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    Best Finfic pony= Blackjack

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  1. hello, was referred to thread by mentis soliloquy I have OC's down, and would be an author of fanfics if I didn't freeze up and RAM dump my train of thought... any who, need help getting the hang of RP Etiquette and cadence.(i.e.) rhythm and flow.
  2. need help recovering my fimfic account cant remember password or username, because I have not used the account since 2013, and as such cant reset with email and site always says email already in use... what do?
  3. want to learn how to properly role-play outside of videogames
  4. ..... Sigh... I need real life in person circle of friends...

  5. Twi is STILL!!!! the BEST!!! PONY!!!! (SHPARRTAAA!!!)

  6. IIIII'MM BAAAACK with a new laptop, finally after 7 months!!!

  7. The Islands of Hope and Rage Is a good book... would make a good FanFic too

  8. When empires fall, there's always a fire sale.

  9. DERPY!!!!!!!!!!! INFP LOL did not expect that. twice in a row.... with slightly different answers.
  10. I would be like "You do not even have to pay me i just wanna meet Tara Strong"
  11. I wish there was a convention in Oklahoma.

    1. Rascal~


      I wish there was a convention on my side of the country.

    2. Allure Threads

      Allure Threads

      There's one in Milwaukee lol Thats the closest to MN. They have some cool ones in Europe that I wish would come here!


  12. Minecraft trying to find a server
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