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  1. It all depends on the style and quality of the pen/pencil and quills, quills are just awesome but most of the time I tend to use a pencil still might try going to school and using a quill for the day.
  2. Well that is really taking it too far. I'm glad that I live in the UK so this doesn't effect me but this too much for just jailbreaking a phone.
  3. It was an amazing experience that I had with these. I tried the Twilight Sparkle one and it was extremely interesting. I have probably never felt as relaxed in my life before as I did when I was listening to these. Thank you for sharing them with everyone!
  4. I used to have nightmares when I was 6-7-8 but now I have extremely realistic dreams that contain the sort of thing that could actually happen in real life. Sometimes I wake up and need to take a few minutes to review what actually happened yesterday.
  5. Did you know this episode was originally going to be called "Fluttershy's Home for Reformed Draconequi." Got that from Meghan McCarthy's twitter.
  6. According to the test I have an IQ of 138. I really doubt that's that actually very accurate to my real IQ but im happy with it none the less.
  7. DAWWWWW That adorable. Really nice vector I can hardly tell the difference between the actual show and your vector of it. Great Job Mate!
  8. Nice drawing too bad internet explorer is a crappy web browser. You should try to do some other ponificated web browser drawings like chrome firefox and opera that would be cool.
  9. Yeah I enjoyed Fallout: NV not as much as I did Fallout 3 though but I still loved it. I also sided with the NCR since they seemed to be the best leaders for the future of the Mojave. I always go good karma in every Fallout game I play and I rarely spend much time on character customization (Mainly because he's going to be covered up with badass power armour!)
  10. I've probably done more stupid things than this but mine would be when I looked down the barrel of my paintball gun since it wasn't working and got shoot in the face.
  11. If this got passed as a national holiday it would be hilarious but still the chances of it ever happening are rather low. Still who needs the the government to say we can celebrate hearths warming!
  12. False- I am celebration Christmas but im an athiest so am I... TPAM is drinking something.
  13. I really like it has great quality, The texture is great as well and it looks like you've devoted alot of your time too it. How long did it actually take you to make though?
  14. Really nice especially for a hand-drawn no reference picture. Make sure though too remember the cutie marks next time but atleast you remembered AJ's hat. Anyway nice art I like it!
  15. Its nice really good actually I like the tail the best I like the way it curls round keep up the good work though I like it Good Job!