses me off but even I want try to move past it
  10. This Whomps

    Mediocre/Bad Episode VS. Awful Episode

    I tend to judge episode with whether I like it or hate it, rather than if it's good or bad. I might still like a mediocre or bad episode, or I won't care about it at worst. Awful episodes are reserved for episodes that I straight up hate and piss me off Like, I don't think Spike At Your Service or Games Ponies Play are good episodes but I still fucking love them, for all their problems they still have stuff I loved that still has me going back to it(AJ being a badass and great interaction between the mane 6 in the former, RD taking the blame for Twilight and Harshwhinny for the latter). Rainbow Falls isn't very good but at the very least it has good intentions. Tanks For The Memories is hurt by the fact that they actually can't kill off Tank and have to settle for hibernation, but I still love it. I think AJ's Day Off is the worst episode of Season 6, but I don't hate it at all, it's just incredibly boring with practically nothing happening, but fuck I'll still take it over a good chunk of the episodes that season. Likewise Princess Spike is probably the worst episode of the entire show, but I don't hate it, like at all. If it ever pops up I might leave it on for background noise. It doesn't offend me or go out of its way to piss me off, it's just... bad, but I'll still take it over What About Discord.
  11. This Whomps

    Gaming Top 5 Favorite Mario Games

    Super Mario 3 Super Mario World Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Sunshine Super Mario Galaxy Honorable Mentions: Double Dash, Thousand Year Door, Mario 64, Super Mario 2 USA
  12. There's been a noticeable dearth of negative topics lately so I thought just to make this to try to balance things out. Any small things in the show that you can't just help but smile at? It can be a split second scene, something in the background, etc., One of mine was seeing RD's parents participate in the Scootaloo fan-club in the end of The Washouts, it was a cute follow-up to the ending of Parental Glideance
  13. This Whomps

    sunset shimmer: like or dislike, and why?

    I like her a lot, easily the best thing to come out of EQG