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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Well of course not, but I highly doubt Flutters would use her stare in a competition like this It's not a survive or die situation after all
  3. Heh I agree, Opal could... deal some real damage Would that mean instant win though? I don't think anyone's beaten Opal like ever in the show. If you don't count Tank ofc.
  4. Sounds fun Will be following how this goes. But just as a clarification, wasn't one of the rules that no "animals" are allowed? Opal's still there though, sneaky cat. Still, I bet this will be interesting
  5. My girlfriend lives in another country, so I fly quite often as that is definitely the most efficient way to get from place to place. I don't think there's anything bad about flying, in fact I love it. The feeling of taking off is amazing, especially if you get a window seat and can watch the ground getting further and further away. It's amazing. People always ask me "But aren't you afraid the plane will crash?" but the fact is, the chances of a plane crashing are so minimal, there's nothing to be afraid of. It's more likely for me to die crossing the street than by flying. In short, as one of my favourite wizards says: FLY YOU FOOLS!
  6. My family grows At least for a moment that is... I've had my little girl, Princess Lulu (Yeah, guess where that name came from ) for about two years now. Last year while I was in the army, she was taken care of by my parents, who decided to take another cat to be of some company for her. And what a company he was (If you know what I mean... :tAjTk7v:) When I returned from active service in September and took her back home, nothing seemed different at first. Then I noticed a slight difference in her gait. She was sorta... wobbling a bit. In October it became clear that something was indeed different when she started getting bigger in the middle. And as you probably guessed, in November I had a nice little bundle of fur to come home to They're eight weeks old now, and quite the rowdy trio... Enough so that I relocated to the couch for the nights to avoid being woken up by their nightly combat training and whatnot Sadly, I don't have the resources to take care of four full grown cats, so I'll have to give them away in four weeks Luckily my parents decided to take the only boy of the trio to be of some company to his now-alone father back at their place, so I'll get to see him from time to time
  7. I'm glad to see you as well, Jamza! I returned just a few days ago myself. Lyra lost in the new tournament, but we did our best! :)

    1. FancyPhoenix


      Yeah :/ I actually found out about the tournament only after Lyra lost... Haven't been on the forums myself almost at all for the past year, apart from random visits now and then. Well, we can do it again next time ;)

  8. Well... I guess I'm a godfather then ^^ This is kinda exciting :P

  9. Oh, what a lovely crisp autumn-morning. What productive to do today? Wait... What's that, bed? Come back, you say? Naaaw, I don't think it would be okay... No, bed! Let go of me! I said, LET GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRHHH!!!.... And now it's 12:55PM... Fuck...

  10. Is it strange that my dad just told me he and my mom are getting a divorce and the only thing I feel about it is relief..?

  11. Oh how I thought this day would never come. But so it has and I'm FINALLY done with army! Nine months of service behind, filled with awesome memories with the best possible unit. Thank you conscript band! (Though I doubt any of you hang around here :P) Now I can try and ease myself back into the fandom ^^

  12. Happy Midsummer everypony! :D

    1. Acoustic Cloud

      Acoustic Cloud

      Ummmm, a lot of ponies aren't there yet. So it's just "someponies".

    2. FancyPhoenix


      But it's Midsummer here, so I get to wish Happy Midsummer, no? D:

    3. Acoustic Cloud

      Acoustic Cloud

      It isn't until I have arrived, then the Midsummer can start at my command.

  13. Something EVERYONE needs to read through ^^ I have not seen anything this adorable in a good while! :3

  14. Well I guess I could once again participate I just hope I haven't missed any of the giveaways because of the army... But sign me up and if I win I'll hang it over my bunk