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  1. It's for the funny factor. Especially in the last season, you can notice great jabs about him being silent. Alternatively, it's because he's been used as a slave on the fields sinvce early childhood and never developed social skills.
  2. As someone else said, there is no best MMO, it's like picking the best color. No right answer to that. Either way, you could try Wildstar when it comes out towards the end of the month, it's a really good combination of innovation (especially in the combat area) without throwing out what made the classical MMOs great.
  3. Oh there are so many. Both "user" reviews and "professional" ones. On Steam, I particularly love all those "Yeah, this game offers barely 300 hours of gameplay, thus it's not worth 29€ and I think it should have way more content and be free." reviews. And there are so many too. Then there always is someone who played a huge game for 0.1 hours and has a complex judgement about it. When it comes to proffesional reviews, those which seem to be paid for aside, I often find that the authors tend to criticise the games falsely when they actually do not understand base mechanics or simply didn't play the game enough. I'm sorry, but if you want to call it review and it's your actuall paid job, the smallest thing you can do is play trough the whole game. Completing 1/4 of the story in RPG or reaching level 4 in MMO simply is not enough, that is barely "first impressions".
  4. I think you might be wrong about thinking what I did or didn't do. But this is why i said I don't enjoy it, meaning me, personally, not saying it's objectively bad, even tho the controllers are traditionally a bit odd. The fact I never really liked majority of Nintendo's games doesn't help either. As far as my opinion about consoles goes, PS4, not having many doubts there.
  5. Well, she sent her there because the celebration was there and as for why it was there, I assume various tows are taking turns as to where it is this and that year. Also she (Celestia) is omniscient, so she knew she would make the right friends there, no doubt. Or maybe it was just to solve the unemploement crisis, by making Twilly take the librarian position noone else wanted.
  6. Well, I'd say do not get Wii U, unless you feel the price is worth the few exclusives you want to play. Or alternatively it might be good if you have a lot of parties in your home, because that's one thing the often-awkward controls and games are really good for. But you know, if you like the controller and the... experience it offers, it might be worth it, I just know I don't enjoy it. As far as general or traditional gaming goes tho as well as most of the big titles, you'll do much better with PS4/Xbone I would say. Also, if you wait a bit more, I think Wii U will drop in price a bit sooner rather than later, so that might be something to think about.
  7. You know, the simple version is: X: "Hey guys, you know my girlfriend, Stacy?" Y: "Actually Stacy is with me." *Stacy is unreachable and not present* X and Y start to fight. I would suspect the emotions are very similar.
  8. Quite a few. Long term, I'd say TES series and the Beth's Fallouts, between playing and modding, I spent literally thousands of hours with those. Short term, Civ V. That freaking game. Hmm, let's play Civ for a bit this evening * 15 hours later* Just one more turn.... *5 hours later* more... t-t-turn! (also, never trust Ghandi) And then of course, most of good MMORPGs have this addicting quality.
  9. Jessper


    Don't think about it too much, people get offended by everything. It just so happens that the few self-rightetous asshat people going after Derpy were screaming real loud and the creators of the show rather cropped the character a bit than deal with them. Happens all the time, sadly.
  10. Well, I still find it better to just have all the good things at the same time and deliberately blocking myself access to one seems too masochistic for me. But again, good luck, see you back in a week or so.
  11. I know. Good food also won't go anywhere, but that's a bad reason to eat only cheap ramen for the next year so you can -really- enjoy that great dinner during christmass. But by all means, you go ahead, I'm just saying I see that as a very odd action with very minimalistic merit gain, personally. I like the music, I love the art, I love the clop, and I use the episodes randomly as a relaxing thing after bad work day, denying myself all that would be "meh" and hardly would make me like it more later. In fact, if you distance yourself for long enough you may achieve the "got over it" effect if anything.
  12. Absolutely Sombra, there is something really cool about popping out of nowhere, having 20 seconds of screen time and getting defeated. Or maybe because I feel sorry for him. And Trixie, because Trixie.
  13. Why? This kinda reminds me of the "I dare you to not use toilet for two weeks" challanges. You know, "Because.". I mean, if you like something, enjoy and embrace it. Which is what I'll be doing - if you don't anymore, well, sucks for you, it really does. But I think I'm getting a bit old and bitter for "I challange you..." for the sake of challanging, so nope.
  14. I don't know, think simple, drop a brick on his head from 1000m altitude. He can't suck the power out of that. Maybe attacking the guy feeding on magic with magic is a bad idea, just as trying to touch him, when he can suck your power out. So again, drop something on his head. Or maybe shoot one of those fancy freezing arrows in his eye. Suck on that. Har-har-har.
  15. Wow, it looks like you were arguing with yourself a bit up there. Either way, don't. Suggest the show, sure, but being annoying about it is, well, annoying. There is a reason noone really likes seeing Jehovah's witnesses looking their way, for example. So. Don't be -that guy-.