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  1. Right now! :)


    Pinkie Pie was doing last minute preparation for the lock-in. It was dark out, Pinkie Pie just finished setting up all the food and drinks. Gummy followed Pinkie Pie around as she looked for her streamers. Gummy squeaked noisily.

    “You’re right,Gummy! Maybe if I yelled really loudly, they’ll show up!” Pinkie Pie spinned around one last time, doing one last check, and suddenly yelled “STREAMERS!” Gummy covered his ears. Sadly, the sudden attack of loudness was right next to him.

    In the kitchen were the streamers. She fell sideways due to her being over ecstatic. Gummy pointed at the clock. Pinkie Pie at first didn’t understand and said “What Gummy?” Gummy pointed nearer to the clock. Pinkie Pie screamed “SIX-FIFTY?!” How can she loose the time? She ran as fast as she could to her room to change into her new dress Rarity had just given her a couple days ago.

    Meanwhile, Gummy felt satisfied that she had realized what he meant. Pinkie Pie yelled across her house to Gummy “BRING THE REST OF THE BALLOONS FROM OUTSIDE”! Gummy was first shocked but then he did what Pinkie Pie had told him.  

    Pinkie Pie came into the room in her baby blue dress. Gummy just stared in awe. Pinkie Pie was smiling from ear to ear. Pinkie told Gummy he had done an excellent job with the balloons.

    “Look at the time Gummy, it’s 7 o’clock. Those ponies will be coming here at any moment. Gummy went to his little room and he put on his little bowtie.  Pinkie Pie was about to go outside to meet her guests.

    It wasn't long before four of her friends, Fluttershy , Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Rarity showed up at the door.
    “Fluttershy! Rarity! Rainbow Dash! Twilight!” Pinkie Pie hugged her four friends. “You four are so early and so amazingly dressed”!

    “Yeah, we wanted to get here before every pony and well thank you Pinkie Pie you also look beautiful in that dress I made you .” Rarity replied to Pinkie Pie.

    “Enjoy yourselves.” Pinkie Pie said as Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Fluttershy walked inside. Came by a little bit later, was Sweetie Belle. “Hey,” Pinkie Pie said “I didn’t think you’d come.”

    “Pfft.” Sweetie Belle said happily.  “I wouldn’t miss this new style of party by Pinkie Pie! I would even happier if Scootaloo comes!
    “Don’t worry she will probably come. Pinkie Pie bounced up and down she was grinning ear to ear thinking of what Scootaloo would say if she came.

     Pinkie went back to standing at the door.

    Meanwhile, inside were every ponies who had come and when Sweetie Belle came through the door  
     Rarity asked her what she was doing here as she drank a little of soda.
    “I am came to the newest style of party!” Sweetie Belle responded Rarity.   
    “The Great and Powerful Trixie has arrived!” said a voice next to Pinkie Pie. She suddenly looked up.

    “Trixie?!” Pinkie Pie yelled, shocked. “Why are you here?!Why?!”

    Trixie just walked on in. Pinkie Pie stared in awe. Her thoughts were interrupted however, by something that wasn’t a  pony. She turned to see a Discord in her face.

    “Discord?!” Pinkie Pie practically yelled.

    I’ve come to party! said Discord. Pinkie Pie blinked as Discord stormed into the room.

    “Pssst! Gummy!” Pinkie Pie said, trying to get Gummy’s attention, but Gummy was just bouncing up and down, oblivious to who was calling him. Vinyl showed up at the door, in a golden, metallic dress covering her whooves. Pinkie Pie looked up and down through Vinyl’s dress. “Vinyl?” She asked in shock.

    “Hey there Pinkie Pie. How ya doing”?Vinyl said  Pinkie Pie said “ I am fine but wow you look fascinating”! “Thank you Pinkie Pie I tried my best” Vinyl responded to Pinkie Pie.  Pinkie Pie stared after her, but her thoughts were soon interrupted by a kick to her whooves.

    “Scootaloo?!” Pinkie Pie’s eyes got even wider than possible. She rubbed her whooves and said “I have to be dreaming. I have to be dreaming. There’s no possible way that this is all real.

    Pinkie Pie looked inside and saw all the ponies she had invited first. She started jumping up and down screaming “YAY. “This can’t be happening.” A tall figure loomed over her and said Eeyup. Pinkie started laughing because she knew it was Big Mac. Big Mac started laughing as well and went inside still laughing.

    “Is there anyone else coming that? Asked Pinkie Pie to herself. She wished more people would come and then after a few minutes came Dr.Whooves. Okay, good.” She said to herself,.
    “Awwww!” Dr.Whooves exclaimed as he saw Pinkie Pie’s dress. “Such a beautiful dress!”
    Pinkie Pie’s face got as red as a tomato. She said “Thank you” in an embarrass tone. Dr.Whooves said “Your welcome” and he walked inside. “Gummy, is that everyone.”? Pinkie Pie asked as she was jumping up and down.

     “Is that everyone Gummy”? Pinkie Pie asked again. Once again Gummy shook his head saying no. Pinkie Pie turned around and saw Applejack galloping to where Pinkie was. “Am I late?” Applejack asked as she was gasping for air. “No” answered Pinkie Pie “In fact we are going to lock the door now”… and she saw another pony coming her and Applejack’s way. It was Piña Colada. They looked at each other, and they both said “Hi how are you doing “? “I am good” Piña Colada said. “Shall we three walk in”? Pinkie Pie asked. “Sure” Applejack and Piña Colada said in unison.

    They walked in and started talking and dancing and eating.

    “This party… Is going be awesome!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed. She quickly started jumping to her friends .

    Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie started talking and hugging each other Applejack and Pinkie Pie asked where Rainbow Dash was and Fluttershy said he was busy eating cake. Fluttershy then asked where Twilight was and Applejack responded that she was very busy talking to Dr.Whooves.
    “Hey guys, don’t worry I am sure they will enjoy themselves “Applejack said. The all answered ”Yeah you are right”. Pinkie Pie had forgotten to lock the door and went and locked it she then told Gummy  to hide the key. This was a lock-in, after all. Pinkie Pie was seen dancing with every pony there was.

    “Hey,Pinkie Pie!” Piña Colada called from the corner.
    “Oh, hi Piña Colada.” Pinkie Pie responded “Want to dance?”  “Sure I would love to” Piña Colada told Pinkie Pie.

    But all of a sudden the lights started to flicker. The music stopped. A loud screeching was heard, then some growling, and the loud screeching halted.
    When the lights came back on, Pinkie Pie screamed. The current dance partner she had –Piña Colada - was squashed on the ground, slashed and bleeding. Pinkie Pie went running to her friends screaming.


    A few deatils to adress:

    • The story has NOTHING to do with the roles. When you vote for who you think the werewolf is don't base it on the story.
    • You may create alliance but the special roles can NEVER reveal themselves. It would be quite stupid.
    • You may roleplay
    • The votes are do in 3 days

    Good luck everyone! 



                                                         YOU MAY NOW VOTE!

  2. Sorry guys :(


    My internet crashed and I was on vacation :(


    I am back now and we will officially start tomorrow! :)

    Host: EM002- Pinky Pie

    1. Shift- Trixie
    2. DJ- Shy-3- Fluttershy
    3. Antismurf9001- Time Turner
    4. shadowbrony- Rainbow Dash
    5. Rainboom Dash- Twilight Sparkle
    6. Suskel- Sweetie Belle
    7. Foreigner and Lover- Big Mac 
    8. ReverseFaller- Scootaloo
    9. Eureka- Rarity
    10. Rainbow Dash- Applejack

    11. Josh Riordan- Josh

    12. H4rm0n-3- Vinyl

    13. Feather Gem- Discord


    I will post the chapter tomorrow at  6:00 PM and you will have 3 days to vote on who you think the werewolf is.

    I will also be mailing you if you have any roles.

    You can roleplay once the chapter is up.


    Good luck everyone! :)


    EDIT: Josh will not be able to play so we will have 12 applicants :)

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  3. Pinky Pie just finished giving out  invitation for her new party, a lock-in, to try for the first time.

    Invitation: Hey! It's Pinky Pie I give you this invitation for my new style party a lock in! Bring a sleeping bag, if you wanna sleep and not have fun on this super duper amazing party! But if you want to actually want to have fun come to this party and stay up all night with me! It starts at 7:00 please don't be late!

    Pinky Pie was preparing for her super duper amazing party. She was so excited the only thing was that it’d be the death to everyone who came…

    I used to play this in a different forum, it’s called a Werewolf but since I am ponyfying it it's called Werewolfpony.

    So this is how you play:

    At least 10 people to need to sign up as a pony from the show, and I’ll pick three different people to play very important roles, that no one but that person and me will know. One person will be a Werewolf pony, another will be a physic pony, and a third one will be an alchemist pony.

    Every night, the werewolf pony will kill a pony, and the dead pony will be revealed in the morning. I’ll give everyone a 5 day limit to vote on who they think the werewolf pony is, but the polls won't close down until I get about 6 votes. If there are many ponys who signed up in this game who are inactive, I’ll do sign ups all over again and will reassign all the roles. Once everyone votes, I will count all the votes and kick out the pony who has the most, whether or not that pony is the werewolf pony, or any other role.

    After the pony is kicked out, if there is still the werewolf pony is still alive, then I’ll give three days for the werewolf pony to pick their prey, and the other two roles to do their thing.

    Every “Night,” the Psychic pony  may ask me if one character is the werewolf pony or not. Yet again, who this is, is secret, even to the werewolf pony. The alchemist will be able to protect one person every night. If the werewolf attacks the pony witth the alchemy circle the werewolf ponyy will have to pick another prey.  But we will all still vote the next day.

    Anyone care to join me?  Any pony will do.

    Host: EM002- Pinky Pie


  4. I currently have messaged everyone if they want to continue playing or not. 


    Right now this is how everyone has responded.




    1. Rarity- Lady Erin - Said no

    2. Fluttershy- DJ- Shy3- Said yes

    3. Soarin- Lucid Sketch- Hasn't read the message

    4. Radium- Lighting Strike- Read the message but didn't respond

    5. Octavia- MrXweet- Said yes

    6. Turner- Antismurf9001- Said yes

    7. Vinyl- Beatrix Bow- Hasn't read the message

    8. Flamenist- Rfaliuntbtoewrdsahsyh- Hasn't read the message

    9. Big Mac- UGXWolf- Hasn't read the message

    10. Twinkleshine- Neutral Shif- Said yes



    Yes- 4/10

    Hasn't read message-  4/10

    Read the mesage but didn't respond- 1/10

    No- 1/10

  5. Right now: 



    As Radium walked in, everypony was looking at her. 

    The first ponies to speak to her were Applejack, Rarity and Octavia.

    “Hi how are you? “The ponies told her in a chorus.

    ‘’Hello I am doing fine” responded Radium grinning.

    Meanwhile Fluttershy was talking to Vinyl about Soarin’ and “Vinyl talking about Twinkleshine.

    ”Soarin is a very big threat I have suspicion he can be the werewolf” Fluttershy was saying.

    “Nah I think Twinkleshine is the werewolf because she is so innocent and you know what they say, Innocent people are the worst!” Vinyl was smirking while saying this.

    Flamenist is talking about who the physic can be to Turner.

    “The physic has to be someone who is loud and can easily manipulate someone, I think it’s Applejack” 

    Oddly enough Applejack was to Radium to be very careful around Flamenist because he can be the physic. 

    In a blink of an eye everything went dark and they hear a scream.

    Applejack had been killed and her blood was spreading everywhere.

    “AHHHH!!!” Everypony was screaming until finally Rarity shouted “EVERYPONY PLEASE CALM DOWN!”

    Everything was calm and in a few minutes Big Mac said “it’s been a long day I am hitting the sack”

    Suddenly everypony went to sleep.

    It was midnight and it was pouring suddenly you hear thunder and everypony was twisting and turning in their sleep.

    Flashes of light were lighting the room and suddenly it all became dark again.   

    Twinkleshine had a red alchemy circle around her head and nobody but Turner seemed to notice.

    Turner just went back to sleep like nothing had happened. 

  6. I am very sorry but I have been very busy as some of you may know :( 


    Every pony was so confused in the morning of what had just

    happened hours before.

    “I think this is just a dream that I will sooner or later
    wake up from” Soarin said to Flamenist

    “This is sadly no dream” Flamenist responded

    Meanwhile in the other side of the room were Applejack and
    Rarity talking about poor Fluttershy.

    “She can’t talk right?” Rarity asked

    “Nope she is just crying and crying” Applejack said 

    “I just wish I can talk to her but she is in like a box”
    Rarity said frowning.

    Twinkleshine and Turner just had walked up to Rarity and

    “Hey Rarity what’s wrong” Twinkleshine asked

    “Fluttershy is stuck in the box!” “With no one to talk to!”
    Rarity said angrily

    “Rarity calm down, here drink some punch” Turner said in a
    very calm voice

    Twinkleshine asked “Yes” Rarity said smiling.

    Meanwhile every other pony was looking at Rarity because of
    her screaming. They all turned around and started talking to one other after
    she cooled down.

    “Fluttershy is stuck in a box!” Trixie said imitating Rarity

    “Shut up Trixie” Rarity told her across the room and once
    again everyone looked at Rarity.

    “Why don’t you make me” Trixie said in a angry voice.

    “Ponies stop it, we should be enjoying ourselves!” Applejack
    said to Rarity and Trixie.

    “Oh please Applejack go back to Sweet Apple Acres!”  Trixie said to Applejack but she realized too
    late that that was too much.

    Pinkie Pie opened the door and Applejack kicked Trixie from
    behind and she flew all the way to Sweet Apple Acres.

    “That should do it” Applejack said satisfied.

    Vinyl and Octavia were smiling at Applejack for her
    accomplishment but suddenly there was a knock heard on the door and Pinkie Pie
    went to open it when she saw Radium.

    “Um Hello are you Pinkie Pie?” Radium asked

    “Well yes I am Pinkie Pie” Pinkie Pie responded

    “I wish to join your party” Radium said shyly

    “Well are you sure?” Pinkie Pie asked

    “Yes I am sure” “I have heard that you throw the best
    parties and well I couldn’t miss it!” Radium said smiling from ear to ear.

    “Well then if you are sure you may join us but beware we
    have a werewolf here” Pinkie Pie said to Radium cautiously

    “Oh Pinkie Pie you are hilarious” Radium said laughing and
    with that she entered the room. 


    TGAP Babs Seed-  Trixie- 5 votes!

    Awesomelemon-  Applejack- 2 votes! 




    OK some twists are written but some can not be written. 


    The replacement could be called a twist but it's not the official twist the replacement happened because I want active players. 


    The Real Twist Explanation: 

    You may have been wondering about the contract. 


    The contract as you all know and signed says "I _____ solemnly promise not to leave the game orr insult the creator." 


    That contract has happened because the following twist MIGHT be very the WORST twist yet! 


    This twist is a double edge sword and this twist can backfire and that's exactly why the contract was made.  


    The Real Twist: 

    The twist is UNEXPECTED completely! 


    The twist is that the roles will change! 


    The game has turned upside down and it's time to play I will announce to each one of you individually to announce you role (citizen,physic,alchemist and werewolf)! 


    Good luck every pony!




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