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Everything posted by Kiryu-Chan

  1. I honestly wish I could have stuck with the end of the show without me hating it. The fact that it actually got me to quit halfway through already makes S9 the worst season for me 

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    2. DivineSoul1000


      @Kiryu-Chan Between Dark and Dawn is probably the only episode I like in this season! Did you like that one?

    3. Sparklefan1234
    4. DivineSoul1000


      @Sparklefan1234 And the song was so awesome and is now my favorite MLP song ever!

  2. image.thumb.png.244801d0a1e1fb5c7440fc4869d85acc.png

    It's just a flesh wound

    1. Sparklefan1234


      The only thing that's bruised is my ego. >_>

    2. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      Poor Dashie... D:

  3. Man, the newest Jim Sterling video is gonna make a lot of people mad

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Don't you think people would agree because a majority HATE micro-transactions?

    2. Kiryu-Chan


      It more has to do with Jim Sterling drilling into Microsoft, as one of the big 3, participating in Micros and Lootboxes

  4. G1 Optimus Prime is still the best version of the character, and a lot of that is due to the fact that, while he was a wise and strong leader, he was still allowed to be goofy, crack jokes and one-liners and have fun, something most other versions of the character seriously lack. Animated is the only other version I can think of that was allowed any sort of levity, and that was because they made him young and more inexperienced in that one(before you say Primal, he's a completely different character)



    1. Sparklefan1234


      Batman's a better surfer. 

      MealyScholarlyBluefintuna-small.gif Can your robot do that? JK. :P

  6. 5B48B8D5-632D-404E-AB93-B999308919AF.thumb.jpeg.c9be76c443a57897143726c62312170e.jpeg

    Jesus Christ it’s like they put a fire cracker in there 

    1. Woohoo


      Who made that pizza? :mlp_wat:

    2. VG_Addict


      That's the most pathetic pizza I've ever seen.

    3. TheRockARooster


      Looks like someone ran over it.

  7. I have no idea what they were thinking giving a Cheese Sandwich return, two of the most energetic characters in the show, to the most boring writers. In fact I don’t know why the Fox Brothers kept getting all the Pinkie episodes
  8. Since I'm playing the Spyro Re-Ignited Trilogy


    1. DivineSoul1000


      @Kiryu-Chan I love Spyro! I've played every single game and the Reignited Trilogy is so awesome!


    2. Jerica


      I summon @PathfinderCS using all my unholy powers! 

    3. PathfinderCS


      I shall respond in kind; since I loved the Reignited Trilogy so much!

      image.pngAll I need is Spyro and ponies @Jerica;)

  9. I wanna give it a 10 but with the second half of the show(6-9), I just can’t under a good conscious. 7 or 8
  10. Playing the PS4 rerelease of SotN, and hearing the redubbed voices in the beginning is just not the same


    1. Bas


      For me the best (and first that I played) Castlevania ever.

  11. At least it's not Dash's last episode, which actively hates and punishes people who like Rainbow Dash
  12. Does saying I dislike S9 count? I feel in this forum it sorta warrants it, but most places is pretty mixed :p
  13. I wish I had one of those avatars that would change any time someone would refresh a page. Mine would undoubtedly feature various pictures of a Smug Rainbow Dash 

    1. Sparklefan1234



      Mine would undoubtedly feature various pictures of a Smug Rainbow Dash 

      Don't you just mean "Rainbow Dash's normal expression"? :dash:/:P

    2. ShadOBabe


      You would have to have this one for sure:


  14. A47409F2-05A8-4DAB-83BD-7D8DE2D46E93.thumb.jpeg.d5e4b8617f4235187cb8694d03592c99.jpeg

    To quote Lightning Dust: “RIVALS FOR LIIIIIFE”

  15. image.thumb.png.32433f36aa9e87d36b4d51d455720128.png


    1. Rikifive


      Oh that's quite nice. mU2DJ4V.png I like the colors.

  16. Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime a returning Captain Crab Nasty from G1 MLP He should still show up as Optimus Prime though
  17. Have a foxy waifu




    1. Sparklefan1234


      Moving stuff off of that shelf? :blink:

  19. 26E2FF76-02EB-46B6-9BE9-81888A486B17.thumb.jpeg.17cf5f9992cbce056fb2a84b3ff10d2c.jpeg

    Man, i’m running out of room :p

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    2. Lord Midnight Madness

      Lord Midnight Madness

      I see princess cadence hiding amongst the transformers lol.

    3. Sparklefan1234


      Aww! Rainbow Dash and Applejack are protecting the Transformers. :kindness:

    4. Kiryu-Chan


      @Lord Midnight Madness She's hiding between the Gundams and Megazords lol

      @Sparklefan1234 :laugh: