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  1. Monotonous dialogue, cliche high school setting, pointless love interest, mediocre songs, and cringeworthy character adaptions.
  2. Most don't hate the fact that you watch the show, they hate the fact that people call themselves/each other "bronies" and say stuff like "love and tolerate, brohoof, and anypony." I can EASILY see why someone would call it gay.
  3. People who say "love and tolerance." The phrase was never meant to be taken literally, people. Get this through your head. People who bitch about cloppers/R34 and how they "ruin the image" of the fandom. I really don't understand this. You're either really simple minded or really sensitive if you hate someone for masturbating to a cartoon. Get a backbone or get a clue. People who get really defensive when you say anything bad about the show. You know who you are. People who treat the show and fandom like a religion. I don't think I need to explain myself further. The word "brony." I'm sorry, but I really really really hate this word. Oversensitive people who go on a huge rant when anyone pokes the slightest amount of fun at them. Hey buddy, you're going around wearing a flamboyant pony T-shirt, telling everyone that you're a brony, and treating a cartoon like a religion. I'd be surprised if you WEREN'T made fun of.
  4. "Brony" is a self label. I don't identify myself as a brony. In my opinion, giving yourself a special name for watching a cartoon is immensely stupid.
  5. Yes, it came from 4chan (which is where the fandom started) and it was used as a "counter-troll" to people who were angry about the sudden obsession with ponies, and then (for lack of better description) clueless people started using it with sincerity.
  6. The term "love and tolerance" was used in 2010-2011 on 4chan as a response to people getting angry over the massive pony flood. It was never meant to be taken literally. Just throwing that out there for people who are hyper-sensitive to any form of criticism within this fandom.
  7. Oh, I see. It's YouTube geek week. I guess that explains it. It also appears that if you search "ponies", and hover your cursor on a video, OCs will run across the screen. Neat.
  8. I'm not sure if this is new or I'm just a major slowpoke, but if you go to YouTube and search a character's name, the color will change.
  9. As I'm sure someone already said, start with more popular anime to get into it, and then jump into more "obscure/alternative" anime that you think you'd like. There's a lot out there to choose from as well as genres. I don't watch much anime, but I've seen a few series.
  10. Get a good education Go to school to study animation Get a job related to my degree Make sure I'll be able to support myself on that job Eventually get enough income to live in New York or another major city Live until I die
  11. It's not terrible, just don't expect a great movie. The idea of the characters in a human world is good, but it wasn't approached very well.
  12. I'm not sure if it's much of an improvement, but here's the full movie in better quality. Not as good as a DVD rip, but the best I've found so far. Not me filming, btw. (obviously). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ade-VyDI2cw If this thread is considered a duplicate, feel free to lock/merge.
  13. Yeah, I watched this yesterday. I thought it was pretty bland, but I was still able to enjoy it. It was an okay movie in my opinion.
  14. I thought you would say "mods are asleep, post ponies!"