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  1. This Whomps

    In your opinion, what was the worst episode of MLP?

    Newbie Dash was the equivalent of failing PE. Not worth 5+ seasons of build up at all and damn near made me give up on the show

  3. This Whomps

    Gaming Male RPers. Why Do You Choose To Play As Girls?

    Eh, it really depends. More often than not, I find myself playing as female on most Japanese games mainly because they look nicer, whereas in western games I play as a male for similar reasons, only exceptions are Mass Effect where I prefer FemShep and Pokemon/SoulsBorne games where I play males Best example is Xenoblade X where the female models look fine while males honestly look hideous
  4. "I AM BATMAN"

    "I am Steve Rogers"

  5. How I play normal playing cards now
    "I summon my 3 of Clubs in attack mode!"

  6. This Whomps

    Building Scale Models

    Most of my experience has been with Gundam, I mainly do High Grade, though I've done some Master Grades as well. I'm afraid to paint them in the event that I mess up, not to mention, at least in terms of the models I have made, I think they look fine without it. Of all the models I've made, they'd have to be the MG Burning Gundam and the OG Power Rangers Megazord
  7. This Whomps

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    Honestly, why should you care? If it's girly, then it's girly, all that matters that it's good, and it's a good girly show
  8. This Whomps

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    Power Rangers, recruit a team of ponies with attitude!
  9. This Whomps

    An idea for the 200th episode...

    Sounds like a rehash of Slice Of Life, and Jesus I wouldn't be able to handle another dumpster fire like that
  10. Passion of the Christ was some WWE shit, it's just Jesus getting his butt whooped for 2 hours, only thing missing was a Jim Ross commentary
  11. It's one of my favorite gaming series, but given the last couple of years, I'm really worried for the future of the series as it looks bleak. I'd love a sequel to Revengeance
  12. image.png.e33e6a91274ebecfe73adb0c580901e3.png

    1. Stardust Balance

      Stardust Balance

      Hohohohoho! Delightfully Devilish, I'd say.

  13. This Whomps

    Gaming What is the most recent video game you beat?

    I beat Spiderman and the ending wrecked me
  14. Any episode that you were absolutely not looking forward to only to come out surprisingly enjoying. I was expecting Secrets and Pies to be a complete dumpster fire but once the episode came out I was really surprised to see how much I enjoyed it. For me it became one of the show's funniest episodes
  15. This Whomps

    Princess Skystar Fan Club

    Honestly I just wanted an excuse to post this picture here. But post about your love for the Seapony Princess here anyway
  16. This Whomps

    Animation Disliked Anime and Why?

    School Days: It starts out as an "innocent" high school rom-com only to turn into a bait and switch in the worst possible way, turning the main character in an abhorrent cheater and rapist, and one of the girls he cheats on turns into a murderous psychopath Sword Art Online: A poor man's Dot Hack, with one of the worst protagonists within recent memory with Kirito, and taking an admittedly cool concept with the game itself, despite the whole "dying in the game and you die irl" being a bit played out. Yet they ruined by turning it into a shitty harem anime 5 episodes in One Piece: Pretty much entirely due to its length. It's longer than the fucking Simpsons and at this point, if they ever decide to end the series and we find out what the One Piece actually is, it's gonna end up completely underwhelming no matter what it is
  17. Been really into collecting Transformers, Gundam and Power Rangers. I'm especially fond of the Masterpiece line, even though it's expensive as hell, so far I have Sideswipe, Grimlock, Soundwave(my fav), Ramjet, Movie Prime, Bumblebee Movie Bee and Movie Barricade. I'm also interested in the 3rd party stuff as well, including Oversized versions and characters that don't have figures like Mirage
  18. This Whomps

    Season 9 without the School of Friendiship

    The School was easily the worst part of S8 and I wouldn’t care if it never came back
  19. This Whomps

    End it in season 10 instead of 9?

    End it when it's time to end it, not after an arbitrary number of seasons
  20. I just found out I can do this with my Optimus figure


  21. This Whomps

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    I mean, if it happens cool but I'd rather the show end when it needs to instead of dragging things out further
  22. "Your Honor, I can tell you are a reasonable horse. I am very pregnant because of what happened with Lupe. She ate my bus accident and all I wanted was to make Lupe into a book. I have too many good anuses ahead of me to spend the rest of my life in a cigar factory."

  23. This Whomps

    Movies/TV Least Favorite Tropes?

    Chosen One/Destined Heroes. It's hard to root for heroes just because they were chosen by fate