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  1. As much as I hate school, I could really use the distraction

  2. I'm bored. Help me? (Which means get on Skype..if that's okay with you..:P)

    1. TaraKnight


      Sorry I just saw this ^-^' my computer's been slow and frustrating all day, and I was trying to browse several sites at once. I'll try to get on tomorrow after I see Equestria Girls.

    2. WhiteLightning


      That's alright. I don't know when you're planning to get on, but I'm basically available from about 2 PM your time. (Have to work in the early evening.)

  3. Thinking about stuff. So the usual

  4. This show usually keeps me calm if I'm anxious or stressed out. While I was going through season 1, an old "frenemy" of mine was trying to reach out to me. I was hesitating and didn't know what to do, so I put my thoughts away and watched more ponies. By the time I reached season 2, I had made a new best friend. I guess watching the magic of friendship made me realize how much I wanted to experience it myself.
  5. Honestly I can't image my life without my best friend. In junior high we didn't get along very well, but somehow we couldn't avoid each other during the summer of our freshman year. It's been somewhat awkward and scary since I have social anxiety, and in general I have a hard time trusting others. I know that she's there for me though and hopefully I'll be more secure about our friendship as time goes by. This show's theme is actually what gave me the courage to mend the friendship in the first place. Getting used to this feeling of needing someone is still nerve-wrecking at times, but she's caring enough to deserve my trust. We love each other and that's what gets me through the day in the end.
  6. I've at level 40 and I'm trying to add everyone. My gameloft ID is TaraKnight2015. I do my best to gift my friends everyday. I hope everyone shows up on my friend list though Anyways please add me and thank you
  7. Hello everypony. My gameloft ID is TaraKnight2015. I'm currently at level 40. I try to give gifts everyday, so please feel free to add me.
  8. I wasn't actually aware of the whole extrovert and introvert thing until the past summer. It explained a lot. As a kid I always heard things like "You need to come out of your shell" or "You should join more groups to make more friends." My shell is quite cozy, thank you very much. Perhaps I was shy as a child, but my shell hardened sometimes during middle school. At one point, I didn't feel the need to be social. After watching MLP I started to open up a bit more, but I'm still reserved and selective about who I'm close to. I did get to courage to talk to a girl who I considered an enemy in middle school. Now we're best friend and she's the only one who knows how to bring out my inner extrovert. I actually do wish I could spend more time with her outside of school, and that's a first for me. Asides from her, I prefer to read, write, and draw in solitude. Is it me, or are introverts more likely to socialize online? I'd rather join a forum with thousands of people than join any of my small school clubs. Than again if someone opened a MLP club I'd probably consider joining it.
  9. One of my cousin's is a directioner. She's always talking about them, and it annoys the hell out of her brother, which is priceless. I don't mind as long as she doesn't play their music around me. She sounds like my best friend XD. She is in love with K-pop and k-dramas. There's a Korean actor named Lee Min Ho that she has to swoon over practically everyday. Then again, I have my moments where I'm giddy over pony stuff, so we deal with each other. Ah, the magic of friendship~
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums! I'm new myself, but it's easy to see that there's a lot of friendly users around. Drawing is awesome The more artists, the better.
  11. My friend got me that same hat! I also got a few toys, MLP cards, a Twilight plushie, and a Derpy hoodie <3 All I asked for was pony stuff.
  12. Aw thanks everypony for the welcomes and the wubs! I gotta say I feel welcome already!
  13. Yay, wubs! Haha well I mostly write general fantasy fiction with my own characters. I've been thinking about writing pony fiction though. It's nice to meet another passionate writer!
  14. Thanks you very much Chaotic Discord. I know I hope for the same X3