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  1. Guys I am SO SO sorry but this is cancelled due to me being in school. I have no time for this sorry
  2. Hey guys I have been busy lately with school preparations. The chapter will be up tomorrow
  3. Yes from the werewolf and wolf is the same thing!
  4. I think there all clues EVERYWHERE! If you can't see them then you are blind! Werewolf ponies don't just come when there is a full moon! Did you not hear growling and did you not see claw marks? Either you are blind or you are the werewolf!
  5. Sorry Trixie but we can't trust nobody right now. We need to find out who the werewolf is and fast!
  6. Trixie stop saying weird theories! It's obvious that it's a pony! The hoove marks on her body means it was a pony! More specifically the pony is with us! Maybe it's YOU Trixie. Trying to take the suspicion away from you!
  7. Right now! Pinkie Pie was doing last minute preparation for the lock-in. It was dark out, Pinkie Pie just finished setting up all the food and drinks. Gummy followed Pinkie Pie around as she looked for her streamers. Gummy squeaked noisily. “You’re right,Gummy! Maybe if I yelled really loudly, they’ll show up!” Pinkie Pie spinned around one last time, doing one last check, and suddenly yelled “STREAMERS!” Gummy covered his ears. Sadly, the sudden attack of loudness was right next to him. In the kitchen were the streamers. She fell sideways due to her being over ecstatic. Gummy pointed a
  8. Sorry guys My internet crashed and I was on vacation I am back now and we will officially start tomorrow! Host: EM002- Pinky Pie 1. Shift- Trixie 2. DJ- Shy-3- Fluttershy 3. Antismurf9001- Time Turner 4. shadowbrony- Rainbow Dash 5. Rainboom Dash- Twilight Sparkle 6. Suskel- Sweetie Belle 7. Foreigner and Lover- Big Mac 8. ReverseFaller- Scootaloo 9. Eureka- Rarity 10. Rainbow Dash- Applejack 11. Josh Riordan- Josh 12. H4rm0n-3- Vinyl 13. Feather Gem- Discord I will post the chapter tomorrow at 6:00 PM and you will have 3 days to vote on who you think the werewolf is. I
  9. Welcome Host: EM002- Pinky Pie 1. Shift- Trixie 2. DJ- Shy-3- Fluttershy 3. Antismurf9001- Time Turner 4. shadowbrony- Rainbow Dash 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  10. Welcome everyone Host: EM002- Pinky Pie 1. Shift- Trixie 2. DJ- Shy-3- Fluttershy 3. Antismurf9001- Time Turner 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  11. Pinky Pie just finished giving out invitation for her new party, a lock-in, to try for the first time. Invitation: Hey! It's Pinky Pie I give you this invitation for my new style party a lock in! Bring a sleeping bag, if you wanna sleep and not have fun on this super duper amazing party! But if you want to actually want to have fun come to this party and stay up all night with me! It starts at 7:00 please don't be late! Pinky Pie was preparing for her super duper amazing party. She was so excited the only thing was that it’d be the death to everyone who came… I used to play this in a diffe
  12. OK I will make the NEW game right now Apply as fast as possible
  13. OH ok thanks for the idea shift Do you guys want me to use the same stories of now but with the name changes?
  14. Yeah but we need enough applications
  15. ~EM002~

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Can this close already?
  16. I currently have messaged everyone if they want to continue playing or not. Right now this is how everyone has responded. UPDATE: 1. Rarity- Lady Erin - Said no 2. Fluttershy- DJ- Shy3- Said yes 3. Soarin- Lucid Sketch- Hasn't read the message 4. Radium- Lighting Strike- Read the message but didn't respond 5. Octavia- MrXweet- Said yes 6. Turner- Antismurf9001- Said yes 7. Vinyl- Beatrix Bow- Hasn't read the message 8. Flamenist- Rfaliuntbtoewrdsahsyh- Hasn't read the message 9. Big Mac- UGXWolf- Hasn't read the message 10. Twinkleshine- Neutral Shif- Said yes OVERA
  17. ~EM002~

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    You should give this up.
  18. ~EM002~

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Is this still going on???
  19. Right now: As Radium walked in, everypony was looking at her. The first ponies to speak to her were Applejack, Rarity and Octavia. “Hi how are you? “The ponies told her in a chorus. ‘’Hello I am doing fine” responded Radium grinning. Meanwhile Fluttershy was talking to Vinyl about Soarin’ and “Vinyl talking about Twinkleshine. ”Soarin is a very big threat I have suspicion he can be the werewolf” Fluttershy was saying. “Nah I think Twinkleshine is the werewolf because she is so innocent and you know what they say, Innocent people are the worst!” Vinyl was smirking while saying th
  20. ~EM002~


    This is nothing at all just forget it it's just a special thing for a few people
  21. I am sorry for the lateness I am having a HUGE test on Tuesday! I have to start the chapter It will be up probably next week
  22. Can we watch Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix? I don't know the movie choices can somebody tell me? if we can't watch harry Potter the order of phoenix I can choose from the other list
  23. I am sending them as the players get online
  24. I am very sorry but I have been very busy as some of you may know Every pony was so confused in the morning of what had just happened hours before. “I think this is just a dream that I will sooner or later wake up from” Soarin said to Flamenist “This is sadly no dream” Flamenist responded Meanwhile in the other side of the room were Applejack and Rarity talking about poor Fluttershy. “She can’t talk right?” Rarity asked “Nope she is just crying and crying” Applejack said “I just wish I can talk to her but she is in like a box” Rarity said frowning. Twinkleshine and
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