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  1. LikeMike

    Gaming Dota 2 - Free Keys

    Still got 19 copies left, just give me a pm with your steam name if you want a copy. steam throws these copies at me like breadcrumbs to a duck..
  2. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    so, a pinkie pie wallpaper requested by someone on deviantart i will post a luna wallpaper soon. @snowdream, which style do you exactly mean? i think i have a few styles
  3. LikeMike

    Gaming Dota 2 - Free Keys

    i still have ~ 8 keys left! if anyone want one just give me a pn with your steam name ! (i need to add you as a friend to give you this game, but you can delete me after if you want)
  4. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    updated its not that hard to change the color on digital pictures than on handdrawn pictures like your ones merry christmas everyone! sooo, something new.. i wanted to do something normal with my tablet besides of simple sketches, and this is the result :X i hope you like it .. (big picture) the next things on my list is a pinkie pie wallpaper (like the other 2 up here) and the request from concord greetings from germany~
  5. LikeMike

    Gaming Dota 2 - Free Keys

    mhmmm maybe it would be better if you send me an pn with your steam name, this makes it easier for me. so there are 10 keys left. i dont want to take anything, i dont need money or whatever. but if you want to do something for me, a picture, or whatever you can do good, that would be cool, but like i said, not necessary
  6. LikeMike

    Gaming Dota 2 - Free Keys

    Hello guys, i hope im in the right section, if not just say something!. so, i have 12 dota2 beta keys for now and i want to give them away for free of course. just ask if someone want one. i hope i dont get any troubles because of dealing with games or something, i mean, i will give them away for free
  7. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    wow, thank you all for these kind words. i will try to do my best to make all of you happy ( with picutes ) but like i said, it will take some time because i have alot to do. and i will do a thread for request in the crative resource after i finished the outstanding requests :3 so here it is if you want something to be changed just ask, i will do it tomorrow, now im just too drunk... btw here is the cutiemark in "hd" for futute projects if you want it greetings and a happy christmas eve mike
  8. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    sure i will do it tomorrow if i have time ! i will do something with the colors, dont worry, if you dont like them i can change them to whatever you want. (and its similar to applefritter so the shape isnt that hard )
  9. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    sure i can do more, just ask in the german forum i got zero requests. so i dont know how it will be here. if anyone want something, throw it at me
  10. LikeMike

    one out of thousand

    nach meinen erfahrungen is die community nicht so dolle wie die ausländische. (galacon, verschiede games, foren, so kam mir das vor )
  11. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    i hope you like it , if not just say what i can change. btw, sometimes its a bit hard to get 100 characters to post something -.- greetings
  12. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    i will do it sure but you have to wait some days (every picture i make needs some time) , i have much to do, especially now because of xmas.
  13. LikeMike

    Mike's pony art

    i think i made more ocs than show ponies ^^ so it doesnt matter. i just need some pics from the oc and pics or whatever for the pose
  14. Hey guys, im new here so i will post some previous pics now and later some if i got some finished btw, i also take request, (if not too hard ) enjoy! vectors some Wallpaper .. enough for now, i hope there are no errors with the resoulutions of the pictures
  15. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: deviantart How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: interwebs Hello guys, im Mike and live in Germany, im 18 years old and i make some fanart. i like the english/american/whatever bronies more then the german ones so i decided to register me here. i will post some of my little pics soon. best wishes and a great christmas eve ~Mike
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