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    Musical composition, MLP:FIM, reading, animals, vocaloid, drawing, Russian (both the language and culture in general), anime, politics, history, many different Sciences, preferably Human Anatomy and Social Sciences, and also video games. Those things are pretty cool as well.

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  1. pegasister101

    Help choose Lotus's colors :D

    Most definitely the teal base. That one just looks good with the black, in my opinion. And the lotus would look cool on that color. :3 (Also, Lotus Blade is a totally legit name. ) Yus, yus yus.... Much agreeing here.
  2. pegasister101

    Little (Or medium) art dump!

    *checks out deviantART account* *swoons* *instawatch*
  3. pegasister101

    My Doodling when I get bored

    Ooh, I agree! The Luna drawing is quite spectacular. But I feel like I need to quote Cupcakes14 here.... So I will. What he said right there is SO BEYOND RIGHT. Free hand is difficult, yes, but with lots of practice, you'll get the hang of it. And just to echo him.... Proportions are sooo imporrrtant. I too am an artist of sorts, and around a year ago, whenever I would do fanart for MLP, I would always get the neck proportions wrong. It looked fine at the time, but looking back, I want to cry. Unfortunately, it's just something that comes with time and lots of practice, as well as free handing it, and just throwing things out on the page in your own personal style. HOWEVER, you have a very solid starting, and I just simply cannot wait to see more from you! Keep up the good work!
  4. pegasister101

    Which Brony Subgroup Are You?

    Completely and totally creative. Without a doubt. Guess that's what you get when all you do is listen to pony music and create pony art. *shrugs*
  5. pegasister101

    Music Any other Vocaloid fans out there?

    I like that song too. Pretty good one, that's for sure! And really? That rocks! Oh geez, you have no idea!! All my friends HATE Triple Baka now! XD That's how much I play/sing it now days. Not a bad song either! Kaito is the hottest Vocaloid in my opinion. And ah.... Kay.
  6. pegasister101


    Hey FrozenMint! I would love love love to join in on this! I play the flute and I've played for two years now. I am one of the best flutes in my class and love to play! My range right now is high G (like over the ledger line), and low C (the lowest note a flute can go to, besides low B flat, but I don't have an open holed flute yet.). I would love to sign up for the 1st flute part, but you can put me 2nd if you want. I'm just a bit better with higher notes sometimes. I have the best tone quality in my class and I am always in tune. If you would like me to send in a recording of me playing something, feel free to ask!
  7. pegasister101

    What are you procrastinating?

    Well, I was supposed to turn in a huge Science report the other day, and of course, I procrastinated. I should be finishing that right now, but you know... Since when was SCHOOL important?
  8. pegasister101

    Let's make a forum OC!

    First off, thanks! I love my profile picture too! Second, yeah... Got a little bored on that one. XD Well, whatever. Still pretty interestin!
  9. pegasister101

    Let's make a forum OC!

    Wow, this is an awesome idea! Good on ya man! Well, I saw this and thought, "Yeah.... WHAT THE HECK, LET'S GO FOR IT." And so it was done. Here's the turn out. XD Pony code: 382S000001FEFEFEBFBFBF00201D39BCAUP1837003000000515793D3D34AA80L01598FC1D3249C Pose code: 000277065045288030070005000023001023006330336039 Accessories code: 066CC666000000066CC66066CC66066CC6604E8FBAFFFF8C066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66 Heehee, this was weird. Sorry for the weirdness, and you can count this one as just messing around if you want. I thought it was cool though.
  10. pegasister101

    I'm beautiful

    Very nice Motion Spark! Just another amazing piece from your local awesome person. Also, you say you need to practice more realistic manes? Pssht. You're great! Can't wait to see more!
  11. pegasister101

    What made/ruined your day?

    My day was made when the guy I like fell asleep at lunch right next to me. I can't even express how adorable that was. :3 The funny thing is, he's probably going to read this very post.
  12. pegasister101


    I agree, that is a good way to become human. At least it wasn't like suddenly everybody in the show became a human. That would stink. Although the crown thing kinda seems stupid, in the least. I mean, she just turned into a frickin' princess! Shouldn't she at least have some sorta break at all? I mean, and episode where it was just happy and fun, not some huge spin off wild adventure that puts everyone in danger would be nice for once. I'm sure Twilight would enjoy just a little relaxation too. But all in all, I'm really not to excited for this whole "Equestria Girls" thing... It's just so.... UN-20% cooler.
  13. pegasister101

    My Newest OC!

    Mm. I like it! I really like his mane!! But on a more serious note, 10/10! Smooth look and love the colors. Great matching skills! The colors that you put to him look great together, and with that I will take my leave. Well done my friend! /)
  14. pegasister101

    Merch You're Interested in Buying?

    I've been dying to by either a derpy hoodie or a cutie mark seatbelt-belt. They're both so awesome, but I always have other things I have to buy, like new sketchbooks, or school crap. **stupid school crap **
  15. pegasister101

    Are you a nerd ?

    You sir, are officially boss nerd. I like you! I, like this fine sir here, am also a gigantic history nerd. Wars, weapons, and all the various quests and whatnot that people did... That's right up my ally. I will be teaching myself German over the summer. I will also be trying to up my skills in computerness over the summer too. Again, I like this guy! I am also extremely into politics. It's actually quite entertaining to see... When some sort of political debate or something comes up on TV, me and my dad will plunk down on the couch and proceed to continually yell at the TV for the rest of the night. That's what a geek I am. Sue me. XD